Nick walked in the front door and smiled as he heard soft gasps and moans coming from upstairs. Apparently Hilary had slipped out of work a bit early to have a bit of fun. He thought he’d sneak upstairs and surprise his wife; perhaps offer a hand or other body parts and he chuckled softly to himself. Quietly he made his way upstairs, listening to the noises growing louder as he moved.

Smiling, he walked into their bedroom just in time to watch her explode into an orgasm, her eyes closed, body taut and then limp after a long moment. “Well, my dear, I was coming to offer a hand but it doesn’t seem that you need one,” he quipped. Hilary opened her eyes in surprise and then smiled invitingly at Nick. “Oh I think I need more than a hand. Come play with me.” Nick returned his wife’s smile and stripped quickly, before sliding into bed next to her.

He kissed her tenderly and pulled her close to him; his hands tracing her body. She was soft and warm and still trembling from that orgasm he’d watched. All he wanted was to see her like that again, preferably this time because of him. Their kisses deepened and Hilary moaned softly, rubbing her body against Nick’s. She had been horny all day long and him catching her mid-orgasm had only turned her on more. She wanted him. Her hands dug into his skin as she wriggling against him and when she felt his cock stiffen and twitch against her she laughed softly, tore her lips from his, and whispered, “Fuck me.” Nick shook his head and lowered it to her breasts where he alternated sucking first one nipple and then the other, while his hands roamed over whatever parts of her he could reach. His touch set her skin on fire and every time he sucked or bit at her nipples it sent an electrifying shock through her body.

Nick slipped one hand between them and ran his fingers through the tight curls of Hilary’s unshaven mound. She pressed herself against his hand and he gently touched her clit, finding her ready and wiling and began to rub his fingers across her skin, already slick with her juices. “Yes…oh yes.” His touch would increase for a moment before coming almost to a stop, teasing her; he enjoyed her squirming against him, wanting more than he was going to give right at that second. Nick rested his thumb against her clit, gently rubbing against it as a finger drew ever shrinking circles around her pussy. Her wetness was seeping from her and he was going to fuck his wife. But not without making her come for him.

Hilary relaxed into his touch and held onto him, planting tiny kisses wherever she could reach his skin and he purred low in his throat at the feeling. He loved the feel of her lips on his skin. Giving her no warning he quickly plunged two fingers inside of her, fluttering them rapidly against her, before drawing them out and offering them to her. She sucked his fingers into her mouth, tasting herself and sighed softly as he pulled them away. Nick grinned and kissed her, enjoying the taste of her as well and tweaked both nipples before making his way back down to play with her gorgeous, pink pussy. Two fingers in and out, not enough, teasing her and Hilary bucked her hips rocking them back and forth to the rhythm he had set, trying to reach the orgasm she so clearly wanted.

While his fingers fucked her pussy, he held onto her, kissing her fiercely and rubbing his thumb back and forth, maddeningly slowly, across her clit. She gasped and squirmed still riding those two fingers and pulled away from his kisses to almost beg for more. He smiled at her and kissed her again, never ceasing his movements. She growled in simple frustration between kisses and it made him grin against her lips. Their tongues dueled together and Hilary wanted to just beg for another orgasm, but that was proving useless. They were moving at his pace and Nick was enjoying pushing her harder and higher and further before she came for him. Another tiny noise escaped her lips and he loved to hear it. He wanted more of those noises and gently added a third finger to her dripping pussy. She hissed with need and her hips began to rock back and forth nearly as hard as possibly, as he fucked her, kissed her, loved her.

This time it was Nick who broke the kiss and whispered to her, “Come for me.” Hilary’s eyes grew wide at his words and she froze then as he fingered her harder and faster until abruptly, that orgasm she had been chasing washed through her body and she squealed as her hips moved against Nick’s fingers of their own accord at this point. She thrashed about in his grip and he watched her orgasm, smiling a deeply satisfied smile. Hilary collapsed back into Nick’s arms and smiled up at him. “Please tell you’re not done with me?” He laughed and kissed the woman he loved. “Hell, no darlin’. I’m gonna fuck you til you can’t see straight.”


He’d driven through a snowstorm to get to her and drove through it again to take her home. They barely made it upstairs with her luggage as exhaustion consumed them both. Crawling into bed with the intention of sleep was the only thing on either of their minds. But when they shared a kiss goodnight, it quickly became more than just a kiss.

