A Little Me Time

She was home alone and horny. So what’s a girl to do when her partner isn’t home to fuck her silly? She takes matters into her own hands of course. With her favorite dildo and clitoral vibe she settled into the bed. She started with her nipples, pinching and rolling and tugging at them none too gently until they were rock hard and then she placed the vibrator against them, one at a time. The sensations made her gasp out loud and squirm on the bed. Her free hand trailed down her body and back up several times as she lightly caressed her own skin, still alternating the vibrator from one nipple to the other. Quietly, she moaned.

Finally she took the little bullet vibe away from her nipples and pressed it ever so gently against her clit. That alone was enough and she ground herself into the toy as her first orgasm hit her. Catching her breath she grinned and reached for her dildo, added a little lube, and slowly slipped it into her hungry pussy. This…this was what she’d been waiting for. In and out, nice and slow, feeling the slickness of herself against the toy. She just enjoyed the slow, lazy motions and let her lust build, gently teasing her labia and clit with her fingers, just enough to keep things nice and interesting.

Gradually her thrusts grew quicker and she reached for her vibrator, turned it back on, and placed it right on the edge of her clit, very gently, and turned it on to its lowest setting. It was just a tiny rumble adding to the stimulation she was already providing herself and she sighed with pleasure. She closed her eyes, seeing a fantasy in her head while she fucked herself and rubbed the vibrator against her clit. Soon it was all just too much and she began to thrust in earnest as she clicked the vibe up to its highest setting.

There was much more rumble now and she could feel it vibrating deeper into her body, forcing the dildo in and out, nearly reaching her cervix. Her hips lifted off the bed involuntarily and she found a rhythm there as she lifted to meet her own thrusts as she would those of a lover. She was fucking the dildo hard and grinding that damn vibrator into her clit and it felt so good. Her legs began to tremble and shake and she could feel the ridges on the shaft of the dildo scraping against her g-spot, filling her up so full, and she was almost there. Her tiny sighs and moans turned her on more, knowing she was doing something that many people would still consider dirty. Well, I’ll be a dirty girl, she thought, and fucked her pussy harder, arching her hips into it and with no warning another orgasm rolled over her. She tried to keep the dildo moving and fuck herself as she came to prolong an excellent orgasm and a third tiny one ripped through her as well when she pressed that vibrator just so.

After that she lay sated on the bed, not bothering to remove the dildo, but just turning off the vibe and laying there to rest for a long moment. She felt much better and couldn’t think of a better way to spend part of her day.


Wicked Wednesday 277 – Eavesdropping- (What Eric Overhears)


Eric rolled over and glanced at the clock as he heard the front door open and close. Nearly 2AM. Charlie must’ve closed down the bars again, he thought. Then he heard a feminine laugh. Now that got his attention. He wondered what she looked like, if her voice matched that sultry laugh he’d heard just moments ago. Eric was almost curious enough to get up for a drink and find out, but he knew if he stayed out then he’d hear a lot more than just her laugh.

It didn’t take long before he heard Charlie’s bedroom door open and then close and Eric knew he was in for a treat. Charlie was definitely a ladies’ man and Eric was, well, he was just Eric, unassuming and shy and the young women on campus never paid him much attention. So he had other ways of getting his kicks. He quietly climbed out of bed and moved closer to the wall separating the two rooms, his dick half hard already. He could hear Charlie’s deeper voice, but couldn’t make out what he was saying and then he heard the girl he’d brought home half squeal, half moan with delight. What a sexy little noise and Eric wanted her to do it again. From the sounds of silence from Charlie and the moans of his guest he could just picture his friend going down on the lovely girl he’d brought home and that only made him harder.

But he wanted to take his time and wait for them. Suddenly there was a flurry of moans and cries and a hushed “Shhh, you’ll wake my roommate.” as the unknown girl had her first orgasm of the evening. Eric wrapped a hand around his fully hard dick as this point and stroked himself slowly, just waiting and listening for more. The sounds became more muffled but Eric could just make out the soft murmurs and moans of them sharing a kiss. He could almost picture the young woman smiling at Charlie as he heard her say, “Mmm, I do taste good on your lips. Can I have another taste?” Eric gave a lewd grin as he heard the bed creak and then silence from Charlie once more as the moans from his partner began to escalate. Eric heard Charlie chuckle, which made the woman cry out and again he admonished her about waking his roommate. She gave that same laugh and responded, “I don’t care. Let him wake up and listen in. That might be hot.”

