Wicked Wednesday 276 – Foreigner – (The Games We Play)


Allen smiled down at Lana as they swayed gently to an old power ballad during an 80s night at a small club they sometimes frequented. Lana didn’t know the words to this one, nor did she care when she was with him. Allen surprised her, with a soft voice as the chorus came up, “I’ve been waiting for a girl like you to come into my life, I’ve been waiting for a girl like you, a love that will survive.” They shared a gentle kiss and she let her head rest on his shoulder. She always felt so safe with him, so loved. And so utterly desired. Suddenly as nice as the dancing was and his voice at her ear at been, she was ready for something else. She kissed him briefly, with a bridled passion that was ready to be let loose. “Take me home, Allen. Show me, I wanna know what love is; I want you to show me. Again and again.”

Quickly they found their way home and into bed together, giggling like a couple of seventeen year old kids as they threw various movie quotes and song lyrics back and forth while sharing kisses and gentle touches. Gradually the kisses and the touches both became less gentle and more frantic as their need built and the silly game they often played came to an abrupt end. Allen kissed Lana everywhere he could reach, ran his fingers through her hair and held her close for a long moment, savoring the feel of her against him. She fairly purred and snuggled closer; she could feel how he wanted her and smiled at him, “I love you Allen.” He kissed her again and murmured an, “I love you,” against her lips.

Then he gathered her up lifting her upper body towards him and began planting kisses against her breasts, brushing her nipples with his lips, and finally sucking and biting at them just the way he knew she enjoyed. Lana moaned softly and arched her back, trying to get closer to him and began to squirm at the feelings he elicited from her body. She felt his cock twitch and she wiggled her way along his body so that she could immediately slide herself down the length of him and they both gasped at the feeling. “Impatient woman? Or are you just hot blooded?,” his voice was teasing, but husky with desire and she merely smiled and ground her hips against his before finding a rhythm that was just perfect for the urgent need that she felt. He hands reached up to cup the breasts he had been kissing and he toyed with them, almost roughly before sliding his hands to her hips and just holding on while she rode him.

Allen lost himself in the feel of her wrapped around him and his eyes closed briefly before he opened them again to stare at the beauty before him. Then without warning he wrapped his arms around her tightly and rolled so she was pinned beneath him and drove his cock into her hard and fast, aching with need, wanting to feel her muscles twitch and grab at him. He wanted her to come for him and him alone. Lana lost her breath for a second at the sudden movement and then laughed softly, a deep throaty noise that told him how much she loved it when he took charge like this. Her hips rose to meet his and her legs wrapped around him. The room was permeated with the scent of sex.

Lana flexed and tightened her pussy around Allen’s cock drawing a groan from him as he looked down at her. “Do that again.” She repeated the motion and drew another noise from Allen so she simply didn’t stop what she was doing. Soon they were both moaning and fighting for control of themselves during something so raw and primal between them. As though a dam broke Lana cried out Allen’s name over and over and she was coming on his cock drenching him in her wetness. That was enough for Allen and he swore as his own orgasm followed hers. Lexi felt him come, the warmth inside of her, and orgasmed again still whimpering his name. She sighed softly in contentment as he slipped from her body and wrapped himself around her. Lana grinned and snuggled against him and immediately resumed the game from earlier with a song lyric, “And it feels like the first time like it never did before, feels like the first time like we’ve opened up the door, feels like the first time. And it always will I think.” She wondered if she could cuddle closer to him as his voice came back with a lyric of his own, “I don’t want to live without you, I could never live without you, live without your love. And yes, I think it always will too, Princess.” She rolled her eyes at the silly nickname, one she’d earned after she admitted that she had no idea how to cook and leaned up to give him another kiss. “So, now its up to you, can we make a secret rendezvous?” And she winked devilishly. He grinned back at her, “Babe, you fill my eyes with that double vision.” And he kissed her  already dizzy with need for her again.

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Wicked Wednesday 271 – (Encore)



The concert was over and Ethan held Megan close to him as they walked back to his car. He’d lubed and fucked her ass during the second half of the concert and she was still thinking about being filled up and stretched by his lovely cock that she missed the words that he said. In a heartbeat she was pulled as close to him as possible and he whispered in her ear. “Attend little one.” Immediately Megan was drawn from her reverie and shot him an apologetic look. “I’m sorry Sir. I was just remembering earlier when you fucked my ass and how good it felt.” He laughed softly and slid a hand down to squeeze that aforementioned ass. “Well since that’s what’s on your mind perhaps we’ll do it again later. After your punishment, of course.”

