Wicked Wednesday 271 – (Encore)



The concert was over and Ethan held Megan close to him as they walked back to his car. He’d lubed and fucked her ass during the second half of the concert and she was still thinking about being filled up and stretched by his lovely cock that she missed the words that he said. In a heartbeat she was pulled as close to him as possible and he whispered in her ear. “Attend little one.” Immediately Megan was drawn from her reverie and shot him an apologetic look. “I’m sorry Sir. I was just remembering earlier when you fucked my ass and how good it felt.” He laughed softly and slid a hand down to squeeze that aforementioned ass. “Well since that’s what’s on your mind perhaps we’ll do it again later. After your punishment, of course.”

The drive back to Ethan’s house was uneventful, but they could both feel the hum of anticipation building between them. He pulled into the drive and immediately jerked her across the car to him and kissed her hard his tongue tangling with hers. He finally broke the kiss and looked at his pet and smiled. “Let’s go inside.” He unlocked the door and ushered his submissive girlfriend into the house where she immediately knelt at his feet, her spread thighs causing her dress to ride up almost obscenely. He took in the view and nodded to himself. “Good girl. Wait right there.”

Moments later he returns with a small box and sat down across the room then motioned her over. She stood and walked to him, kneeling again at his feet briefly before he patted the seat next to him telling her she could sit. “I have something for you and then we’ll proceed.” And he handed her the box. Opening it, her entire face lit up as she gently pulled out a delicate silver chain collar. “You’ve earned that my dear and I expect to see you wearing it anytime you’re not wearing one of your heavier collars like you will tonight. You can try that one on later, but for now…” He removed a plain leather collar from his pocket, leaned forward, and buckled it around her neck centering the D-ring and giving it a little tug. Megan leaned into him as he did this and before he could pull away she threw her arms around him for a hug. “Thank you Sir. It’s lovely and I will wear it all the time.” He gave her a gentle kiss, “I know you will pet. Now come.” And he led her upstairs by her collar.

“Strip for me.” Megan giggled and turned her back to him, with a coquettish peek over her shoulder and unzipped the dress letting it slide off her shoulders, her hips swaying to music only she could hear. She let the dress fall to her waist as she danced her way towards him and slipped a bra strap from first one shoulder then the other. Undoing the bra she let it slide down her arms, but didn’t reveal her breasts to him quite yet. As she moved close though he reached for the straps and gave a tug causing her to release the bra. He pulled her closer and pinched both nipples at once making her gasp a little and then grin naughtily. A swish of her hips and she was naked for him, but for her high heels. He smiled approvingly at her and let his eyes rake over her curves possessively.

“Lovely. Now, over my knee you go. Do you know why I am punishing you pet?” “No Sir.” As she settled into his lap he ran his fingers though her long auburn hair, giving a sharp tug, “Because I can. isn’t that right?” “Yes Sir.” And his hand came down hard across her ass, once, then twice, all the way to a count of twenty-five turning her pale skin a gorgeous shade of red that he loved to see. He squeezed and massaged the round globes and she wiggled at his touch. She could feel his hard on through his tuxedo pants and whimpered softly. “Find something you want?,” he asked laughing as he leaned back across the bed and just managed to grab the lube and apply a dollop of it to his fingers. He circled her asshole rubbing gently at the puckered skin and felt her sigh. A little more lube and he slipped a finger inside moving it in and out. Megan moaned softly and wiggled again trying to press herself against his finger. Ethan laughed and stood her up, his finger slipping from her ass. “You’ve been so well behaved all night,” he commented as he began to strip himself of the tuxedo he still wore. “Now you’re going to be better.” And he pushed her backwards until she gently fell onto the bed and went to his knees attacking her clit with his tongue. He licked and nipped and sucked, long and slow, short and fast, and soon Megan was writhing beneath him. He looked up at her to see her watching him and smiled at her. “Come for me.” And his tongue lashed at her clit as she tensed just before her orgasm hit. She gushed all over his face making him laugh and the vibration from his laughter only made her come harder.

He stood and quickly lifted her legs into the air exposing all of her to him and slipped his cock into her lubed up ass, fucking her much more gently than he had during the symphony. His movements were slow and gentle and she trailed her hands down her body, tweaking at her nipples as he fucked her. Those grey eyes of hers closed as she felt her body come alive with pleasure and she tried to lift her hips to meet his thrusts. He grabbed her then and pulled her into him and she moaned.