Eric bit back a noise at that point and could just imagine the couples eyes on him. He squirmed with delicious anticipation and slowed himself down, tense with anticipation. Finally he heard the girl begging for Charlie to just fuck her already and then heard the bang of Charlie’s headboard against the wall as he seemed to forget about his previous comments about not waking his roommate. Eric stepped even closer to the wall, stroking himself furiously at this point as he listened to the moans, groans, and whimpers of the couple on the other side of the wall. ‘Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!,” came the woman voice in a loud gasping voice and that was just too much for Eric. He grabbed for a tissue as he fought the urge to come so quickly, but hearing her begging to be fucked had pushed him to his limits. Moments later his orgasm as exploded as he heard the girl in the other room wailing out her second orgasm of the night at the same time.

Eric grinned, satisfied with himself and his eavesdropping and stealthily climbed back into bed to settle down, still listening to the headboard banging against the wall. He listened less intently until he heard Charlie’s voice telling her to ride him and the shifting of their positions across the squeaky bed. Suddenly, he was rock hard again and the noises that the girl made as she impaled herself on Charlie’s dick were enough to make Eric ready to come again. He bit his tongue to suppress his own noise and stroked his dick silently, not bothering to get out of bed this time as the fucking couple had become loud enough to easily hear from across the room. “Yeah, that’s it baby, ride me good and hard and come on my cock.” Another wail from the unknown woman told her third orgasm of the night and a grunt from Charlie signaled his own impending orgasm. Eric began moving his hand up and down furiously and quickly felt himself spurting against his belly, still biting back the noises that he wanted to make so he wouldn’t get cause listening in. As the noise in Charlie’s room subsided, so did Eric’s lust and he dozed off to dreams of unknown women with sultry laughs.

All By Myself

I slid into the bed and lubed up my fingers. I wanted an orgasm and wanted it now. Screw the foreplay. My slick fingers found their way to my clit and pussy, covering them in lube, loving the extra slickness it created. I tried to take it slow and enjoy myself, teasing my clit, rubbing against my pussy lips, but soon it just wasn’t enough.

I rolled my clit between my fingers with my left hand while the right reached up to play with my pierced nipples. Sighing with pleasure I dipped two fingers into my pussy curling them up to reach my g-spot and flutter against it. I stifled a moan, not wanting to be heard and repeated the movement. My hips bucked involuntarily and I pulled away from my pussy, licking my juices from my fingers. Back to my clit rubbing and pinch and rolling back and forth. I could feel an orgasm building and I frantically reached for a toy.

The first one I encountered was a dildo and that was good enough for me. I shoved it into my pussy, fucking myself with it while I played with my clit. Closing my eyes, I could hear my breathing becoming harder and faster, my back arching against my own hand. And then it hit me like a freight trained and I bit my lip so as not to cry out. I was coming and coming hard. I fucked myself harder with the dildo and kept rubbing my clit, prolonging the orgasm as long as possible. Eventually I collapsed back on the bed sated, and relaxed.

In honor of May being National Masturbation Month. 🙂


Natalie shed her clothing, carelessly, and fell backwards onto the soft, fluffy bed that she had shared with many lovers at many different times. She thought of them, some of them at least, and settled herself comfortably into the nest that she had created. Her hands trailed along a lithe body, feeling the swell of her breasts and the curve of her hips. She loved her body.

As her hands and fingers explored her flesh as though it were new to her she let her mind drift. She’d been just 18 and ready to explore her sexuality for the first time. She found someone, older than she and dove head first into the heretofore unknown world of sex. She learned to suck dick and eat pussy and do all kinds of things, some that one might consider depraved, but as she had learned, her kinks were not always someone else’s kink. She thought of nights she’d been spanked and fucked and used like a toy. She thought of gentler times when she’d been held and loved and of times when she’d been with women and how their softness tended to contrast with her male lovers. She thought of all these things and gradually her hands slipped down to play with her pretty pink pussy. She kept it neatly trimmed and loved running her fingers against the soft hair, while rubbing at her clit gently, first in circles, then up and down and around, teasing herself.