The drive back to Ethan’s house was uneventful, but they could both feel the hum of anticipation building between them. He pulled into the drive and immediately jerked her across the car to him and kissed her hard his tongue tangling with hers. He finally broke the kiss and looked at his pet and smiled. “Let’s go inside.” He unlocked the door and ushered his submissive girlfriend into the house where she immediately knelt at his feet, her spread thighs causing her dress to ride up almost obscenely. He took in the view and nodded to himself. “Good girl. Wait right there.”

Moments later he returns with a small box and sat down across the room then motioned her over. She stood and walked to him, kneeling again at his feet briefly before he patted the seat next to him telling her she could sit. “I have something for you and then we’ll proceed.” And he handed her the box. Opening it, her entire face lit up as she gently pulled out a delicate silver chain collar. “You’ve earned that my dear and I expect to see you wearing it anytime you’re not wearing one of your heavier collars like you will tonight. You can try that one on later, but for now…” He removed a plain leather collar from his pocket, leaned forward, and buckled it around her neck centering the D-ring and giving it a little tug. Megan leaned into him as he did this and before he could pull away she threw her arms around him for a hug. “Thank you Sir. It’s lovely and I will wear it all the time.” He gave her a gentle kiss, “I know you will pet. Now come.” And he led her upstairs by her collar.

“Strip for me.” Megan giggled and turned her back to him, with a coquettish peek over her shoulder and unzipped the dress letting it slide off her shoulders, her hips swaying to music only she could hear. She let the dress fall to her waist as she danced her way towards him and slipped a bra strap from first one shoulder then the other. Undoing the bra she let it slide down her arms, but didn’t reveal her breasts to him quite yet. As she moved close though he reached for the straps and gave a tug causing her to release the bra. He pulled her closer and pinched both nipples at once making her gasp a little and then grin naughtily. A swish of her hips and she was naked for him, but for her high heels. He smiled approvingly at her and let his eyes rake over her curves possessively.

“Lovely. Now, over my knee you go. Do you know why I am punishing you pet?” “No Sir.” As she settled into his lap he ran his fingers though her long auburn hair, giving a sharp tug, “Because I can. isn’t that right?” “Yes Sir.” And his hand came down hard across her ass, once, then twice, all the way to a count of twenty-five turning her pale skin a gorgeous shade of red that he loved to see. He squeezed and massaged the round globes and she wiggled at his touch. She could feel his hard on through his tuxedo pants and whimpered softly. “Find something you want?,” he asked laughing as he leaned back across the bed and just managed to grab the lube and apply a dollop of it to his fingers. He circled her asshole rubbing gently at the puckered skin and felt her sigh. A little more lube and he slipped a finger inside moving it in and out. Megan moaned softly and wiggled again trying to press herself against his finger. Ethan laughed and stood her up, his finger slipping from her ass. “You’ve been so well behaved all night,” he commented as he began to strip himself of the tuxedo he still wore. “Now you’re going to be better.” And he pushed her backwards until she gently fell onto the bed and went to his knees attacking her clit with his tongue. He licked and nipped and sucked, long and slow, short and fast, and soon Megan was writhing beneath him. He looked up at her to see her watching him and smiled at her. “Come for me.” And his tongue lashed at her clit as she tensed just before her orgasm hit. She gushed all over his face making him laugh and the vibration from his laughter only made her come harder.

He stood and quickly lifted her legs into the air exposing all of her to him and slipped his cock into her lubed up ass, fucking her much more gently than he had during the symphony. His movements were slow and gentle and she trailed her hands down her body, tweaking at her nipples as he fucked her. Those grey eyes of hers closed as she felt her body come alive with pleasure and she tried to lift her hips to meet his thrusts. He grabbed her then and pulled her into him and she moaned.