Soon she had one hand between her legs and the other still toying with her nipples and her cries and moans had become nearly constant as he slowly drove her closer to the edge with his cock. He could feel how badly she wanted that orgasm and he shifted his grip to squeeze her ass, reminding her who she belonged to and that was enough. The orgasm raced through her like fire and she tried helplessly to lift her hips to take him deeper into her. He groaned now and shot his come into her ass, making her tighten around him yet again as she wailed incoherently at the force of her own orgasms. He slid out of her and gently lowered her legs to the bed. “Now that’s my good girl. Better than ever.”

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Kink of the Week – Analingus – April 1-16

Andi showered, scrubbing herself nice and clean, paying special attention to her ass. Her boyfriend, Mike, had said he wanted to try giving her a rim job and she figured it might be something worth trying even though she had been a little squicked out by it at first. After some thought she decided it couldn’t be too different from having her pussy eaten and she really enjoyed that so why not give it a go?

She stepped into the bedroom to find Mike waiting with candles and some massage oil. “I figured this would help you relax babe. Come lay down.” She smiled at him and stretched out across the bed, pleased by the fact that he was looking after her and making sure she was relaxed and (hopefully) ready as she was still a bit nervous. Gradually Mike felt her body relax as he gave her a thorough massage, back and front. He gave her a deep kiss and looked at her. “You ready for this? I don’t want to push you too far.” Andi smiled up at him. “I think I’m as ready as I’m going to get. The massage was wonderful.” And she rolled back onto her stomach to give him access to her gorgeous ass.

He started slowly, rubbing his hands in circles and kissing the round globes working ever closer to her pretty little puckered hole. Slowly he spread her cheeks and gave a small tentative lick directly to her asshole. She giggled a little, “That tickles. Do it again though.” So Mike obliged and she giggled again. He decided that since she wasn’t telling him no he wanted more and swirled his tongue, then licked again harder. This time it didn’t tickle and Andi wiggled her ass a bit in encouragement. At that he dove in, burying his face against her and worked her anus, gently at first then slightly more forcefully dipping his tongue a tiny bit inside, only to pull out a flutter it against her anus. Andi moaned and reached underneath her, to touch herself. “Don’t stop Mike. That feels really good.”

So he didn’t stop and soon his fingers joined his mouth and tongue to push her higher. He wanted her come for him while he played with her ass. Soon she was arching her ass up into him and he used his hands to spread her cheeks as far as he could and licked and kissed and probed at her anus incessantly. He felt her body slowly start to tense up and just kept on with what he was doing, knowing she would come for him soon. Moments later she did just that, crying out and shaking, practically shoving her ass against his face. Mike never stopped his oral assault on her ass and she almost immediately had a second orgasm for him. Finally she pulled away and whispered, “Enough. Enough.” He stopped his ministrations and kissed each cheek gently before resting his head upon them. “So…wanna do this again sometime?” Andi just laughed softly. “Maybe I’ll have to return the favor.”


Wicked Wednesday – 254 – Demon’s House Part 2

Nikki screamed another orgasm as Beleth fucked her harder still, demanding even more than he had previously. This was her third trip out to the old Andersen house and by this point she was seriously considering buying the house just so she could fuck her demonic lover whenever she wanted. Having learned how to summon him properly, she did so at every opportunity, looking to sate her increasing desires. Of course, Beleth thought she found him irresistible, but truthfully, she found the power she felt when she fucked him more irresistible. It was like a wave of pure unadulterated lust that made her feel like she could have anyone she wanted coupled with the idea that she was the one that the demon had initially chose after years of being alone.

As she learned the secrets of the book she had found, she learned that she could, if she chose, summon other demons, ones that would do her bidding.Right now she hoped to bend Beleth to her will using the power of her sex. But at this moment, she didn’t care about those things. She cared only about the roar the demon let loose as he pumped her body full of his come. She came with him, nearly sobbing at the pleasure, her muscles still twitching around his cock. He purred softly at the feeling and then looked at her, quite seriously, and spoke, “Nikki, in just a moment I’m going to turn you around, bend you over, and fuck your ass. Would you like that?” The hint of a growl in his voice turned her on more and she gave him a wicked grin in response. “What will you do if I tell you no?” “Why then we stop,” he replied seeming offended that she even had to ask. “Surely by now you’ve realized that I am not a complete boor, unlike many of the other demons you could summon,” he spoke confirming what she’d been studying earlier.