She took her time, there was no rush to her pleasure. Gradually it built and she dipped he fingers inside of herself, smearing her wetness across her skin. There was a shiver at that feeling and she did it again, still lost in her reverie of lovers past. She pinched her clit, gently, reminded of the time it had been clamped for some light bondage game and sighed with pleasure. Soon, her fingers began to move faster and faster. Her hips arched from the bed and she slipped a single digit inside of herself reveling in the feel of her muscles squeezing around it. Another finger was added and she moaned softly, driving herself a little closer to that edge. But she made herself wait. Teasing her body further, she abandoned her clit for her nipples, rock hard as they were, she pinched and pulled and remembered how her first female lover had sucked at them so gently. Natalie’s breath came in short, soft gasps now as she waited, pushing herself to the brink and then backing off over and over.

Until finally she couldn’t hold herself back and began to earnestly fuck her pussy with two fingers, her other hand returning to her clit to rub furiously, building her orgasm hard and fast. She had driven herself so close to the breaking point, so many times and here she was. Her body began to shake gently and she gasped her pleasure, taking it all in and loving every moment of the time she had alone. Suddenly, her orgasm hit rolling over her like a thunderstorm across the sky. She bucked hard against her own hands and moaned and cried out her orgasm. Driven by her need she pushed her body harder, higher and a second orgasm followed on the heels of the first, her cries louder this time as she squirmed on the bed. After yet a third orgasm that she was able to draw from her body, she rested peacefully and settled. Again her hands gently trailed her body, this time simply because she could. And she reveled in her soft flesh, giving herself goosebumps that caused a shudder and the aftershock of an orgasm shivered across her skin. She was content.

Wicked Wednesday 251 – Necessary – (Punished Princess)

“What. Did. I. Say. Was. Necessary. Princess?” Said “Princess” hung her head shamefully. “That I be dressed and ready to go the moment you got home,” came a small voice. “Instead I arrived to a dilly dallying girl who can’t make up her pretty little mind and therefore we will now be late. That will make it necessary for punishment later.” Master quickly rummaged through Princess’ clothing and tossed garments on the bed or in her general direction depending on the garment. “Get dressed. Now. If you’re not ready in ten minutes I will leave you here and you’ll miss the fun. And you’ll be punished later for two infractions instead of just the one.”

The brunette he addressed quickly became a flurry of motion and started with the thigh high stockings and garter belt that had been tossed her way. She hastily completed her dressing and gave a quick check to her makeup that had been so carefully applied earlier before she lost track of the time. Her wild mane of curls suited the dress that she’d been instructed so recently to wear so she let them be, gave a spritz of her perfume and headed to find him, hoping she had made his time limit. Princess caught up to Master just as he was opening the front door to leave. He stopped and looked her over from head to toe and when his eyes met hers once again she saw the pleasure there. “Good girl. You look lovely, but don’t forget later.” The last half of his sentence was delivered as a warning that she would still be punished and punishment it would be, because although she enjoyed a good fun spanking, this was not going to be fun.

Later that night, after the events of the evening had come to a close, Master drove his Princess home occasionally shooting her wicked little grins that made her spine tingle. They arrived and he looked at her. “Inside. Strip to your stockings, leave the garter belt and shoes on, then meet me downstairs. And be quick.” Princess nearly stumbled in her high heels in her rush to complete her task, but he caught her gently in his arms. “Not so fast love. No injuring yourself now. That’s my job,” he said teasingly. And then he watched her go admiring the way she looked from behind and imagined just how that ass of hers would look later.

When she got downstairs to the basement turned playroom, Master immediately fitted her least favorite collar, a wide posture style that forced her head straight and left her unable to turn and look around. Then she was lead to the spanking bench (her favorite!) where Master got her settled, cuffing her hands together in front before catching up her feet in locking cuffs as well. Princess was getting excited until she felt him place a hand on her ass and lean in to speak very quietly to her, “Remember Princess, this isn’t going to be fun, you had that at the party earlier. Now your pretty little ass is mine.” And his hand came down with a gentle slap, making her gasp.

