Outdoor Delights

Alisa stifled a moan as Eric slid his cock into her waiting pussy and bucked her hips up to meet his. She knew that they needed to be quiet to avoid being caught by another group of hikers, but he felt so good inside her that she wanted to scream. His hips pumped rhythmically and she bounced up to meet him, her nails digging into his back. They were both as quiet as possible, not wanting to be caught, but the thrill of the idea of being caught was what turned them on.

Alisa pulled him down to her for a fiery kiss, their tongues dueling as he fucked her. She could hear the wet sounds emanating from her pussy and that fueled her further, driving her closer to an orgasm. Eric’s fingers pinched at her nipples one at a time and when he stopped, her own hands replaced his. Their kisses smothered their moans and whimpers quite nicely and they clung to one another rocking back and forth.

Alisa pulled away from Eric and gasped. She could feel her muscles started to clench and so could he. He grinned down at her. “Come for me, baby. Let me feel it.” Her back arched off of the blanket they had thrown down and her entire body shook with the intensity of her orgasm. Eric never ceased pounding her pussy and the orgasm simply flowed into a second one. Alisa had to really fight the urge not to scream and bit down on her bottom lip hard to avoid making any noise at all. Eric kissed her again and suddenly she felt his body stiffen against hers. She broke the kiss and whispered, “Let me have it, baby. I’ll come again if you do.” That was all it took and Eric was thrusting as hard as he could before shooting a creamy load into Alisa’s dripping pussy. She came again with him their bodies spasming together on the blanket.

They laid there quietly for a moment until Eric cocked his head, hearing footsteps. Hastily the pair separated and dressed just in time to be sitting on the blanket pretending to chit chat as another group of hikers came by, waving as they passed. Alisa and Eric returned the wave, then looked at one another and burst out laughing at the almost but not quite getting caught moment. Alisa snuggled into Eric’s arms, “We’ll have to try this again sometime. What do you say sweetheart?” He laughed, “I’d like to try it again right now in a nice soft bed.” And he gave her a naughty wink.


Wicked Wednesday 268 – Vintage Art – (Amelia)

It was a small intimate gathering that Amelia had planned at her husband, Luke’s, request. There would be dinner and drinks and Luke had mentioned some form of entertainment, but Amelia was told not to book musicians or anything of that sort so she had no idea what sort of entertainment he was planning. When she asked him, he merely smiled and told her that he would handle it.

Dinner was a lively affair with everyone chattering about various topics from politics to the gossip of the week. Everyone had a bit too much wine and they were all feeling rather amiable. Finally they retired to the drawing room, then men with glasses of scotch in hand, while the ladies settled in a group to keep up their earlier chatter about gossip and fashion. Luke hated that his wife shared in the gossip; he felt it unbecoming, but he would let that one slide. Her uppity attitude towards both him and the servants as of late, however, was not going over well with him and he intended to do something about it.

He spoke quietly to the men, outlining his plan and they all heartily approved so he knew that he was doing the right thing to handle this particular matter. A moment later he called his wife to his side. “My dear, tonight you will be the entertainment. I want to go upstairs, remove your clothing and return to me.” “What?! Have you lost your mind Luke? I’ll do no such thing! Not now or ever!” He frowned at her deeply as she had attracted the attention of the other ladies all of whom he wished to shock. Luckily they hadn’t heard his command to his wife so there was still an element there. “Fine. We will do this the hard way.” Amelia moved to step away from her husband quickly, but he grabbed her by the arm roughly and spun her around to begin undoing to buttons at the back of her dress.

The men nodded at his approach to handling his apparently rather disobedient wife and the ladies were all tittering at the scene unfolding before them. “What the hell are you doing?,” Amelia cried trying to get away from her husband before he removed everything modest about her in front of all these people. He growled at her in a voice the room could hear, “Silent and still woman or this will go all the worse for you.” And he popped her backside to punctuate his statement. Amelia was fuming and horrified at the same time and as soon as she got the chance she was going to give Luke a lashing for embarrassing her like this, especially in front of their friends.

