Princess Adrienne and her new husband stepped off of the plane and right onto the warm sands of a small private island in the Pacific. Here they would be free to romp, play and enjoy one another to the fullest before having to resume their duties, although Gordon would no longer be expected to work as a guard, but instead appear with the Princess at various functions as well as on his own as a representative of the kingdom. The idea that he would formally be christened an Earl upon their return from the honeymoon somewhat unnerved him; he would certainly be happier if he could just keep being Adrienne’s bodyguard. But he had known exactly what he was getting into marrying his Princess as her father had explained it to him before he asked Adrienne to be his wife.

They settled into the small ocean front bungalow and Adrienne changed into a basic black swimsuit that hid everything it revealed. Gordon just stared at her; he knew he’d never get tired of the woman before him. Before he could change into his own swimsuit Adrienne was gone, walking into the clear blue water. He followed at his leisure just marveling still that she’d said yes. Tonight he’d show her just what that yes had meant.

That evening after a lazy dinner they curled up in the big bed together and just settled, content with one another. Finally Gordon couldn’t resist and turned her to him for a kiss. Adrienne snuggled closer kissing him back, still a little amazed that she was married to this man. They clung together sharing kisses for several moments, almost as if this were all new to them. And then it wasn’t new, but urgent and hungry and Adrienne whimpered at the sudden force of his kisses and his hands on her body. She pressed closer, wanting more of this, of him. And he gave it, hands roaming her bare skin, finding all those sensitive places that she loved to be touched, grabbing at her gorgeous ass, and overloading her body and mind with sensation.

Adrienne giggled when he playfully swatted at her rear end and had the audacity to wiggle it at him. So he popped her again laughingly and they played this game for several more hits before Gordon looked at her. “Kitten, is this your way of asking for a spanking?” She tilted her head for a moment as if in thought and then squirmed again laughing. “Maybe.” Her voice was breathy and soft. “Maybe? I think a maybe is a yes. You haven’t had a good spanking in quite some time have you?” “No Sir.” “Well, let’s change that.”

And Gordon quickly re-positioned her across his lap. She could feel his cock pressing into her belly and wiggled against him. He smacked her ass considerably harder than he had before. “Stay still.” He began to deliver rhythmic slaps to her ass, alternating cheeks and slowly increasing the hardness of his hits. Adrienne wrapped her hands around his leg and tried to stay still, but it got harder with each heavy smack. Finally when her ass was nice and red he stopped and rubbed at the inflamed skin which made Adrienne gasp. Then he trailed his fingers down her ass and between her legs. “Naughty girl. You enjoyed that far too much.” And he teased her body with his fingers watching her try to lift up to meet his touch. “Nope. Not yet Princess.” He moved his hand away and gave her ass one good final smack then pulled helped her to her feet where he motioned for her to turn.

Adrienne moved as he directed and when she came to face him again he was smiling delightedly. “Kitten, you’ve made me a very happy man. But you can make me even happier.” He scooted back up onto the bed, motioning for her to join him and as she reached him, his fingers found themselves tangled in her hair and he gently pushed he face towards his throbbing cock. “Be a good girl Princess.” His voice was slightly rough and she was reminded of that first time he fucked her on the ship. She definitely wanted to be good. Her warm mouth enveloped his cock and her head bobbed up and down slowly for a minute, then she really began to work. Gordon groaned when she sucked hard and had to resist the urge to nearly choke her when she hummed softly. Those vibrations made him want to return the pleasure and his hand left her hair. “Kitten, I have a challenge for you. Turn around and we’ll see who can make the other come first.”

There was some adjusting and giggling, but eventually the couple settled happily into a sixty nine position and Adrienne, determined to win, dove back down on his cock before he could so much as taste her pussy. Gordon pulled her closer to him and began to kiss and lick and nibble at her labia, swirling his tongue against her skin. He was teasing her, trying to make her lose her focus, but he quickly realized that his Princess was too driven to be distracted so easily. So he smiled and kissed her, his tongue tracing sensitive skin before delving lightly inside of her, savoring her sweetness. He licked his own lips and pulled her closer burying his face against her.

Adrienne, for her part, was enjoying his cock like a delightful treat, licking and sucking at it gently and then harder and finally taking him as deep as she could take him into her mouth. Each time she did this she tried for deeper; she was going to deep throat his cock one of these days and she thought if she could focus enough to do it now she might win their little game. Unfortunately, for both of them, they kept getting distracted by the other person’s ministrations and would stop to gasp or moan, to breathe, and to try and control their impending orgasms.

