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Wicked Wednesday 259 – Space – (Looking Up)

They’d been friends for years and often shared late night dinners or just hung out with a cup of coffee and chatted. There was a time when both of their lives went sideways and she couldn’t be there for him … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday -249- Meeting (Surprise Encounter)

Liz was wandering the record store, looking at what they had to offer and anything new she could add to her collection. She found one that reminded her of a girlfriend she had in high school. She picked it up … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday 229 – Playtime

Selena smiled with anticipation when she saw the envelope sitting on the kitchen table. Erik was obviously up to something again and her curiosity was piqued. Opening the envelope she found the note inside. Babygirl, I’ll be home roughly an … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday 227- The New Guy (A Comedy of Eros)

Ali was getting ready for her date with this guy her best friend had sworn was perfect for her. Dustin James. Personally, she thought that his name sounded like it belonged to a porn star. But she had promised Laura … Continue reading

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