Luke’s impatience with the tiny buttons got the better of him and he simply ripped the dress the rest of the way down letting it fall to expose Amelia’s underthings as he tugged it from her hips. “You brute! You vile man!” Amelia made another attempt to escape Luke, this time with tears streaming down her face and this time made it a few steps before he was able to grab her again, pinioning her arms to her sides. “You’re not going anywhere Amelia. You’re going to take your punishment like a proper lady should and then you may be excused to freshen up.” And his hands again tore into her underthings leaving her nude but for her shoes and stockings. He grabbed her by the arms and led her across the room to an empty chaise where he promptly bent her over the back of it and held her there.

“Ladies and Gentleman, you see before you my nude wife and how she acted towards me just now. Because of her impertinence to both myself and our servants as of late, I’ve decided she needs a punishment and tonight is the perfect time. I trust that no word of this will leave the room. And, ladies, I know how you like your gossip, but if word of this gets round, rest assured that your husbands will punish you in quite the same way you are about to witness.” “Quite right,” commented one of the men and his wife visibly blanched at his words. “Amelia, my love, you are going to get a spanking across your bare bottom until I feel that you have been thoroughly punished. Do you understand me?” The woman nodded miserably, her tear stained face just as visible as her luscious rear end.

Luke’s hand came down on her bottom with a sharp noise that made the ladies gasp and jump in their seats while the men looked on silently their eyes glued to Amelia’s rear, hoping to get a tiny glance of her nether lips as well. Some of the more curious ladies moved over by the men after the third or fourth smack had rained down upon Amelia. There were more small gasps from the ladies as Luke continued to redden his wife’s buttocks. Soon Amelia was crying again and trying to use her hands to fend off Luke’s assault. He just grabbed them and pinned her still with her hands behind her back. “Another ten for that, my dear.” And the blows came down, one after the other. Slowly Amelia let her body relax a bit and hung her head dejectedly. “She’d never be able to face these people again”, she thought.

After one particularly hard spank, Luke stopped and nodded his approval at her reddened behind. He lifted her upright and pulled her against him, exposing her front to the room. “Now then, I’ll remind you not to be quite so uppity to me or to our staff or you’ll get the same again. I want you to be a model of decorum my dear and you will learn to behave as I wish. Now go upstairs and dress.” Amelia fairly ran for the stairs still crying in humiliation after what her husband had done to her.

Luke turned to the room at large and smiled. “So, my friends, how was this evening’s entertainment?” The men laughed as one and all agreed that it had been a good time even the ladies who were now slightly afraid of having that done to them as well. Amelia returned downstairs shortly, her hair smoothed into place and a fresh dress on and smiled weakly at the room, but didn’t know what to say. Luke came to her rescue this time, pulling her close to him and kissing her cheek. “Shall we have another drink everyone?”

Wicked Wednesday – 267 – Venus in Fur (The Struggle)



“Tonight will be something different my dear.” He gave a tigerish smile as he tugged the laces of the PVC corset she was wearing just a tiny bit tighter, before zipping her into the matching pair of high heeled boots. “But you are going to be good for me and do as I say, even though I know you won’t like that task at hand. Isn’t that correct?” “Yes, Sir.” He kissed the back of her neck.” You will submit to me differently tonight my love. Because tonight, you will be in charge. No, not of me. Don’t look so horrified. But of a young submissive gentleman of my choosing whose Mistress has agreed to let you borrow him.”

“But…I don’t know how to be in charge, Sir. I don’t want to be in charge. It scares me. And what if I mess up and I break her toy? Then what?” He gave her that same tiger smile from earlier, “Why then you’ll be punished. I have faith in you though that you won’t mess up. You can and will do this, play this role for me.” Together, they headed down the long hallways to the dungeon where she hoped that she could pull this off. As the stepped into the open room she sighed when she realized there was a crowd gathered to watch the scene. Sir heard her sigh, “Oh my dear, did you really think that Mistress Allison and I would allow this to pass without some spectacle? Besides, her Sven is a bad boy and needs to be punished. You, my darling Venus, will give that to him.” “Sir, this must be a joke. Please say it is.” “Not in the slightest. Now go discipline that slave like the Goddess you are. There are all the things you should need set up already.”