Gradually their self control began to wane and they were bucking and squirming against one another. Every time Adrienne wiggled Gordon would reach around and swat her ass, which made her laugh, which sent delightful vibrations along his cock and made him moan which gave her those same vibrations. But every time Gordon bucked his hips Adrienne relaxed her jaw a little more, letting him slide farther into her mouth before pulling back and sucking hard. She could hear his breath catch every time she did it and could tell he was fighting an orgasm, determined to make her come first. She was right on the edge herself and knew the instant he came she would as well and suddenly, desperately for release she was sucking him for all she was worth. He moaned and catching on to her idea wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked hard. They bumped together awkwardly, but neither one cared as the moment she tasted him in her mouth her own orgasm hit and she covered his face with her come while swallowing his down like a good girl.

Gordon kissed the inside of her thigh and they untangled themselves laughing together about who won. Adrienne was adamant that she’d won and he just laughed and kissed her. His Princess, his Kitten, his wife.

Grecian Vacation

Their lips met as the crashing of the waves upon the beach and that’s where it all began.Helena was vacationing in Greece and Niko had offered to show her around to all the good local spots. He kept his promise, was a perfect gentleman, and the last stop of the day was this beach.

Helena had been drawn to Niko immediately and just wanted to sink her fingers into his black wavy hair and pull him close to her. He felt the same about the pretty blonde with the British accent and they both really hoped to make something of their time together, however brief it was. They kissed again hands tracing lines and planes and exploring bodies. Helena moaned at a particularly sensitive spot as Niko’s lips found the back of her ear.

They rolled in the sand uncaring of just what a mess they would be by the time their night was over. Carefully his hands slid underneath the tank top she was wearing, daring to explore further. Her pert breasts were not hidden by a bra and Niko took advantage of this, tugging lightly on her nipples. Helena moaned and arched against his touch. “Ohh, yes.” H tugged harder before raising her shirt above her head and lowering his warm mouth to her nipples,alternating back and forth between his hands and his mouth. She squirmed underneath him body arched, gasping with pleasure. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop, she begged, knowing that she could reach her first orgasm of the night simply by Niko playing with her sensitive nipples.

And with no warning the rush of pleasure hit her body. She pressed her body to his, moaning and could feel the hardness of him against her. Niko pulled his mouth from her right nipple and  resumed tugging and pinching with his fingers on both nipples, watching her orgasm play across her face. “Beautiful,” he whispered and gave her nipples one final, hard tug sending another wave of ecstasy through her body.

“I’ve never met someone who had such sensitive nipples. Perhaps I will play with them  again later. But right now I need you, Helena. Please say yes.” She gave him  a wicked grin and pulled him back to her lips for a kiss, grinding her hips against his erection. Niko moaned and thrust against her wishing they had no barriers between them. Their bodies were tightly melded together, almost as one and the feeling of their clothing was a greater  pleasure, driving them both a little mad and leaving them wanting more. Niko released his grip on the woman in front of hi and quickly shucked his jeans and underwear, leaving Helena to gasp at the perfection of his body. She made to sit up so she could touch him, but he was tugging her shorts down her legs before she could move. He leaned in and kissed her hip,  trailing his tongue alongside the crease of her thigh. He kissed her inner  thighs, laving them attention and then kissed her clit, almost like a french kiss before he slid a condom on and moved up the length of her body.

“Are you ready?” He looked down at her with such lust in his eyes that she couldn’t say not, knowing that her own eyes must mirror his. She wanted this man. Her hips arched up to meet his, feeling the warmth of his dick as he pressed himself into her. He hissed in pleasure as she squeezed tightly around him. “Keep that up pretty girl and I won’t last. And I intend to last until I’ve wrung every orgasm out of you that I can.” He moved slowly and this time it was her turn to hiss in delight as she felt the head of him drag across her g-spot. He was going to torture her a little and she was going to love every bit of it. Niko kept his movements slow and steady, watching, noting how she moved and breathed. He wanted to see her come underneath him from just the slow gentleness of their lovemaking. Helena leaned up to kiss him, tangling her tongue with his before trailing a line of kisses up to his ear. “You feel so good inside me, Niko, but please, more,” she was almost but not quite begging and he knew she’d get more out of him, but at his pace, not hers. Each time the head of his cock slipped over her g-spot she gasped and each time she was a little closer to that orgasm that she was searching for.

Like a lightening strike it hit her unexpectedly and rolled throughout her body. She was moaning and arching her body into Niko’s as thought she might devour him. With no warning things changed she found herself sitting atop Niko, still filled with him. Helena rocked her hips back forth, riding him, her blonde hair covering her face and tickling his. He gathered it up, holding it out of the way and she gave him another one of naughty grins. “Pull it,” she whispered.