Soon she had one hand between her legs and the other still toying with her nipples and her cries and moans had become nearly constant as he slowly drove her closer to the edge with his cock. He could feel how badly she wanted that orgasm and he shifted his grip to squeeze her ass, reminding her who she belonged to and that was enough. The orgasm raced through her like fire and she tried helplessly to lift her hips to take him deeper into her. He groaned now and shot his come into her ass, making her tighten around him yet again as she wailed incoherently at the force of her own orgasms. He slid out of her and gently lowered her legs to the bed. “Now that’s my good girl. Better than ever.”

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Wicked Wednesday 259 – Space – (Looking Up)

They’d been friends for years and often shared late night dinners or just hung out with a cup of coffee and chatted. There was a time when both of their lives went sideways and she couldn’t be there for him as well as she wished, but he was still there for her. He always reminded her to look up, especially at night and see the wonder of the stars and space above us. It was always so vast and overwhelming and she was reminded she was but a speck of dust in the cosmos. Yet, somehow, she kept going and he was her best friend and support, cheering her up on bad days, cheering her on when she tried something new. They talked about their pasts, about the present, and about various plans for the future. One August night he suggested they go stargazing. She, who had never been, thought it might be a novel opportunity and was happy to indulge him.

The Perseid’s were bright and moving across the sky at an excellent pace providing plenty of chances to see them. She found herself wrapped in his arms as they watched and he pointed out different stars and constellations as well. A large meteor, a fireball, zipped across the sky and both of them gasped at the beauty of it. And he kissed her there under the stars, finally brave enough to act on what they both knew had been brewing all along. Her arms rested on his shoulders and she looked up at him, wordlessly, for a long moment before they came together in a gentle hug. It wasn’t closeness that brought them together after all, but space.

And in that space, they both found a love they thought they would never know, never get to share with someone, never come close to experiencing. Together they started a journey that hasn’t yet ended. Each year they try to catch all the meteor showers possible. Each year they grow closer. The space between them gives way to more physicality, but the space that brought them together is always there, high and vast and untouchable.


Wicked Wednesday -249- Meeting (Surprise Encounter)

Liz was wandering the record store, looking at what they had to offer and anything new she could add to her collection. She found one that reminded her of a girlfriend she had in high school. She picked it up and headed for the register with it. As Liz waited in line she listened to the chatter of the cashier with the people in front of her and idly reminisced about how much she and Michaela had enjoyed listening to this album together. Liz wondered where her original copy had ended up; probably loaned out and never returned she figured as she paid for the record and left the store.

Exiting into the bright sunlight blinded Liz for a moment and she squinted, digging her sunglasses out of her bag. Now where she thought and the answer was a small coffee shop down the street; she turned to walk down the block and promptly bumped into someone walking towards her. “Oh I’m so sorry!” “No harm done,” came an all too familiar voice. Liz wondered if the face would match the voice and tiled her head upward and smiled. It did. She didn’t think Michaela quite recognized her from high school, but then that was ten years ago. “Hey, listen there’s a great little coffee shop down the street; can I buy you cup?” There was that familiar smile. “Sure.” The two women moseyed down the street and Liz grabbed the door ushering her companion into the space. “Grab a table would you? I’ll go order. What would you like?”

Liz knew exactly what Michaela would drink and sure enough in this heat it was an iced chai latte. She preferred a cold matcha latte for herself and upon getting the drinks, carried them back to the table. She sat down and ran her fingers through her short hair before sliding her sunglasses from her face. Michaela looked at her closely and the remarkable blue violet of Liz’s eyes finally gave her away. “Lizzy? What are you doing in Austin? I thought you lived out West.” Liz laughed; no one but Michaela had ever called her Lizzy and gotten away with it, “I was in San Diego for a while and it wasn’t bad, but I missed home. So I moved back, just far enough from Mom and Dad to keep them from driving me nuts. So here I am. What about you?” “Oh you know me. I’ve always been weird enough for Austin.”

They shared a laugh and idly chatted enjoying being out of the heat that shimmered across the pavement. When Michaela noticed the bag at Liz’s feet she was immediately interested as they had always shared a love of vinyl. “So what did you find good at the record store?” Liz laughed as she pulled it out of the bag and showed it to Michaela, who just laughed. “Of all the things to find today…what happened to your first copy though?” “I dunno, but I think we should go back to my place and listen to this, just for old times sake. Would your girlfriend mind? “Honey I haven’t had a girlfriend in three years believe it not. A one nighter here and there, but no one I really clicked with in such a big city. No I’ve ever clicked with since you and I really. Come on, I wanna hear it again.”