The gentle slaps gradually became harder strikes as her body warmed under his hand, to the feel of the hits he gave her. Soon enough he moved to a paddle, reddening her flesh further and driving her need higher. He laughed at her squirming and thwacked her harder with the paddle. Princess stilled immediately at that hit and it suddenly sunk into her head that this was not going to be fun, just like his earlier words had implied. She gasped trying to hold as still as possible and take the punishment that she knew her laziness had earned for her.

Princess heard the paddle being put away and then came the soft clink of metal on metal and the whisper of cloth as Master slid his belt from its loops. He gripped just enough of it in his hand to keep the buckle well clear and laid pretty stripes across her ass and the back of her thighs. She was trying not to cry out and failing as she realized the noise she heard was her own voice, wordless and vulnerably raw. This, this was the crux of her punishment and she began to openly cry now, hoping it would end soon. She was certainly feeling repentant from her earlier actions and she knew that the sight of her raw, reddened ass would only inflame Master further. She was a pain slut for him when he wanted to punish her and tonight he did. Princess wondered if he might fuck her, but then she remembered she was being punished. No orgasms would come her way tonight.

And like that the belt stopped and was laid down on a nearby table. Master picked up some lotion and slowly began working it into her skin, his fingers kneading and pinching a bit as he let it soak in and cool her skin a bit. Princess began to visibly relax as he did so and he smiled to himself. He knew she’d be wet and ready if he wanted her, but tonight wasn’t for her. So when he was done with her gorgeous ass, he snapped a few pictures of the view and moved around in front of her releasing his cock from his pants. He wrapped a hand around it and began jerking his cock. “You, Princess, were a naughty girl this afternoon and normally I’d only leave your pretty ass striped, but tonight I think you need a bit more humility to remind you of your place.”

He started into her eyes as he pumped his cock, watching her face, seeing how she tried to lean close enough that she could take him in her mouth, although she knew he was just out of reach. He remembered how she’d looked, all dressed up and all for him, he thought of her so recently spanked ass and looked at the vulnerable face before him, knowing she was his to do with as he please and groaned as her felt his orgasm rise. Princess strained to look down and away from his cock, knowing he would splatter her face and hair with his jizz. Finally just before he came she gave up, closed her eyes and resigned herself to the idea that she would be his come covered and spanked Princess whether she willed it or not. Master called her name and she opened her eyes momentarily to look at him, to see how close he was. As the first hot stream of come erupted from his cock she quickly closed her eyes again feeling it hit her cheeks and then her forehead as he spurted, covering her face with his come.

“Stay there and think about your indiscretion. I’ll be back shortly.” And he walked away to let Princess muse. Within moments he heard her small sobs and gasps and knew she was sorry. He gave her time to cry it all out and returned to her, wiping her face clean and putting his punished Princess to bed.


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Wicked Wednesday 229 – Playtime

Selena smiled with anticipation when she saw the envelope sitting on the kitchen table. Erik was obviously up to something again and her curiosity was piqued. Opening the envelope she found the note inside.


I’ll be home roughly an hour from the time you see this note. You will be showered, shaved, and dressed in the outfit I picked out for you and you will be waiting downstairs like a good girl.

I love you,


The pretty brunette giggled like a school girl and rushed upstairs to start the shower and prepare as she was instructed. She quickly showered, lotioned her olive skin, and dried her hair, all in record time. Wandering into the bedroom she spied the outfit Erik had left out for her and really hoped that he wasn’t planning on taking her out like this. The sleek, almost sheer black dress would be barely long enough for modesty and she wasn’t sure if she could walk gracefully in the black thigh high boots with silver four inch heels. Quickly she dress according to Erik’s wishes and tottered downstairs still hoping that they weren’t going out. She tugged at the hem of her dress feeling as though it was going to ride up and flash the black lacy panties she wore underneath and being unable to kneel in the boots she crossed her hands behind her back and bowed her head.