So Niko pulled and when he did she exploded against him again, her hips still riding him and she bit her lip so as not to scream her pleasure to the stars. Niko swore softly in Greek and rose up from the sand to meet her, unable to contain his own orgasm. She went limp against him and they laid in the sand,almost to the waters edge and giggled like a couple of school kids. “Should I show you more places tomorrow,” Niko asked with a wicked gleam in his dark eyes.

Review: blueMotion Nex2 by OhMiBod!

I won my blueMotion Nex2 in a contest courtesy of The Pleasure Chest and couldn’t wait to be able to play with it. The idea that it could be controlled remotely by my partner seemed like it would offer all kinds of fun possibilities and I thought I might quite enjoy it by myself as well.

First off, shipping from LA to the East coast was pretty timely given it was ground shipping and the package was discreet and well wrapped. There was nothing on the outer label to hint that it was from The Pleasure Chest or that it was a sex toy.

Opening the outer box revealed shrink wrapped, OhMiBod! branded packaging, that once opened offered up the Nex2 itself in a plastic tray, a charging cable (non-standard to USB so hopefully it never breaks), and a small storage bag in a bright white satiny material. The toy shipped charged which was a welcome discovery as I immediately started checking out the different settings and petting the very soft, smooth silicone. According to the website, the fully charged toy should provide two hours of play time. While exploring the toy I did note that the seam between the silicone and the blue plastic bit wasn’t as smooth as I might have liked it to be. That seam made me a bit wary of being able to thoroughly clean the toy, but it has wiped clean nicely with a damp cloth after each use. Of course, it isn’t submersible due to the electronic guts in the vibrator. And, because this is a silicone toy, using silicone lube with it isn’t suggested.

While my partner downloaded and played around a bit with the OhMiBod app I was still exploring the texture of the silicone, the little ridge at the head of the toy, the various vibration patterns and getting quite excited at the rumbliness of the vibrations, as compared to previous no-name toys that I have owned. The toy connected to the Bluetooth on their phone, but having to register to use the app seemed a bit odd at first, until we realized that it provides a measure of security so random people can’t try to play with me. That’d just be creepy. So I created an account and immediately set about figuring out how the app worked and how it would interface with the toy.

My initial impression of the interaction between the app and the vibe itself was pretty meh. The rhythm setting worked fine, but getting the rest of the settings to play nice was a pain AND I had to fight with the app crashing repeatedly, which would break the connection and suddenly there were no more vibrations. This happened multiple times and each time it did I got more and more frustrated. I actually almost lost my temper and whipped the vibe across the room because the app wasn’t working to the point that I couldn’t orgasm because every time I got almost there, it would crash and I would want to just scream I was so annoyed with it all.

The lack of a functional app, when being able to play remotely seems like it should be a big selling point, is a really good reason that I’m glad I won this in a contest and didn’t buy it for myself, especially at the $129.00 price point I see on the OhMiBod website.

However, I have been using it solo or with my partner without the app and I do enjoy how rumbly it is, both clitorally and vaginally. For me, it is a little short for G-spot stimulation, but obviously my body is not anyone else’s body. It is good for stimulation with or without other toys and even though it is too short to hit my G-spot I can orgasm from the vibrations and clitoral play combined. All in all I feel like it is an OK vibrator and I do like the rumbliness of it as well as the smooth texture, but overall I’m not impressed.

If you’re interested in getting a Nex2 for yourself I suggest checking out Good Vibes or the OhMiBod website, but I can’t honestly recommend it simply due to the poor app interface with the toy and the high price tag that comes along with it.

Edit: Prior to publishing this review I noticed that the app had updated and works much better than it initially did when I won the toy last fall. No crashes, better stability, and the setting have all improved considerably to the point of being usable, although I still prefer the ease of simply being able to rumble my way through the different rhythms. Now if I could toggle between the app and my porn I’d be a happier girl.

Original Magic Wand Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share that Beck from the blog Beck and Her Kinks is giving a lucky reader a chance to win one of the Original Hitachi Magic Wands. This giveaway ends on the 30th of this month so if you’re interested head on over and enter now.

I’m excited for the chance to get my hands on one of these because I’ve actually never used one before and I would love to know what all the hype is about. With a little luck, I’ll be the winner of a toy I’ve always wanted to try and then I’ll have to play with it a lot so I can write an accurate review. What a hardship…*laughs*

Good luck to everyone who enters!