Arms and legs tangled, lips met over and over, and she was so ready for him. His fingers found her wetness as they kissed, tongues tussling back and forth and he wanted to take her badly. He pulled lips from hers, fingering her pussy and whispered in her ear. “Come for me, so I can eat you.” Her body arched and as soon as her brain processed his words that long-awaited orgasm hit her like a freight train. And he lowered his mouth to taste her, licking her inner thighs at first then simply burying his head between them. She couldn’t help her moans and hoped they didn’t wake the neighbors. Her second orgasm ripped through her body and she lifted her hips from the bed, her back arched high before  falling back to catch her breath.

He waited for her, patiently, to be ready for him again when she sat up suddenly and gave him a naughty grin and growled, “My turn.” They tussled across the bed laughing and eventually she came out on top and took his cock into her pussy, clenching her muscles all the way down. Her hips rocked back and forth a steady slow motion that made them both gasp with pleasure. She leaned down and whispered in his ear. “Don’t come. I wanna suck you off and taste it.” He groaned and gave her an almost pained look. A naughty smile and a kiss was her only answer as she continued to ride his cock, chasing her own orgasm. He trapped her in his arms when she kissed him and began thrusting his hips hard forcing the much chased orgasm from her body. He swore softly, holding very still for her as she shuddered and he felt her muscles moving against him. Gods, she felt good.

Moving slowly, she slid off of his cock and immediately moved to take him in her mouth. She moaned softly tasting her own juices and sucked harder, before resorting to teasing him slowly with her lips and tongue. She knew he was more than ready for her, but she wanted to take her time and enjoy him because it felt like ages that she’d touched, although she’d only been gone about three weeks. That had been three weeks too long without him. And she wanted him to know that. So she showed him gently, lovingly watching his face as he relaxed into the pleasure. And then she purred around his dick and he almost shot straight up in bed moaning at the vibrations that produced. Looking up at him she innocently asked if she should it again. He nodded slowly so she lowered her mouth back to him, sinking as far down on his cock as she could and purred again, then sucked hard. He bucked his hips, forcing more of himself into her mouth and she let him, relaxing her mouth and throat and he began to face fuck her gently at first then harder gasping each time. Suddenly he froze in her mouth and she pulled back slightly as he began to come for her. She wanted to taste him like he had tasted her earlier. Mmmm, so good.

Wicked Wednesday – 260 – 2517 (Bionica)

Beth was bent over the bed as Rafael fucked her. His hands held her hips hard enough to bruise and she relished the idea that his finger prints would be on her body the next day. Of course, when your husband was ex-military and had bionic modifications, it wasn’t hard for him to leave bruises that were a reminder of her humanity when she felt anything but human. She arched her back, pushing back against him, wanting more when he slowed his movements to a teasing pace. He grinned at her movements and pistoned forward on strong semi-metallic legs. Rafe could fuck her so good and she loved him not because of his cyber wear, but for who he was. He’d dated a few women in his past that were basically bio whores and would fuck anyone with mods.

But his Beth…she was special to him he thought. She understood him, understood the pain he lived with everyday. And he loved her enough to do unreasonable things for her. But right now she was squirming on his very human cock and begging him to fuck her. He returned to the present and held Beth down giving her the fucking she wanted, that she needed and his face was a mask of triumph as he felt her body convulse around him. God, it was good and he wanted to feel it again. He stepped back and lifted her up on to the bed on her knees. Following her onto the bed he stretched out and puled her to him. She smiled and kissed his smooth, warm lips. “Tell me.”

“I want you on top of me. I want you riding my cock. You’ll do that for me won’t you gorgeous?” Beth loved hearing it when he told her what he wanted, especially if that was for her to be on top of him and she happily obliged. She started slow, watching his face intently and smiled at him before her paced picked up to a pounding ride, one that he was enjoying as much as she was. Her second orgasm of the evening was close and Rafael lifted his hips to meet hers pressing hard against her. She gave an inarticulate cry and ground her hips against his as he shot his come inside of her. Panting she collapsed over his body and laid there for a long moment. Her voice, slightly metallic, came to him, “I love you.” He grinned and hugged her close. “I love you too.”

And she looked up at him, tears shining in her very human eyes, and knew it was true. He loved her despite her body, despite the faults she had. She’d never thought she’d find this. Who else, but someone like Rafael could know her pain and know what it was like. Only another person like her, damaged and broken inside and repaired outside. Hopefully her skin mods would be ready soon and she could at least pretend to be normal. But meanwhile she touched the coldness of her face and just sighed before laying her head on Rafe’s shoulder.