The two women headed back to Liz’s apartment and as soon as they arrived while Liz was unwrapping the record and queuing it up to play, Michaela immediately stripped down laughing softly to herself, knowing Liz would stare when she turned around. And stare she did; they had both been soft and sweet during high school, but the way Michaela looked now, sharp and lean with her narrow hips and peach shaped breasts blew Liz away. “Damn…you were always gorgeous, but somehow you’ve become more than perfection.” Michaela blushed then grinned naughtily at Liz. “Your turn.”

The never shy Liz laughed and peeled her clothes off. She’d always been the curvier of the two and had put on some weight in all the right places with ample breasts, rounded hips, and what look to be lush and kissable thighs. As the music played in the background the two began to dance together giggling and chatting, waiting to see who would make the first move. Turns out it was Liz who leaned in and kissed Michaela gently, tasting her lips. She pulled Liz close to her so they were pressed together from breasts to hips and ground against Liz’s curves. Pulling away Michaela smiled at her former lover. “Did you ever learn how beautiful you are?” Liz just blushed and rested her chin on Michaela’s shoulder. “I’ll take that as a no.” Michaela ran her fingers through Liz’s short hair and gently pulled her back to look at her face and they kissed again, harder this time using tongues and teeth, and lips, tasting one another as they never did all those years ago.

Very quickly the dancing and grinding turned into the two women on the living room floor. There was nothing gentle about their coupling as they fiercely clung to one another, fingers finding pussies and clits, both working hard to see who could make the other one come first. Liz willingly and happily lost that battle, her hips arching off the carpet. Then she rolled over pinning Michaela to the ground and buried her face in the other woman’s pussy, licking everywhere she could, enjoying the taste and smell of her. Before long Michaela was rolling her hips to meet Liz’s face as she got closer and closer to orgasm. Finally Liz switched exclusively to sucking gently and nibbling on Michaela’s clit and slid two fingers inside her in that lovely come hither motion that would hit her g-spot just so. It took only moments more before Michaela cried out and shoved her pussy into Liz’s face covering with her come. Michaela caught her breathe and immediately dove for Liz making short work of returning the favor of another orgasm licking and sucking and fingering Liz all at once. It was almost but not quite overwhelming and Liz had to fight the urge to scream at the feel of her friend’s ever so talented mouth on her skin.

The women curled up together still sharing kisses and touching one another gently. They stayed like this for the remainder of the day and into the night, listening to records and fucking one another senseless between cuddle sessions where they couldn’t keep their hands from each other. In high school they’d only thought they were in love. Now they would find out for sure.






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Wicked Wednesday 229 – Playtime

Selena smiled with anticipation when she saw the envelope sitting on the kitchen table. Erik was obviously up to something again and her curiosity was piqued. Opening the envelope she found the note inside.


I’ll be home roughly an hour from the time you see this note. You will be showered, shaved, and dressed in the outfit I picked out for you and you will be waiting downstairs like a good girl.

I love you,


The pretty brunette giggled like a school girl and rushed upstairs to start the shower and prepare as she was instructed. She quickly showered, lotioned her olive skin, and dried her hair, all in record time. Wandering into the bedroom she spied the outfit Erik had left out for her and really hoped that he wasn’t planning on taking her out like this. The sleek, almost sheer black dress would be barely long enough for modesty and she wasn’t sure if she could walk gracefully in the black thigh high boots with silver four inch heels. Quickly she dress according to Erik’s wishes and tottered downstairs still hoping that they weren’t going out. She tugged at the hem of her dress feeling as though it was going to ride up and flash the black lacy panties she wore underneath and being unable to kneel in the boots she crossed her hands behind her back and bowed her head.

