Review: Lovely 2.0


Hi everyone! Today, I’m reviewing the Lovely 2.0 an app enabled vibrating silicone cock ring. The Lovely 2.0 won Xbiz Award for Innovative Sex Toy of the Year — Technology, which I thought was pretty cool as it beat out several other well known brands. Now my partner and I don’t typically use cock rings so I’ll be focusing primarily on the app itself and how it works with the Lovely 2.0. To start off, I had a very difficult time getting the device to pair with my phone, however I will also state that I own an older phone and it is possible that having an older phone was part of the problem I had. Also, I’m not very good at working with Bluetooth devices, which is how the Lovely 2.0 pairs with your phone so my lack of knowledge there could have been another factor. At any rate, I did play with the toy on it’s own to get a feel for the vibrations. To me it was buzzier than I would’ve liked by itself, but I think with the additional stimulation of penetrative sex, particularly grinding down against it would’ve been more interesting to me, although I feel like trying to have sex while using an app on a cell phone could be tricky. That said, I get a kick out of app enabled toys in general because the technology itself interests me simply due to my enjoyment of the various applications that it can allow for if you get creative.


In the “Your Lovely” section of the app you can set up a profile for yourself with some data such as gender, sex, height, weight, and interests so the app can be somewhat tailored to your preferences by giving you tips and tricks on how to improve your sex life or better communicate with your partner. You can also add your partner to get more interactive tips regarding how to best utilize your Lovely 2.0 for the both of you and it can be controlled from anywhere in the world according to the website itself, however, according to the FAQ on the website, only the primary account currently gets all of the functionalities of the app, while the partner only gets basic functions due to current concerns with privacy and data management both of which are being worked on (this is the data at the time of writing.) It is suggested that the toy be played with by using the primary account for the best user experience at this time. Obviously I wasn’t able to test the “any where in the world” feature, but I’m going to assume that if you have your partner connected to your account and you want to play together from a distance it can be done. So in some ways this toy is more that “just” a vibrating cock ring. There is a security feature that allows you to lock the app with a PIN so even if you have kids that play with your phone or nosy friends they shouldn’t be able to access the app itself. In addition there is a paid subscription feature to the app that allows you 24/7 access chat with a Sex Educator and various sex related video courses right from the app; this costs somewhere between $29.99 and roughly $34 per month. I say somewhere between these two price points because on the app the price is given in euros at 29.99, which converts to approximately $34(USD), but on the website the price is listed at $29.99 with no notes regarding conversion or anything like that. I did not subscribe to the app to get more information because I was more focused on how it works with the toy than I was in getting the additional information provided by the subscription.


In the “Discover” feature where it shows the interests you selected in order for you get to get information pertinent to your preferences it seems to only allow a daily tip every 24 hours, but I had several tips all sort of pop up at once I was logged in to the Lovely 2.0 app. My guess is that you get several tips to start out with and then can get a new tip to try each day, if you’re so inclined. You can also rate tips on whether or they not are good, bad, or neutral and rating the tips is a way for the app to learn your desires and give you more information based on what it learns from how you rate the given tips. Another  interesting little bit of data that it provides is the amount of calories burned by using a certain tip for a specific amount of time. Presumably the number of calories burned ties into the aforementioned data regarding your gender, weight, etc. This appears to be the primary function of the “Discover” section and for anyone who is looking for ways to make things more interesting in the bedroom it might have some good things to try that you may not of thought of and it also offers a feature that allows you to complete a sentence that you can either save for yourself or send to you partner so they can see your desires as well, which might be nice is you have trouble communicating your desires out loud.

The”Remote” section is pretty straight forward in how it works. You hit play, can change the vibration intensity up and down from a minimum to a maximum (it starts right at the mid-range) and can scroll through the different patterns of the Lovely 2.0 with just a swipe of your thumb so it is good for one handed operation even on a larger phone like mine. The stop button is a tiny button tucked into the top right corner so it is out of the way and that makes it harder to hit in the middle of playing with it, which means less frustration if you’re just ohsoclose to that orgasm. I’ve had experiences with various toys and apps where bumping a button just shuts the toy off at the exact wrong time and it isn’t any fun so this was a design feature I was pleased to see. To the right of the stop button is an icon where you can sync your partner’s device (once you’ve added them via QR code) and allow them to control the Lovely 2.0 from their phone. Overall this part of the app is fairly straight forward and intuitive to use for me and I really liked that I could use it one handed because that frees up one hand to hold the toy if you or your partner aren’t wearing it or to do anything else your sexy little heart desires.

So while the toy itself has some shortcomings for me in the vibration department and isn’t ideal for me to use as a vibrator alone, it is a good warm up for rumblier toys and the teardrop shaped design makes it easy to hold. A single button on the toy is the on/off and vibration pattern control, but I don’t think you can change the intensity of the vibrations without using the app so that makes it also feel a little one dimensional alone and you really will get more out of the toy if you download the Your Lovely app which is available for both Android and Apple phones. I found it to be easy and intuitive to use once I played around with it a bit and simply got used to how it functioned. You can download the app from your respective app store or click on the link provided on the website. This toy retails for $139.00 and can be purchased online at and includes free shipping worldwide.


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