Nikki grew thoughtful at this, wondering if she could summon multiple demons at a time for an orgy; that might be fun she thought. But dangerous as well. She knew that right now that was beyond her control, but maybe soon. She stated at Beleth, his pupils an amber color that she loved and slowly turned away from him and bent forward, wiggling her ass in invitation. He slapped her then, the loud noise echoing through the empty house. Then he repeated the process on the other ass cheek, this time digging his claws into her skin just a bit, drawing the tiniest amount of blood. Nikki gasped as she felt a trickle of blood run down her hip and then moaned as he leaned down and licked it away. Beleth’s cock rested against her asshole, just waiting for a moment, before he began to push into her, his large cock stretching and filling her ass. He wanted to go slow so as not to hurt her and wondered at his own patience. Was he growing too attached to her as he had to Leona? Would he watch her grow old and wither and die? Or would she agree to come with him back to his world someday?

Nikki gave a soft moan at the feeling of him trying to push his way into her ass and held as still as she could. She knew he didn’t want to hurt her; he saw her as his after all. But soon enough she would find just the right way to bind him to her instead. Slowly he seated his cock deep inside her and began to move in and out an inch at a time, gradually becoming more and more forceful as he could feel her relax. Nikki reached down and ran her fingers across her clit and moaned again at the combination of feelings. “Yeeeessss, touch yourself for me,” came the rumbly voice and Nikki’s fingers rubbed harder providing more pressure like she needed. Beleth held Nikki’s hips being as careful as he could not to draw blood again. The first time had only been a bit of teasing, just a taste of wanting to devour her and make her his. Nikki began to buck her hips against him rocking back and forth on his cock as he stilled and just let her fuck him. “Look at you, riding a demon cock with your pretty little ass,” he laughed as he felt her tight around him and stroked her ass gently. “That’s a good girl.” And she clenched again at he sound of his voice. Briefly she wondered if she was losing too much of herself to him, but her arrogance told her otherwise. She could handle a horny demon. And she fucked him harder to prove it. Beleth groaned and reached down, to feel her fingers on her clit then slid two fingers into her pussy and curled them against her g-spot just barely touching her. “More.” she gasped and he obliged suddenly moving very quickly to force his fingers a smidge deeper and a little harder against her. Nikki swore softly and then cried out before she could stop herself an orgasm rolling through her body. Her ass gripped Beleth’s cock, her pussy his fingers, and she rubbed furiously at her clit not wanting the orgasm to end. Beleth resumed fucking her as she stilled and pumped hard, helping draw things out further. Suddenly with no warning his orgasm hit and he growled low in throat with pure pleasure in his voice as he shot his come in her ass. He pulled out and the last bit of it splattered across her ass and he nodded approvingly. Nikki dropped to her knees, exhausted from the force of her orgasms. When she woke sometime later Beleth was gone and she resumed her study, just as he resumed his in the demonic plane.


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Absolution of Her Sins

Sarah walked into the church, her black pleated skirt a little too short, her white blouse a little too tight. She knelt briefly before the altar baring the bottom curves of her ass to anyone who would see and then moved on, purposefully heading to the pastor’s office for a private meeting per his request. She wasn’t sure what he was about, but she certainly knew what she wanted. She knew this could either go very well or very badly. Hopefully it would be the former.

Pastor James Michaels was sitting at his desk doing some writing when there was a soft tap at his door. Ah, that must be Ms. Winston. I wonder if she knows why I called her here; a lecherous smile spread across his face before he schooled it into a mask of propriety. “Come in.” The petite young woman with her short jet black hair stepped into the office and glanced around before her eyes landed on Pastor James sitting at his desk. He was a handsome older man with a touch of gray at the temples and always had a smile for everyone. “Hello Sarah, please come have a seat,” hes gestured to the chair across from his desk and Sarah walked over with a light swing in her hips and sat primly, though her skirt just barely covered the tops of her thigh highs when she sat down.

James clicked his teeth in a slightly disapproving sound and looked at her carefully from the tight blouse and short skirt and the almost visible lace at her thighs. A pair of high heeled black mary janes completed the look and as his eyes rose back to her face, he noted a tiny silver cross hanging from her neck. He wasn’t sure what she was up to, but it certainly looked like no good. He spoke without preamble.