Venus took a deep breath and strode through the room, never stopping at the crowd, but simply expecting them to part for her, which they did willingly. She smiled then, getting past her first hurdle of being in charge and her resolve strengthened. She could do this, would do this for Sir and Mistress Allison. Sven was simply an accessory for her to play with at this point. Venus took a deep breath and moved toward the kneeling man. She spotted Allison, currently her equal, and smiled at her, confidently she hoped. The other woman nodded to her, almost encouragingly and Venus took her place in the center of the room.

She looked down at Sven, summoning as much contempt as she could muster, which surprised her as she’d expected to feel solidarity with the collared creature at her feet. “So you’ve been bad and need punished. Is that correct?” Venus’ voice came from a position of authority and she was in awe of herself. She wondered if it showed. Sven nodded his head, “Yes…what may I call you Ma’am?” Venus tilted her head thoughtfully and flashed back to Sir’s words. “You may call me Goddess and tell me why you need to be punished.” “Yes, Goddess. I need to be punished because I challenged Mistress Allison’s authority too many times. She tires of punishing me for it and hopes that a punishment from someone else might settle my wayward tongue. Will you give me that punishment please Goddess?”

Venus did not deign to answer the slave, only moved to reach for a clothespin that was part of a pile nearby. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” Sven complied without looking up at her and she grabbed him by the jaw and tilted his head upward so she could clamp the pin to his outstretched tongue. “There. Now you can’t run your mouth at me and if I hear a word from you I’ll add another clothespin.” The pretty redhead gave a devilish smile and let Sven’s head drop back to its place. She felt herself begin to relax a bit and thought about what her Sir would to do to a mouthy submissive. She settled on a crop to start and began to tap him lightly with it on the shoulders and upper back, turning his skin pink. Her hits became harder as she gained confidence and soon she was using the crop to mark him and make fleeting patterns on his reddening skin. As she tired of that she reached for another implement and ordered Sven over the spanking bench, conveniently placed nearby. Automatically his hands reached down to cup his balls and Venus nodded, saluting Mistress Allison with the flogger she held. Allison laughed openly at this. She was enjoying this little show and thought that the clothespin to the tongue was the perfect thing. “I will flog you until I’m satisfied you’ve had enough. Then we’ll see how smart that mouth of yours is feeling.” And Venus brought the flogger down across Sven’s ass repeatedly. Over and over the blows fell and he never moved although from time to time an involuntary noise would escape him. Venus counted in her head; forty solid blows and stopped. She reached around Sven and removed the clothespin from his tongue. “Are you sorry that you were mouthy to your Mistress?” “Yes Goddess.” “Will you do it again?” “No Goddess.” Hmm, I’m not sure I believe you.” And Venus turned to the crowd. “Ladies and Gentleman, what do you say? Will this slave talk back to his Mistress again?” A chorus of yes’s gave answer and she smiled before stroking his hair. “Looks like you’ll get another go round, slave.”

This time Venus lifted a cane from the choice of implements and stroked it along Sven’s backside, knowing that she’d cane him til he cried out if she could. And she began, letting the cane dance across his skin. It seemed only moments later that Sven cried out and instantly the cane froze in mid-air. Venus dropped to kneel beside him. “Well then, slave, you’ve cried out for what?” “Please Goddess I will be a good obedient slave to my Mistress.” And he wiggled himself off the bench daring to kiss imploringly at Venus’ shiny thigh high boots to show his good intentions. Venus planted a boot in his chest and pushed lightly, forcing him away from her, before turning to address Allison, “Has your slave had enough?” Allison nodded and stepped into the center giving Venus a hug and a murmured, “Good girl. Back to your Sir now.”

Venus replaced the cane and quickly found Sir in the crowd striding to him with confidence that she had done well. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. “You did well my girl. I knew that you would. How did it feel to be on the other side?” “Insurmountably terrifying at first. I’d rather not make a habit of it. I wanted to just kneel there beside Sven and wait for my punishment as well.” “No punishments for you tonight. You faced your fear and defeated it. You obeyed.”

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“Mmmmphhh…”, was the only sound she could make before yet another cock filled her mouth. She’d lost count by now, crawling around under the table in the large conference room blowing every man there. Her skirt was wrinkled, her blouse half open and she had a belly full and a face full of semen. Her lips and tongue moved energetically against the cocks of all the men that she knew and worked with, one at a time as she reached them.