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Wicked Wednesday 259 – Space – (Looking Up)

They’d been friends for years and often shared late night dinners or just hung out with a cup of coffee and chatted. There was a time when both of their lives went sideways and she couldn’t be there for him as well as she wished, but he was still there for her. He always reminded her to look up, especially at night and see the wonder of the stars and space above us. It was always so vast and overwhelming and she was reminded she was but a speck of dust in the cosmos. Yet, somehow, she kept going and he was her best friend and support, cheering her up on bad days, cheering her on when she tried something new. They talked about their pasts, about the present, and about various plans for the future. One August night he suggested they go stargazing. She, who had never been, thought it might be a novel opportunity and was happy to indulge him.

The Perseid’s were bright and moving across the sky at an excellent pace providing plenty of chances to see them. She found herself wrapped in his arms as they watched and he pointed out different stars and constellations as well. A large meteor, a fireball, zipped across the sky and both of them gasped at the beauty of it. And he kissed her there under the stars, finally brave enough to act on what they both knew had been brewing all along. Her arms rested on his shoulders and she looked up at him, wordlessly, for a long moment before they came together in a gentle hug. It wasn’t closeness that brought them together after all, but space.

And in that space, they both found a love they thought they would never know, never get to share with someone, never come close to experiencing. Together they started a journey that hasn’t yet ended. Each year they try to catch all the meteor showers possible. Each year they grow closer. The space between them gives way to more physicality, but the space that brought them together is always there, high and vast and untouchable.


Kink of The Week March 16-31: Thunderstorms

It starts slowly, with just a little bit of rain and gradually builds up until the first flash of lightning and peal of thunder resonate within my body and soul. And things become different, time slows down and it is me, my lover, and the raging storm, coming together to form a tempest of our own.

It was a warm, late summer night in September. New lovers, still learning, still yearning for the knowledge of how our bodies fit together. There was no need for words, no strange awkwardness. Just us and that storm. He pulled me against him hard and I ground my hips to his; a soft moan drowned out by the pouring rain escaped my lips. His hands found my ass, he whispered filthy words in my ear, over and over the teasing continued our bodies moving as one.

I was in awe of the strength of what I felt. I melted when he pulled my hair. He held me in his hands like clay that he could mould into an image of his choosing. Slowly he built me up, driving me higher, guiding me where he wanted. The storm outside raged on and the storm between us echoed the rising tides of thunder. Driven to a peak of pleasure, my body spasmed against his for a long moment and I can feel the thunder running in my blood as lightning flashes behind my eyes. I am sated and sleepy and safe. He lets me doze as the storm around us winds down.

As I wake once more, still half lidded and content I mention the storm outside and he smiles, kissing me gently. “There was no storm, Dearest, you must have dreamed it.” And the dance began again, this time in the silence of the night, in the aftermath of a storm that existed only in the hearts and minds of lovers.

Wicked Wednesday -248- One Man (Him)

He was hers and only hers. She took him, she owned him, she was his everything. And she was his. He owned her just as much as she owned him. He asked and she obeyed. She asked and he gave. It was a blissful utopia that only they shared. No one else would or could even compare.

She was far from perfect and sometimes her flaws impacted how they interacted, but he loved her still. He loved that soft smile she had when she was sated from orgasm after orgasm, He loved her sarcastic attitude, he loved everything in her that she herself could not love. Plain and simple he loved her.

He could not seem to show her or tell her this enough. Doubts and fears from previous relationships had left her blind to her own capability to let herself be loved; still he persisted.

And one day, many years later, he said something to her that simply resonated in her soul. “I love you and you’re beautiful.” and for a moment without hesitation or fear she believed every word he said. She wished she could bottle that feeling and keep it forever where her own fear couldn’t take it away from her. So she tucked away into her heart as best she could, treasured it, and tried hard to remember it. All because of him.


Wicked Wednesday – 247 (2050)

June 18, 2050

So Mom and Mama have really been pressuring me to find myself a nice pretty girl and settle down. The problem is that I’m not sure if that’s what I want. I’ve not found much interest in girls and I don’t know why. Mom keeps telling me it is because I’m too picky and haven’t really given them a chance. In a society where men are second class citizens it is considered taboo to be with one and I’ve never been around men much (just my dad a handful of times) and that doesn’t really count. Supposedly all they want is sex and babies and women were tired of the status quo so it changed in the late 2030s. It wasn’t a slow burning kind of cultural change from what I understand, but happened seemingly over night when the women of the US rose up and the rest of the world followed suit soon after as they saw the new successes that we had here.

Peace was achieved for the first time in decades, the entire structure of the working class changed, the Minimum basic income was finally brought into effect and so much more.

