A Spanking, a Special Treat, and a Surprise

Christina smiled at the man kneeling at her feet as he licked and worshipped her boots. Later he would polish them to a shine, but right now he was almost making love to the leather just the way she liked. He alternately between one boot and the other occasionally glancing up at her, his Mistress, to see if she was pleased. Each time she rewarded him with a small smile and he redoubled his efforts to stay within her good graces.

After sometime she bade him rise and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips, very chaste, and she could taste the leather on skin, smell it. She loved the smell of the leather and it turned her on. But this wasn’t all about her. She wanted to please her Pet as much as he wanted to please her. “Are you ready for your regular spanking?” “Yes Mistress I am.” “Alright then, over you go.” And he found himself kneeling on the spanking bench with his legs together and ass high in the air, all the better for Mistress to reach him. He looked over his shoulder at her, grinned cheekily and wiggled his bare behind for her. She laughed and smacked his ass with a practiced hand. “None of that or you’ll get it the bad way and not the good way.” He nodded and apologized to her before returning her gaze straight ahead into the mirror.

She donned a pair of leather gloves and ran them gently across his ass and the backs of his thighs. The sensation of just that felt so good to him that he wanted to moan. He knew by the time his spanking was over, he’d be rock hard and wishing for release, but Mistress forbade it probably eight times out of ten and he was left to suffer. Perhaps today she would be lenient. Suddenly the first real smack across his ass landed and he jumped a bit, startled back to reality by the sting of it. Mistress smiled at him in the mirror. “Pay attention. And count now.”

He nodded and resumed his focus, staring into the mirror so he could watch the goddess of his life work her magic. And he counted the slaps one by one until they reached 50. His ass was a brilliant red, his cock was rock hard, and this was only the beginning. Mistress reached for a flogger and trailed it down his back and across his ass. “Should it be a gentle flogging today, Dearest? Or perhaps a good hard paddling, what do you think. “Whatever your whim is Mistress I will follow.” She laughed then a happy sound; “Such a good boy for me. And since you’ve been so good I’m going to give you a little treat later.”

But first the flogger came down against his ass followed by a smack of the paddle she held in her other hand. She alternated strokes and alternated sides until his ass was starting to bruise just a bit and she smirked, knowing this would be a spanking he’d remember. She ran her hands gently over his ass once more and squeezed gently, just so she could watch him squirm for her. “are you ready for your treat my Pet?” He nodded excitedly, “yes Mistress.” She gave him a wicked grin at that and suddenly he was a bit nervous, his collar chafing slightly at his dry throat. “Stand up then. And lean against the wall.”

He did as she said with alacrity and waited, his head bowed. She looked him over from head to toe, admiring his body with all its imperfections. He wasn’t a rock hard Apollo type, but he was hers just the same and she adored him in her own way. Walking over to him she lifted his head and gave him another kiss, this one far less chaste than before. He moaned into her mouth, enjoying the feeling of having her so close he could smell the leather she wore, enjoying the soft feel of her lips against his. And she leaned in her body pinning his to the wall. She ground her hips into his cock and pulled away smiling. “Is that all for me?” He nodded slowly, not quite trusting his voice and she gave him a gentle smile. “Well then, I suppose I should make good use of it.” And she dropped to her knees wrapping her lips around his thick veiny cock and sucked and licked and slurped for all she was worth. Her tongue laved his balls before tracing a path up his dick and back to the head where she sucked lightly, hollowing her pretty cheeks as she applied more force. His hips wanted to buck and force his cock down her throat, but that wasn’t allowed. He gently rested one hand on her head, not pushing her or trying to force her, simply enjoying the feelings of her mouth on his cock and his finger against her soft hair.

Christina teased him with lips and teeth and tongue and then pulled away. “You ready aren’t you? I can tell. Should I let you come today, my good boy?” Oh mistress, please, please let me come for you. I’d like nothing more than to please you.” She smiled at his words and plunged her head onto his cock sucking him deep into her throat and swallowing rapidly, before pulling back as she felt his body tense. He looked down at her and she nodded. His hips began to buck against her face as he was suddenly fucking her, fisting his fingers into her hair and holding her still for his pleasure. Within moments, he threw his head back against the wall with a groan and she could taste the hot saltiness of him come on her tongue. She swallowed and swallowed again as it just seemed to keep pouring out of him. Finally as his orgasm end she gently sucked and licked him clean and stood up. He pulled her into his arms and whispered softly, “Such a good girl for Sir, being willing to try something new for me. But next time, its my turn, darling.”


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