“Sarah, some of the other church members have expressed concerns to me about your recent changes of attire at services. I’m sure you’re a good, pious young lady and you only wish to express yourself, but perhaps you should reevaluate what you’re wearing to church.” She gave the pastor a slow smile as she crossed her legs, the skirt riding higher yet. “Now why, would I want to do that, Pastor? I know you like what I wear. I bet you like the outfit I’m wearing now even.” And she stood give a small twirl to show off everything she was wearing. Pastor James stared at her, disbelieving her cavalier attitude for a moment. “Young lady, I think you need more correction that good Lord above can give you. Come here,” he said stepping around the desk toward her. Sarah couldn’t help but notice his obvious hard on and she smirked at him. “Yes, I definitely think you like my outfit,” and she stepped close to him, pressing the side of her hip along the length of his cock inside his pants. He swatted her behind harshly. “Stop that!” Sarah only giggled and turned away from him to wiggle her ass. James swore under his breath and shoved her forward over the edge of his desk and swatted her now nearly bare ass several more times. She moaned and then turned her head to look at him. “Pastor James, please let me show you what a good girl I can be.”

He glared at her darkly, until his impulse control lost out to a more primitive part of his brain. He grabbed her hair tightly, close to her scalp and growled at her, “Show me.” Sarah stood gracefully, her ass stinging from his spanking and then knelt on the ground before him, her hands working quickly to unbuckle his pants and pulled out his cock, which she found lovely. Sarah looked up at him and whispered, “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned,” and wrapped her lips around his dick, sucking as hard as she could to take him deep into her mouth. He groaned and rested a gentle hand on the back of her head, idly stroking her short hair. She showed him just how good she could be, sucking, licking, and even nibbling just a tiny bit at his cock. Her tongue explored everywhere she could get it and worked to find more. Sh reached up and squeezed his balls in her hand, humming as she did so and for the first time her jerked his hips as though he were going to lose control. But no, he wasn’t done with her yet. James stepped backwards away from her eager mouth and pulled her back to her feet. “Well, it looks like you are a good girl, but are you very good? Strip, leave the shoes.” She complied calmly with the pastor’s order and shot him a cheeky grin as she turned her back to slide her panties down, giving him a perfect view of her nice, round completely bare ass. He reached out quickly and smacked it, hard, and she arched her back towards him. Pastor James obliged and smacked her other ass cheek leaving two red hand prints on her skin. He jerked her to him and without warning his thick cock filled her ass.

Sarah arched back into him again. “Oh yes, fuck my ass Pastor James. I know you’ve wanted to do this for a long time.” And he did, his cock pistoning in and out of her reddened ass and he smacked her again hard enough to leave more hand prints. He spanked her ass as he fucked her, making her gasp and moan. The pretty girl reached for her clit rubbing it hard and came quickly bucking her hips against the good pastor’s cock that filled her up just right. She swore harshly as she orgasmed around this man’s cock and then immediately turned to look at him. “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned,” as she ground her ass into his hips. It was enough to make James himself swear and he pounded her ass harder, his hands digging in and bruising her hips. “You are a naughty little bitch aren’t you, Sarah? And you enjoy every single fucking moment of it. Do you like having my cock buried in your ass?” “Oh yes Pastor. Your cock feels so good in my ass. You’re gonna make me come like a bad girl.”

He grunted and drove his cock into her. “Good. I wanna feel you come for again me you dirty little slut.” One hand still rubbing her clit and the other reached up to pinch and pull at her nipples while James fucked her. She was wiggling against him and moaning softly as he held her bent over his desk filling her ass. He slammed into her hard bouncing her against the desk and spurted into her ass which drove her to orgasm at the feeling of his hot spunk filling her ass.

Pastor James pulled his cock out of her and tucked his cock back into his pants as Sarah recovered, bent over his desk and gasping to catch her breath. He gave one more slap to her ass. “Get dressed. I want you back here the same time next week in more appropriate attire. Do you understand?” Sarah nodded and slowly dressed, pulling her panties and skirt up slowly and taking her time buttoning her shirt as she stared straight at the pastor. “I’ll be here.” She grinned at him cheekily and walked out, the redness on her ass just visible as he watched her walk away. She couldn’t wait for next week and was already planning a new outfit.