Moments later there was a key at door and Selena mentally sighed with relief to have met Erik’s deadline. He stepped into the house and smile at his wife’s display of submission. He removed his suit coat and tilted his wife’s face up to his for a kiss. “Good girl. Wait here while I change and then we’ll be leaving.” Her eyed widened and she opened her mouth to protest but was quickly silenced with a kiss. “Hush Babygirl.” You look ravishing and your dress is perfect with those boots. Erick was gone for one a a few moment and came back downstairs looking like sex personified to his wife. Leather pants and boots topped with a  jet black button down was Selena’s favorite way she liked her husband dressed and she knew he was indulging her.

He took her out to dinner at a little Italian bistro where they had their first date and she felt like everyone was staring, although many of the female patrons were dressed up too, she felt a bit like a tart, dressed up for a john, which by the wicked smile on Erik’s face seemed to please him. They enjoyed dinner greatly while Erik teased his wife mercilessly the entire time by telling her what he wanted from her later.

On the drive home she was instructed to pull her dress up and masturbate for him until she had her first orgasm of the evening, which happened just as they pulled into the driveway. “Perfect timing my dear.” Erik got her out of the car and inside with her dress still around her hips and immediately upon closing the door he dropped to his knees and fastened his lips around her clit, the lace adding an extra layer of sensation. Selena moaned softly and leaned into him, steadying herself with a hand on the wall. It seemed like hours but really was only moments later that she came again. “Good girl.” He stood, swept her off her feet and carried her upstairs. “Dress and panties off. Boots stay on.”

Selena shimmered out of her clothing gracefully and stood there as Erik drank in her beauty before pulling her onto the bed with him and kissing her deeply.”You, my Darling, are in for a treat,” hr grinned and slid off the bed to undress before crawling back up the bed to her and twining his fingers into her hair, pulling her close. “I want you to suck me off, until I tell you to stop.”

She fairly dove for his groin and wrapped her lips around his dick smearing her lipstick as she did so. He kept his fingers in her hair, holding it out of the way while she milked him with her mouth and tongue. He felt a very slight graze of teeth and exhaled sharply. And suddenly she dipped her head lower, taking him deeper. Erik moaned then and pulled her gently off of him. “Ohhh, that was a nice warm up. Good girl.” He kissed his wife again no more gently than before and pulled her close running his hands along her breasts, pinching her nipples lightly, then harder, as she whimpered for him. He loved hearing those noises and kissed her again drinking them in as his right hand slid along her belly, his left still toying with her breasts and nipples. He ran his fingers through the short nest of curls until her reached her clit, still sensitive from  his earlier attentions, and rubbed very slowly, very gently, until she was squirming against him, ready to come.

Erik kissed Selena’s neck and whispered to her, “On your hands and knees baby.” Selena shifted immediately knowing she was about to get a good hard fuck from her loving husband. And he did just that, sliding his cock into her wet, tight pussy, driving in and out while she thrust back against him.She shuddered and climaxed quickly and arched back silently asking for more. Erik happily obliged her until they were both right on the edge of orgasm again. “Now, Selena, now!” he hissed as he felt himself start shooting deep inside her. Selena cried out and rocked back against him moaning softly. And this was only the beginning of the night.



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Wicked Wednesday 227- The New Guy (A Comedy of Eros)

Ali was getting ready for her date with this guy her best friend had sworn was perfect for her. Dustin James. Personally, she thought that his name sounded like it belonged to a porn star. But she had promised Laura that she would at least go on one date with the man. How bad could it be?

She pulled into the restaurant they had agreed to meet at, a local steak and burger kind of place, and looked around for a car matching the description of the one Laura had given her. Bright blue late model sedan, nothing outstanding about it except for the color. It was there at the far end of the parking lot and appeared to be empty. Dustin must have beaten her here and was presumably already inside, maybe having a drink at the bar. A soft sigh escaped her lips and she checked her reflection in the rear view mirror one more time, smoothing her short burgundy hair into place; whoever said short hair was easier than long hair lied she thought and climbed out of the car.