Some looked down to watch her, others ignored her completely and a few grabbed her hair forcing her to take their cock into her throat, leaving her gasping and half choking when they pulled away. And Kelly loved every minute of it. The board members had ceased even the appearance that they would get anything done with her under the table and simply enjoyed the sounds of pleasure that she made for them and for each other. There was no shame among these men and when it was all over Kelly would become their equal again, but right now she was a good little cock slut who was taking everything that she was given.

Currently she was sucking at Jamal’s cock, taking as much of the length of it as she could into her mouth and using her hand to work the rest of him, occasionally stopping her motions to squeeze and play with his balls, which she could hear left him panting every time she did it. She wanted him to come for her and come hard; she was learning just what made him, and the other members of the board, explode for her and her alone. Kelly opened her mouth around Jamal’s cock, took a deep breath and plunged her head down taking more of him than she normally could in her mouth and hummed softly knowing just what she was after; the feeling of having yet another of her men come in her mouth, shooting down her throat. And Jamal was happy to oblige her, peeking under the table at her with a wicked smile that promised something more later. She couldn’t wait to find out what.

Meanwhile, she was moving on to her favorite cock today and she smiled inwardly when she heard the soft chuckle followed by a curse muttered in Spanish when she ran her tongue along the length of Cal’s cock. She traced the veins along the length of him, almost giggling as he muttered again. She thoroughly enjoyed being a tease and Cal liked her kind of teasing just fine. She licked and nibbled and sucked at him, lowering her head to mouth his balls, sucking them gently just to hear him moan for her. He stared at her under the table, watching her, his eyes dark with lust. She looked up at him naughtily as she devoured his cock and he simply couldn’t help it; he jerked his cock back out of her mouth and wrapped one hand around it jacking himself until he shot a load of come on her face. She swallowed what little she could and when he was done she run her finger along her cheek and sucked the taste of him off her finger. “Yummy.”

She moved to her final cock of the day and peered up at Ricky from under the table, showing off her pretty, slutty face and just a hint of her cleavage. Her hands loosened his belt and pants, allowing his cock to spring free for her. Finally Ricky looked down at her, took her chin in his hands and smiled, “You’d better do a good job little girl or what you’ll be getting from me later might be a spanking.” Kelly giggled delightedly, hoping for the spanking no matter what and wet her lips before she slid her warm, wet mouth around his thick cock. He nodded approvingly and went back to discussing something with the other men at the table. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking and slurping at the cock in front of her. She loved it. Ricky shifted in his chair above her and she knew she was going to take his cock in her throat as she always did. He loved watching the tears leak from the corners of her eyes as she held so very still, waiting, wanting to breathe again. Then he would pull back and she could take a desperate gulp of air, before he shoved himself back as deep as she could take him. He never lasted very long this way, but that just meant more of his delicious jizz for her. The third time he pulled back though, so did she and before he had a chance to force his cock back into her mouth she had taken it, gently, her teeth giving a bare hint of warning and began sucking and licking and slurping again. Kelly’s hands rested against his knees and she was savoring the taste and feel of him. She moved her head back so she held just the head of his cock in her mouth and used her hand to to jack him off as she sucked at the tip of him. He groaned at the sensation and arched his hips trying to get more of his cock into her mouth. She obliged him a tiny bit, but just kept her hand moving as she licked and teased him to an orgasm. Ricky’s body tensed and he growled, thrusting his hips harder, more insistently, but the pretty brunette never lost her grip on his shaft. It was a brief battle of wills, but when Kelly sucked hard on his cock suddenly devouring him he lost the battle and filled her mouth with his hot come. She swallowed every last drop of it.

Finally done with her task she crawled gracefully out from under the table, straightened her clothing and walked to the door where she blew the men a kiss and sashayed from the room, quite satisfied with herself and them.

Grecian Vacation

Their lips met as the crashing of the waves upon the beach and that’s where it all began.Helena was vacationing in Greece and Niko had offered to show her around to all the good local spots. He kept his promise, was a perfect gentleman, and the last stop of the day was this beach.

Helena had been drawn to Niko immediately and just wanted to sink her fingers into his black wavy hair and pull him close to her. He felt the same about the pretty blonde with the British accent and they both really hoped to make something of their time together, however brief it was. They kissed again hands tracing lines and planes and exploring bodies. Helena moaned at a particularly sensitive spot as Niko’s lips found the back of her ear.