Roped In

Trisha was in the barn mucking out stalls and letting her fantasies distract her from such grueling work when her favorite cowboy, Trevor, walked in. She threw him a wave and kept cleaning as well as trying to ignore him after that since he was her perfect fantasy man. Tight jeans, boots and always well put together even when he was filthy from handling cattle or training horses. His green eyes and sandy blonde hair topped with a battered white cowboy hat didn’t hurt either.

Trevor glanced around the barn and knew for once they were alone and he wondered just what Trisha would do if he kissed her. The petite brunette was gorgeous and he’d had an eye on her for a while, but wasn’t sure how she might react. He wondered if now was a good time to find out. He ambled over to the stall where she was cleaning and smiled at her when she glanced up at him. He caught just a hint of a blush when she looked up and grinned. Yep, he certainly seemed to be on her mind. “Want a hand with the rest of these stalls. Then we’ll both be done early and maybe we can do somethin”?” Trish couldn’t believe what he was saying and looked up again, “Did you have any thing particular in mind?” Score one for him, he thought and gave her a lazy smile. “I’m sure you can think of somethin”, Sweetheart.” She blushed almost to her hairline that time and he leaned in giving her a quick kiss at the corner of her mouth before grabbing another pitchfork to lend a hand. They finished the remaining stalls quickly.

Trisha leaned against the gate of the last stall and looked at him with a challenge in her eyes, “Now what, cowboy?” This time he stepped forward, crowding her against the gate, his planted on either side of her so she couldn’t escape him and tugged on her ponytail lightly. “This,” came the reply as he lowered his lips to hers. She returned his kiss, hungrily, realizing how much more she wanted from him. Seemingly of their own accord her hands found his way to his shoulders and she pulled him the rest of the way against her body.

His erection was obvious through his jeans and she moaned at that feeling, grinding against him. Trevor pulled his mouth from her and growled softly while motioning to the rope still at his belt, “Don’t make me tie you still.” A naughty grin hit Trisha’s face as that was something she’d thought about off and on and she wiggled against him again. He swore softly, unlatched the stall and shoved her inside. Quickly he had her tied by each wrist using the barred windows on either wall and his arms wrapped tightly around her hips. With Trevor holding her still and her arms useless all she could do was kiss him back, trying to convey her want for him. He pulled away from her and laughed softly, “Just what were you thinking of when I came into the barn, hmmm?” She gave him a devious smile. “If you really wanna know you’ll have to take me somewhere a little more private. Then maybe I’ll show you what I was thinking about.” Trevor crushed his lips to hers once more, with his hands on her hips as he rubbed himself against her wanting body. When they both heard footsteps in the distance, Trevor quickly untied her and they went their separate ways for now, both trying to pretend nothing had happened.

The attraction between them simmered every time they saw one another, but they were careful to not be alone together in the barn again. Neither of them were sure if they would stop themselves next time if they were, people coming or not. After a solid two weeks of torturing themselves Trevor approached Trish in the tack room. “Sweetheart, somethin’s gotta give here. I want you so bad I can’t see straight.”

“So what are we gonna do about? It’s not like you can keep tying me up in horse stalls,” Trisha grinned at him. He shook his head at her, “You enjoyed that,” She acknowledged his words with a slight incline of her head and then stared at him, waiting for answer to her question. He knew he wanted their first time (he hoped there be more than one time) to be more special than in a smelly barn and shot her a smile. “Why don’t you come to my place for dinner?” he suggested. “We can always see where that leads.” Her voice dropped a notch and she gave him a grin, “What if I’m hungry for something other than dinner?” “Well now…maybe I’ll make you be dinner instead.” And he kissed her again hot and hard and just as hungry as before. “Friday night, my place.” Then he walked away smiling, turned at the exit, and tipped his hat at her. She raised one hand in a wave, but he was already gone and for a moment she was frozen to the spot thinking about what he had said.

Friday night arrived with much anticipation on behalf of both parties. Trisha knocked at Trevor’s front door, hoping the sundress she wore wasn’t too much. Trevor opened the door and his eyes widened appreciatively. He’d only ever seen Trish in jeans and t-shirts, but her outfit tonight was stunning. He invited her in and poured a glass of wine for them both. “The steaks are almost done and we can eat then. Or are you hungry for more than steak?, Trevor quipped, eyeing her mischievously. “Trisha blushed and giggled at the innuendo. “Hmmm.” She seemed to mull things over for a moment and then leaned over to kiss him a heat filled kiss that promised more. “I thought you said I was going to be dinner,” she teased. And with its imperfect timing the timer went off in the kitchen. They had a slow meal, sipping wine with their steaks and chatting about nothing. The subject of later hung in the air like a promise.