Moments later there was a key at door and Selena mentally sighed with relief to have met Erik’s deadline. He stepped into the house and smile at his wife’s display of submission. He removed his suit coat and tilted his wife’s face up to his for a kiss. “Good girl. Wait here while I change and then we’ll be leaving.” Her eyed widened and she opened her mouth to protest but was quickly silenced with a kiss. “Hush Babygirl.” You look ravishing and your dress is perfect with those boots. Erick was gone for one a a few moment and came back downstairs looking like sex personified to his wife. Leather pants and boots topped with a  jet black button down was Selena’s favorite way she liked her husband dressed and she knew he was indulging her.

He took her out to dinner at a little Italian bistro where they had their first date and she felt like everyone was staring, although many of the female patrons were dressed up too, she felt a bit like a tart, dressed up for a john, which by the wicked smile on Erik’s face seemed to please him. They enjoyed dinner greatly while Erik teased his wife mercilessly the entire time by telling her what he wanted from her later.

On the drive home she was instructed to pull her dress up and masturbate for him until she had her first orgasm of the evening, which happened just as they pulled into the driveway. “Perfect timing my dear.” Erik got her out of the car and inside with her dress still around her hips and immediately upon closing the door he dropped to his knees and fastened his lips around her clit, the lace adding an extra layer of sensation. Selena moaned softly and leaned into him, steadying herself with a hand on the wall. It seemed like hours but really was only moments later that she came again. “Good girl.” He stood, swept her off her feet and carried her upstairs. “Dress and panties off. Boots stay on.”

Selena shimmered out of her clothing gracefully and stood there as Erik drank in her beauty before pulling her onto the bed with him and kissing her deeply.”You, my Darling, are in for a treat,” hr grinned and slid off the bed to undress before crawling back up the bed to her and twining his fingers into her hair, pulling her close. “I want you to suck me off, until I tell you to stop.”

She fairly dove for his groin and wrapped her lips around his dick smearing her lipstick as she did so. He kept his fingers in her hair, holding it out of the way while she milked him with her mouth and tongue. He felt a very slight graze of teeth and exhaled sharply. And suddenly she dipped her head lower, taking him deeper. Erik moaned then and pulled her gently off of him. “Ohhh, that was a nice warm up. Good girl.” He kissed his wife again no more gently than before and pulled her close running his hands along her breasts, pinching her nipples lightly, then harder, as she whimpered for him. He loved hearing those noises and kissed her again drinking them in as his right hand slid along her belly, his left still toying with her breasts and nipples. He ran his fingers through the short nest of curls until her reached her clit, still sensitive from  his earlier attentions, and rubbed very slowly, very gently, until she was squirming against him, ready to come.

Erik kissed Selena’s neck and whispered to her, “On your hands and knees baby.” Selena shifted immediately knowing she was about to get a good hard fuck from her loving husband. And he did just that, sliding his cock into her wet, tight pussy, driving in and out while she thrust back against him.She shuddered and climaxed quickly and arched back silently asking for more. Erik happily obliged her until they were both right on the edge of orgasm again. “Now, Selena, now!” he hissed as he felt himself start shooting deep inside her. Selena cried out and rocked back against him moaning softly. And this was only the beginning of the night.



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Wicked Wednesday 228- Countdown (Learning to Count)

10, 9, 8, 7….Mercy counted down the strokes just like Master told her to, but she’d been counting from a much higher number than 10 and her ass and thighs felt the ache and sting of His hand first, then a flogger and a paddle. This is what happens when Mercy doesn’t obey.

The next day she could barely sit down, but that gave her plenty of incentive to get her chores done, exercise, and figure out a way to journal so her butt wasn’t too sore. Mercy knew she deserved to be punished; she’d been a bad girl, bringing herself to orgasm without His permission. She’d cried and tried to explain, but that only got her in further trouble. Her thoughts wandered as she wrote about the trouble and the spanking she’d received and soon she felt that same familiar ache between her thighs. Oh she wanted to; just a little bit. But she’d been threatened with a chastity belt if she couldn’t listen to the rules and follow them. That was definitely not high on her list of punishments at all.

He got home from work that afternoon and heard the sounds of His pet cooking dinner and singing softly to herself. She rarely sung in front of him and he loved the sound of her voice so he stayed quiet just to hear her for a moment more, smiling and proud of her. Sir strode into the kitchen just in time for her to turn and see him. A smile lit up her face as he grabbed her by the waist and spun her around. “Hello pet. How was your day?”

