About Me

I’m Livvy, a geek who likes trying out gimmicky sex toys (OK sex toys in general, but the gimmicky ones are usually cool, even if I end up hating them), loves cats, and has a finicky clit about the type of vibrations it likes (the rumblier the better usually.) I write sex toy reviews, erotica, and musings about my life, especially if it lets me talk about some of my other favorite topics, mental health or body image in relation to sex and sexuality. I write my opinions, unbiased, bad or good, and refuse to be censored.

I identify as queer and have a partner whom I adore even more that I love my cat. And I love my cat a lot. My favorite color is purple. I’m an avid baker and enjoy crocheting when I’m not writing or testing out sex toys. I’m working on building up my selection of awesome sex toys in order to bring more and better reviews to my readers, whom I treasure for taking the time to wander into my little corner of the ‘Net and reading my writing. I also love to hear from my fans out there so feel free to head over to my contact page and say hi!