Dinner done, the pair headed for the living room where Trevor had every plan of having a conversation before just dragging Trisha to bed like he was aching to do. Trisha on the hand sat down nearly on his lap on the couch and leaned over for a kiss. Almost immediately Trevor’s resolve to have a real date was lost and he pulled her the rest of the way into his lap, deepening the kiss. She wrapped her arms around him and ground her ass against his dick, the thin layer of her skirt and his jeans the only barrier between them. Trevor broke the kiss first. “Girl, keep that up and we’re not gonna make it to the bedroom.” “Good,” she replied kissing first his cheek and then trailing those kisses across his jawline and down his neck. She bit down softly at a tender spot and kissed him there when he shuddered. “I don’t think you know just how long I’ve wanted you Trevor, to suck your cock, fuck you, feel your hands everywhere on my body” She gave him a wicked grin before sealing her lips to his, her tongue darting out to taste him. Trevor moaned against her lips and scooped her up into his arms. He at least wanted to make the bed before he fucked her like she wanted.

He ceremoniously deposited Trisha on the bed and the way she landed left it quite clear to him that she was clearly not wearing panties and he could see the wetness glistening between her legs. He dropped to his knees, pushing her skirt up out of the way and buried his face between her thighs. Trish veritably purred and fell back on the bed, spreading her legs further for him. Trevor’s tongue delved into her pussy tasting her salty sweetness and flicked the tip of her clit repeatedly making her moan and press against him. He was delighting in tasting and teasing her, but he really wanted to see her come for him. Sucking on her clit gently, he slid two fingers inside of her, pumping them in and out of her pussy, curling them to hit just the right spot. By this time Trisha was practically riding Trevor’s face and begging for more when an orgasm suddenly rolled through her body, her hips lifting from the bed. Trevor held her hips licking her gently as she came back down. She tilted her head up and grinned at him. “Wow. My turn.”

She sat up and removed the sundress completely bare beneath it and Trevor wanted nothing more than to drag her onto the bed and take her any way her could have her. But she was already undoing his belt to pushed down his jeans and boxers and leaning off the edge of the bed to wrap her lips around hid dick. He thrust gently wanting more and she happily obliged him sucking him down to the root and giving a soft hum. Trevor swore softly as she pulled her lips back up along the length of his and swore again when she swirled her tongue around the tip. “Keep that up and I’ll come before I get to fuck you, Baby.” She looked up at him and grinned, “So, what’ll it be then, get sucked or get fucked?” At that teasing line he was lost and flipped her over, just manhandling her, and yanked her to her knees and slipped his cock into her pussy slowly. Trisha moaned and swore under her breath and looked back at him. “Ride me, cowboy.”

His eyes narrowed and he held her hip tightly in one hand, lacing his other hand into her hair and rode her hard and fast. She was reduced to a moaning messing on his bed as she began to orgasm from the thorough fucking she was getting. Her hips bucked wildly driving his cock deeper and harder into her and she just couldn’t seem to stop orgasming. Trevor pulled her head back and growled at her, “I’m gonna fuck your ass pretty girl. You wanna say no?” That got Trisha’s attention very clearly and she answered softly, “I’ve never done it before. Be gentle?” He kissed her shoulder softly and trailed kisses down her back as he slowly withdrew his cock from her drenched pussy. “Of course I will.”

Trevor grabbed a bottle of lube from the night stand and spread the cool liquid along Trish’s tiny asshole and slowly slip one finger inside her. She started at the feeling and then relaxed. “How does that feel.” “Really goooood. Don’t stop.” So he didn’t and used two fingers to work more lube into her ass going slowly carefully. He slipped his other hand beneath her and began rubbing her clit. “I want you to come again for me and then I’ll fuck you. Be a good girl and do that for me.” She gasped and nodded, surprisingly turned on by his words. She wiggled her hips back and forth enjoying the feeling of her ass being fingered while Trevor rubbed her clit. She knew she was gonna have a huge orgasm from this and when Trevor picked up his pace and rubbed her clit harder she slammed herself back against his fingers and started swearing unintelligibly as another orgasm slammed into her body. Trevor groaned feeling her ass tighten and imagined just how that would feel wrapped around his dick. He had to remind himself to be gentle with her as he replaced his fingers with his cock.