They rolled in the sand uncaring of just what a mess they would be by the time their night was over. Carefully his hands slid underneath the tank top she was wearing, daring to explore further. Her pert breasts were not hidden by a bra and Niko took advantage of this, tugging lightly on her nipples. Helena moaned and arched against his touch. “Ohh, yes.” H tugged harder before raising her shirt above her head and lowering his warm mouth to her nipples,alternating back and forth between his hands and his mouth. She squirmed underneath him body arched, gasping with pleasure. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop, she begged, knowing that she could reach her first orgasm of the night simply by Niko playing with her sensitive nipples.

And with no warning the rush of pleasure hit her body. She pressed her body to his, moaning and could feel the hardness of him against her. Niko pulled his mouth from her right nipple and  resumed tugging and pinching with his fingers on both nipples, watching her orgasm play across her face. “Beautiful,” he whispered and gave her nipples one final, hard tug sending another wave of ecstasy through her body.

“I’ve never met someone who had such sensitive nipples. Perhaps I will play with them  again later. But right now I need you, Helena. Please say yes.” She gave him  a wicked grin and pulled him back to her lips for a kiss, grinding her hips against his erection. Niko moaned and thrust against her wishing they had no barriers between them. Their bodies were tightly melded together, almost as one and the feeling of their clothing was a greater  pleasure, driving them both a little mad and leaving them wanting more. Niko released his grip on the woman in front of hi and quickly shucked his jeans and underwear, leaving Helena to gasp at the perfection of his body. She made to sit up so she could touch him, but he was tugging her shorts down her legs before she could move. He leaned in and kissed her hip,  trailing his tongue alongside the crease of her thigh. He kissed her inner  thighs, laving them attention and then kissed her clit, almost like a french kiss before he slid a condom on and moved up the length of her body.

“Are you ready?” He looked down at her with such lust in his eyes that she couldn’t say not, knowing that her own eyes must mirror his. She wanted this man. Her hips arched up to meet his, feeling the warmth of his dick as he pressed himself into her. He hissed in pleasure as she squeezed tightly around him. “Keep that up pretty girl and I won’t last. And I intend to last until I’ve wrung every orgasm out of you that I can.” He moved slowly and this time it was her turn to hiss in delight as she felt the head of him drag across her g-spot. He was going to torture her a little and she was going to love every bit of it. Niko kept his movements slow and steady, watching, noting how she moved and breathed. He wanted to see her come underneath him from just the slow gentleness of their lovemaking. Helena leaned up to kiss him, tangling her tongue with his before trailing a line of kisses up to his ear. “You feel so good inside me, Niko, but please, more,” she was almost but not quite begging and he knew she’d get more out of him, but at his pace, not hers. Each time the head of his cock slipped over her g-spot she gasped and each time she was a little closer to that orgasm that she was searching for.

Like a lightening strike it hit her unexpectedly and rolled throughout her body. She was moaning and arching her body into Niko’s as thought she might devour him. With no warning things changed she found herself sitting atop Niko, still filled with him. Helena rocked her hips back forth, riding him, her blonde hair covering her face and tickling his. He gathered it up, holding it out of the way and she gave him another one of naughty grins. “Pull it,” she whispered.

So Niko pulled and when he did she exploded against him again, her hips still riding him and she bit her lip so as not to scream her pleasure to the stars. Niko swore softly in Greek and rose up from the sand to meet her, unable to contain his own orgasm. She went limp against him and they laid in the sand,almost to the waters edge and giggled like a couple of school kids. “Should I show you more places tomorrow,” Niko asked with a wicked gleam in his dark eyes.

Wicked Wednesday 243 – Twelve (Before the Meeting)

It was 12:48 p.m. The meeting began at 1:00. Alice and Roger rushed into the conference room together and shut the door. He pulled her in for a kiss that left her breathless with desire. “We’ve got to be quick and hope no one shows up early. Are you ready?” In answer Alice lifted her skirt to reveal a  black lace thong and wiggled her ass at him. “When you are,” she winked at him over one shoulder and gave a naughty grin. Roger stepped towards her, undoing his fly and slid his cock into her already wet pussy. “Mmmm, so wet. I wanna feel you come for me, Alice.”

