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Wicked Wednesday 259 – Space – (Looking Up)

They’d been friends for years and often shared late night dinners or just hung out with a cup of coffee and chatted. There was a time when both of their lives went sideways and she couldn’t be there for him … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday 258 – Long Lost Friends (Friends and Lovers)

Sarah moaned at the feeling of Geoff’s mouth on her pussy, licking and sucking and biting at her clit fiercely. Her hips arched and she orgasmed again, before falling back to the bed exhausted. She wiggled with delight, loving the … Continue reading

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Sex with Women vs. Sex with Men (My Experiences)

I’ve had my share of sex with both men and women and it seems like there can be a huge difference between the two. Dating almost exclusively girls all the way through high school I was in awe of their … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday -248- One Man (Him)

He was hers and only hers. She took him, she owned him, she was his everything. And she was his. He owned her just as much as she owned him. He asked and she obeyed. She asked and he gave. … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday 245 – Second Thoughts (Uncertainty of a Woman)

Lexi frowned at her reflection in the mirror. For the third time, she stripped down and hunted for a different outfit. Her body was Rubenesque and delightfully shaped in all the right places but she had a hard time seeing … Continue reading

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Communicating Your Desires to Your Non-Kinky Partner

I’m a little kinky, my partner isn’t at all. And we knew this going into our relationship. At first I was afraid to talk to my partner because I’ve been shamed in the past for my sexual desires, kinky or … Continue reading

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Kink of the Week Jan. 16th-31st – Safewords

So when I first started exploring kink, safewords were one of the first things I learned about. I didn’t learn, though, that in the heat of a moment, you can forget your safeword and it resulted in a bad experience … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday 242 (Follow Your Heart) – Escaping fear

I was afraid to be naked in front of him. I couldn’t do it. But he understood and never once made a fuss or asked me why. He simply let me progress at my own pace. Eventually I was able … Continue reading

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He came up behind her chair, spun her around, and kissed her hard. She reached for him wanting to feel his arms around her but instead she felt him slip her panties aside and slide two fingers into her wet … Continue reading

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Can toys replace a partner?

My last partner seemed to have a nearly phobic fear that if I had a collection of sex toys (or even a couple of them) that they would be replaced by said toys. There were rules about them even, which … Continue reading

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