And for some reason I don’t seem to fit the cultural norm. I certainly don’t want to end up with a man and termed a “breeder.” That seems like a terrible concept and I’d probably never see my parents again because I’m nearly certain they would disown me. I’ve got to find a way through this. I need a girlfriend.


So Mischa began her search in bookstores and bars, cafes and clubs. She saw a lot of women, talked to some, but no one quite caught her attention. After what seemed like weeks of searching she finally installed the most popular dating app she could find on her phone and started scrolling through local ladies in her area. A lot of them were older women and she wanted someone closer to her own age, that she would have more in common with so that was a bust. She deleted it and went to find Mom. “What next?” she asked after explaining the situation to her mother. “Next, sweetheart, you keep trying. Go back out to all those places you’ve been before, find new ones you haven’t, find a group hobby where you might meet someone, and just make friends. But it isn’t easy. It took your Mama and I a long time to meet and finally click. And keep in mind that we didn’t click right away. We were friends first.”

Armed with that advice Mischa tried again, looking for new hangouts and trying to find something fun to do as a group with some of the new friends she’d made. One day there was a group of them at the park having a picnic and generally being silly when Mischa looked up and spotted a girl sitting on a bench not far away, her nose buried in a book. When the she looked up and caught Mischa starting she blushed to the roots of her deep red hair but got up and headed towards Mischa who met her halfway. They chatted for the rest of the afternoon and exchanged numbers. Mischa was almost giddy when she left the park at sunset.

July 27, 2050

I met the most gorgeous girl today! Her name is Lauren and she likes to read and cook and is really funny too. That long red hair is amazing with her blue eyes and I really want to get to know her better. I think I’ll ask her out for dinner.

August 6, 2050

Had a great time with Lauren at dinner. Wish I lived alone so I could’ve invited her home. I know I’m being silly, but could I haven gotten so lucky as to have the first woman I meet be the One? I’m so giddy like a schoolgirl I can barely contain my own feelings.

Lauren often found that she couldn’t concentrate either as she keep thinking of the spiky haired brunette who had been staring at her in the park. She was head over heels and felt like it was more than just a crush. She’d learned a lot about Mischa in a short time and was contemplating inviting her over for dinner and a movie at her apartment.

The ladies spent wonderful evenings together just being with one another and finally one night Mischa looked at Lauren and took a deep breath, “I think I might be falling in love with you.” And she kissed the other woman who gently rested her hands on Mischa’s shoulders. Gradually the kisses deepened into more and they found themselves tangled on the couch half undressed. They looked at one another and grinned before they quickly just finished stripping down to nothing and came back into one each others arms.

Lauren and Mischa had slow, lazy sex, exploring bodies, sharing kisses, and taking their time. Mischa smiled triumphantly the first time Lauren orgasmed under her touch and couldn’t wait to taste her juices. So she teased and stroked and rubbed Lauren’s pussy just so and before long Lauren’s hips were bucking up into the air as she begged Mischa for more. When Lauren begged so prettily she acquiesced and lowered her mouth to kiss and nibble her way down Lauren’s belly, across both thighs, and finally agonizingly slowly, drug her tongue along Lauren’s wetness and against her clit where she sucked hard for a moment before returning to nice long slow licks of her lover’s wet cunt. Damn she tasted good; a sweet nectar to Mischa and she wondered if she could just love this girl forever.

Later that evening Lauren got sweet revenge teasing Mischa as well and forced orgasm after orgasm from her, delighting in the feeling of her cunt tightening around her fingers every time Mischa came for her. Eventually the two women lay sated on the living room having long since abandoned the couch and curled up together. Mischa played with Lauren’s long hair and smiled idly at the thought of everything going on in her life all of a sudden. She dropped another kiss on Lauren’s lips and gave her a wicked grin, “Up for round two?” Lauren pulled Mischa to her and kissed her neck, biting down gently. “I am if you are.”

January 15, 2051

Lauren and I are getting married! She asked me last night and there was no way in hell I was going to say no. Mom and Mama are thrilled as are Lauren’s parents. They all want to have this big to do of a wedding, but we’re really thinking about just running away and eloping to save ourselves the sheer insanity having two gay men and two lesbians planning a wedding just sounds like a damn nightmare. I think Mom would be the calmest of the bunch, but that’s not saying much. After spending high school not dating and then in my 20s being lucky enough to find the one in a million love of my life, well, even tough as nails Mom cried happy tears. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this beautiful blue eyed redhead.




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