She braced her hands on the conference table and pushed her hips back against Roger, knowing that this was going to be the best quickie they’d had in a while. The thrill of knowing a coworker could walk in at any moment just added to the passion they both felt. Without preamble Roger thrust hard and Alice gasped, trying to stay quiet. “Yes, fuck me hard, Roger. Take me.” So he did. His cock pistoned in and out rocking Alice back and forth so hard that the table almost began to shake. It took only minutes for her orgasm to hit and she bit her lower lip trying not to moan or make any sound whatsoever. An instant later Roger was coming; she could feel his cock pulsing inside of her and Alice came again. The pair rested together for a moment before Roger glanced at the clock 12:58. People would be arriving any minute. He pulled out of Alice and she yanked her skirt down smirking at him as he buttoned his fly back up. Quickly they took their seats and began chatting amiably as though they hadn’t been fucking only moments before. And the door opened.

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Wicked Wednesday 221: Reading (Secret in the Stacks)

“…Clayton ripped at Lacey’s bodice, tearing it free from her breasts and bent his head lavish the tops of them with kisses before seeking lower for her pert nipples, sucking and biting at them with such fervor that Lacey couldn’t help her soft cries. He raised his head and put a finger to her lips, shushing her before they could get caught. Ruining the Lady’s reputation was not on his list of things to do. She darted her tongue out and flicked it against the tip of his finger, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight. He gave the pretty girl a wicked grin and slid his fingers under her voluminous skirts; Clay wanted this woman badly, propriety be damned. His fingers found her little nub and began to rub and stroke gently. Lacey gasped softly trying to keep quiet as she raced to a climax just from the Duke’s touch…”

A soft noise from below caught Angela’s attention and she set her book, “The Duke’s Lady” aside and peered across the way, scanning for the source of the noise. There, she spotted a couple in the lower stacks and watched as the man trailed a line of kisses down his partner’s throat. She watched the two men curiously at first as they traded kisses and gentle caresses; she wondered if they knew they were being watched. She wondered if they cared. Angela crept forward to watch closer and the two men before her got hotter.

James bit his lip to stifle a moan when Nick ground his body against him, feeling their cocks pressing into each other through their jeans. The two men ran their hands along each others bodies, occasionally glancing around to make sure they were still alone They never even thought to look up. Nick knelt and rubbed his face along James’ cock and slowly, quietly undid his pants watching his lover’s cock spring free, dripping pre-cum, and ready for sucking. Nick’s tongue flickered across the head of cock in front of him before engulfing it in his warm mouth.

Angela smiled and watched silently able to see the one man’s throat muscles working as he sucked his lover’s cock as her own arousal grew. She wanted to touch herself, but didn’t want to take her eyes off the scene unfolding in front of her, slightly awed at the bravery of the two men being so brazen in the library of all places. Watching these men, sucking cock and touching and kissing really turned her on, far more than she would have ever expected. She wondered if it was the voyeuristic  element or watching two men or maybe both. Then she decided she didn’t care right now why it turned her on to see this as she rain her hands down her body, tweaking at her nipples through her shirt and bra. The pretty brunette almost moaned as she watched Nick deep throat the cock in front of him and James throw his head back, biting his lip to keep from crying out. Suddenly his hips bucked hard thrusting into Nick’s mouth and Angela could tell that the one man was cumming and cumming hard.

She squeezed her thighs together looking for some friction of her own and slipped back into the chair before the two men happened to look up and spot her. She glanced around the upper stacks not seeing or hearing anyone and quickly plunged her fingers down the front of her skirt. Her fingers found her clit and she rubbed hard and fast biting her own lips to avoid making any noise. Her other hand pulled at her nipples through her shirt and she squirmed in her seat her hips moving gently against her hand. Angela gasped and glanced around again and suddenly her own orgasm hit and it took all she could do not to moan at the feelings rushing through her body. The woman withdrew her fingers from her underwear and licked the cum from her fingers delicately and took a deep breath. A few moments later she glanced back to the lower stacks to see that the two men were gone and had left no trace of ever having been there. She smiled a secret smile and picked her book back up and continued reading about all the dirty things the Duke of Heverwood was doing to his lovely companion. What an exciting afternoon at the library.