Inside the wooden framed, down home style restaurant Ali looked around for a man matching the tall, blonde, slightly muscled description that Laura had given her. She didn’t see anyone that matched, although there was a very pretty women at the bar who fit the bill nicely. Maybe that hadn’t been his car outside and maybe she could get lucky after all. She wandered over at sat at the bar, ordering a neat whiskey and scanning the room every so often. If this guy blew her off, she was never letting Laura set her up again. She typically hated blind dates and didn’t know why she had agreed to this one. At least it wasn’t as bad as the one who took her out for Valentine’s day and drank eight gin and tonics in the span of a half hour. A waiter found him passed out and covered in his own vomit in the men’s room and Ali had booked it real quick at that point, glad she’d always been wise enough to meet them somewhere first. Then there was the bumbling coffee shop guy that bumped into everything, including her and an expensive vase that crashed to the floor. He’d also been a boring hedge fund manager or something. Not her type at all. Even some of the women she had seen on blind dates had been awful. Lexi had been an air-headed chatterbox with a penchant for the word “like”, Maria was gorgeous and catty and just generally insufferable, but her favorite of the bunch was Sena, an Aussie expat with a motorcycle who had been really sweet, but overbearingly loud and fun and aggressively macho. They had actually remained friends, which was a rare occurrence from any of her dates.

Ali sighed, glanced at clock, finished her drink, and was about to order another one when a second drink slid down the bar her way. She looked up thinking perhaps her errant date had arrived but it was from Gorgeous Babe at the bar. “You got stood up too, huh?”

“Looks that way. I’m never letting someone set me up again, even if it is my best friend doing the matchmaking.”

“One of my co-workers set me up with a friend of hers, Alex I guess. Dark hair, slender, grey eyed and supposed to be gorgeous. We were set to meet at 6:30, but I got here at about quarter of. This is ridiculous. People have no care for others anymore.” Gorgeous shook her head slightly annoyed and took a sip of the beer she was drinking. “By the way, I’m Dusti.”

“I was supposed to meet a guy named Dustin here tonight. At least that’s what my friend told me. I’m Ali. Damn men, damn women, damn them all. I hate blind dates,” and Ali laughed softly, almost bitterly thinking of all the miserable and failed dates over the years, not more than two of them had led o relationships and those had both been brief flings with women who really weren’t her type. There wasn’t a man in the bunch worth mentioning as far as she was concerned. Dusti let out a small laugh as well, perhaps thinking the same thing Ali was as she finished her beer and signaled the bartender for another. The two women chattered amiably nursing their drinks, Dusti buying several rounds and Ali buying several more. As it got late and the ladies realized it was time to leave, it became clear that neither of them was any good for driving. Ali texted Laura to see if she could come get her and Dusti was doing the same unbeknownst to either of them.

Laura got the two messages in rapid succession and frowned in confusion as both of her friends claimed that their dates never showed, yet they had sat chatting with a new friend at the bar all night and over did the booze. Could she come get them? Sure, she replied and left her house a few minutes later still puzzled that both women had been stood up. Surely there had to have been some mistake, Ali and Dusti were both pretty prompt, on track kind of people, which is part of why Laura figured they would hit it off.

Laura arrived about 15 minutes later to the restaurant and spotted the two laughing outside and really wondered what was going on. She parked and hopped out, walking over to the pair. “Well it seems like you ladies had a pleasant evening.” Ali and Dusti both turned and looked at Laura before they both started fussing about being stood up by stupid men. And Laura just started laughing. She laughed so hard that tears ran down her plump cheeks. “OK, you two are funny. Now let’s get you home.” “Uhhh, Laura what is so damned funny about being stood up?” Ali fumed and glowered at her best friend. “wait. You mean you’re not joking. Ooooh boy.” Dusti chimed in, “What is going on here? Why would we joke about this BS.” Laura was unable to contain another chuckle and took a deep breath. “Ali, didn’t I say you’d be meeting Dusti tonight. I’m certain that I did. And Dusti, what did you think I said when I mentioned Ali, who by the way decided to dye her hair and not let me know so I could tell you to watch for her.”

“What?!” Both of the other two women were genuinely puzzled. “Laura, I thought you said I was meeting Alex and just kind of assumed…” “Yeah, I heard Dusty and thought the same thing.” Ali and Dusti laughed now too, finally having figured it all out and shared a hug. “So, not bad for a first date after all. Wanna do it again sometime Ali?” “Love to!”

“Alright, lovebirds, you both need to get home and get some sleep. Take some asprin and leave some water by your bed. You know the hangover drill girls. I’ll pick you up tomorrow and we can get your cars. I’m glad everything worked out. Sounds like quite a story to tell.”



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