“Good Sir. I got everything done today and marked it off on the whiteboard so you can check it. And I was very good because I really don’t want a chastity belt.”

He left her to the cooking and relaxed in the living room after opening a bottle of  wine. When Mercy came to get him for dinner his eyes were closed and his feet were up in his recliner and she wondered if he had dozed off. “Sir, dinner is done.” His green eyes opened and he smiled as he stood and properly escorted His girl into the dining room. She served his plate then her own while he poured the wine and they ate in companionable silence.

“Pet, since you were such a good girl today I have a reward and a challenge for you. When you’re done with your wine I want you to go upstairs and undress for me. I’ll meet you in the bedroom.” “Yes, Sir.”

Mercy had to resist the urge to gulp down her wine, knowing that He preferred her to be ladylike at all times so she sat, savoring the glass and trying not wiggle, because not only did that remind her of her most recent punishment, but also wasn’t very proper. Once her wine was finished she smiled in anticipation. “Sir, I’ve finished my wine. May I be excused?” “Of course, my pet. Go follow instructions for me like the good girl you are.”

Sir left Mercy upstairs and waiting for some time, while she sat naked and waited as patiently as she could. He smiled as he entered the room. She smiled up at him. “What shall we do tonight, Sir?” He picked up an hourglass that was new to the room (when had he brought that up she wondered) and gave her a wicked smile. “This is an hour long timer. For the next hour we are going to play and you will have at least twelve orgasms in that time period. You’ll count downward from 12 one at a time and if you have more than twelve you start back again at twelve.Oh, and if you fail to give me those twelve orgasms, then you don’t get any for a week.” His wicked smile returned and before he turned the glass over he told her that the first time she was going to come by masturbating for him. Mercy grabbed a bottle of lube and began. Her fingers slid across her clit around her vulva and dipped into her pussy before circling back up to rub her clit again, hard and fast. She’d been waiting all day for this orgasm. Sir stepped stepped to her side of the bed and began to play with her nipples, pinching and pulling at them. Mercy gasped and arched her hips upwards as the orgasm hit her. “12.”

He gave her no time to recover and plunged his fingers inside of her, curling and fluttering them hard and fast. It only took moments before she was gasping with pleasure and managed to squeak out, “11.” Sir’s fingers were merciless against her skin and he trailed kisses where they touched while her fingered her to number, “10.” He kissed and sucked at her nipples, biting them lightly and replaced his hand with hers. Mercy arched her body against his mouth and played with her clit, pinching at it just so. She was out of breath already and had nine more orgasms to go. Sir leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Come for me slut.” And she did. “9.”

Quickly Sir’s mouth replaced his fingers and in no time at she was moaning and pushing her body against his face. She loved that feeling and loved it when he…”8!” He didn’t stop and flicked his tongue across her clit and moved lower to suck and bite at and around her pussy almost as though he was trying to kiss her there. She played with her rock hard nipples with one hand and reached for her favorite vibe with the other, thinking it would come in handy soon. It got dropped on the bed unceremoniously, “7 Sir,” she gasped. He climbed up onto the bed and drove himself inside of her resulting in an immediate orgasm from the sensation. “6!”

Mercy was gasping and so sensitive she wasn’t sure if she could make it at the way down to one, but she was certainly going to keep trying for Sir’s sake and her own. As he fucked her she grabbed the vibrator that was lying on the bed where she’d dropped it and turning it on, placed it against her clit rocking her body in time with His. Her eyes closed and Mercy just let the feelings was over her knowing that another orgasm was imminent. Sir was pushing her hard and fast to get those orgasm in the allotted time. He wanted her to succeed. She lifted her head off the bed to see the hourglass and guessed she had 20 minutes to have another 5 orgasms. Sir noted her distraction and gathered a handful of her brown hair. “Pay attention pet.” And he pulled hard enough to make her scream and come again,”5! That was 5″

And Sir played with her harder and faster and tossed her around the bed like a toy only wanting to fuck His girl down to one. And her did as all of a sudden she was screaming her counting, “4,3,2,1, her voice ended on a wail as he hit that one spot, just as the hourglass dropped the last grain of sand.


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