Slowly he pushed against her ass, “Relax pretty girl.” Trish took a deep breath, letting it out slowly and wriggled her ass back against him very slowly as he pushed forward equally as slow. Before he was even all the way into her ass she shuddered at the feeling, “Ohmigod, this feel so good Trevor. I want this. I want you. Please fuck my ass?” “Oh I will darlin’, but I’m not going to hurt you. Be patient.” And with that his cock slid all the way into her ass and he held himself there feeling how tight she was as she marveled at the fullness. Trevor began to move, his hips rocking slowly back and forth. “Touch yourself for me Trish. Play with your clit and make yourself come again.” She did as he told her and began to whimper quietly knowing she was going to come so hard while he fucked her ass so slowly. She squirmed a little and Trevor felt her clench around him when she did and sighed with pleasure. Her orgasm built slowly and she was as patient as she could be writhing her hips and rubbing and flicking at her clit. She sighed her own sigh and felt her body tense up as the next orgasm began to hit causing her to shiver and buck her hips none too gently against Trevor’s dick. Her ass clenched around him again and she collapsed on the bed, her ass still in the air wanting to be fucked; she wanted to come again this time with Trevor just fucking her.

He held both of her hips in his hands and squeezed almost, but not quite hard enough to bruise and began to fuck her ass a little harder loving how she felt. He wanted to shoot his come into her and then curl up and hold her close until they were both ready for another round. Trish start shaking the moment he fucked her harder and tried to thrust her ass into him whimpering and moaning, using her body to beg for more of him. He didn’t want to hurt her so he kept a steady pace, hard, but not too hard and knew his own orgasm was imminent. He squeezed her ass causing her to moan again and grabbed her ass with both and and squeezed harder. She bucked her hips harder that time so he kept playing with her ass while he fucked her and suddenly Trisha moaned and he felt every muscle in her body tense and tighten. She was going to come again on his cock and when she did he was going to come in her tight ass. Moments later they both exploded in orgasms and were left breathless. Trevor pulled out of her and slid onto the bed pulling her to him. “How was that, pretty girl?” She gazed up at him her eyes slightly out of focus and she smiled at him. “Can we do it again later?”

Review: Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Butt Plug

The Doc Johnson Naughty Anal Plug was my first butt toy. I knew I was interested in furthering my knowledge of anal play, but I was also concerned with going too big too soon and I found this toy in its largest size to be perfect at 4.5 inches in length. It comes in black and pink and has a nicely curved flared base that just fits my anatomy. The neck is narrow enough that I can hold onto it with no trouble and just rock back and forth for a bit of stimulation. When used in conjunction with a vibrator or receiving oral sex it is absolutely fantastic.

Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Butt Plug

When I first saw the toy (it was a gift by the way) I was taken aback by the size of it because it seemed like it could be too small. A fair amount of lube later (water based only please since this is a silicone toy!) and it slid right in. It was gentle, but definitely gave me a feeling of fullness that was just enough to be noticeable. The plug is small enough that I’ve worn it for an extended period of time with no trouble and found it quite comfortable to do so.

As a starter plug I have found it to be a nice addition to my arsenal of toys, but if you’re already pretty well versed in anal play I would skip this unless you want something small for a purpose.

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Again, because it is made of silicone you don’t want to use silicone lube with it.  (Go here for more information.) You also want to keep it clean; not just because keeping your sex toys clean is good practice, but because things like to stick to the silicone. Cat hair, for instance, and fuzz, and dust, and…well everything it seems. It can take a bit of spontaneity out of playing with the plug because obviously you don’t want fuzz up the bum, but since I prefer to plan my anal play, that’s fine with me. YMMV.

Overall, I feel like this isn’t a bad toy and while I don’t play with it often, it isn’t through any fault of the toy itself. As I said, it seems like a good starter toy to me, but it does come in smaller sizes at 3 and 3.5 inches in length. Reasonably priced at just under $30 on the Doc Johnson website (click the Buy Now button) it is of higher quality than some other comparably priced toys I have seen out there and one I’m keeping around for sure.