Review: Lovely 2.0


Hi everyone! Today, I’m reviewing the Lovely 2.0 an app enabled vibrating silicone cock ring. The Lovely 2.0 won Xbiz Award for Innovative Sex Toy of the Year — Technology, which I thought was pretty cool as it beat out several other well known brands. Now my partner and I don’t typically use cock rings so I’ll be focusing primarily on the app itself and how it works with the Lovely 2.0. To start off, I had a very difficult time getting the device to pair with my phone, however I will also state that I own an older phone and it is possible that having an older phone was part of the problem I had. Also, I’m not very good at working with Bluetooth devices, which is how the Lovely 2.0 pairs with your phone so my lack of knowledge there could have been another factor. At any rate, I did play with the toy on it’s own to get a feel for the vibrations. To me it was buzzier than I would’ve liked by itself, but I think with the additional stimulation of penetrative sex, particularly grinding down against it would’ve been more interesting to me, although I feel like trying to have sex while using an app on a cell phone could be tricky. That said, I get a kick out of app enabled toys in general because the technology itself interests me simply due to my enjoyment of the various applications that it can allow for if you get creative.


In the “Your Lovely” section of the app you can set up a profile for yourself with some data such as gender, sex, height, weight, and interests so the app can be somewhat tailored to your preferences by giving you tips and tricks on how to improve your sex life or better communicate with your partner. You can also add your partner to get more interactive tips regarding how to best utilize your Lovely 2.0 for the both of you and it can be controlled from anywhere in the world according to the website itself, however, according to the FAQ on the website, only the primary account currently gets all of the functionalities of the app, while the partner only gets basic functions due to current concerns with privacy and data management both of which are being worked on (this is the data at the time of writing.) It is suggested that the toy be played with by using the primary account for the best user experience at this time. Obviously I wasn’t able to test the “any where in the world” feature, but I’m going to assume that if you have your partner connected to your account and you want to play together from a distance it can be done. So in some ways this toy is more that “just” a vibrating cock ring. There is a security feature that allows you to lock the app with a PIN so even if you have kids that play with your phone or nosy friends they shouldn’t be able to access the app itself. In addition there is a paid subscription feature to the app that allows you 24/7 access chat with a Sex Educator and various sex related video courses right from the app; this costs somewhere between $29.99 and roughly $34 per month. I say somewhere between these two price points because on the app the price is given in euros at 29.99, which converts to approximately $34(USD), but on the website the price is listed at $29.99 with no notes regarding conversion or anything like that. I did not subscribe to the app to get more information because I was more focused on how it works with the toy than I was in getting the additional information provided by the subscription.


In the “Discover” feature where it shows the interests you selected in order for you get to get information pertinent to your preferences it seems to only allow a daily tip every 24 hours, but I had several tips all sort of pop up at once I was logged in to the Lovely 2.0 app. My guess is that you get several tips to start out with and then can get a new tip to try each day, if you’re so inclined. You can also rate tips on whether or they not are good, bad, or neutral and rating the tips is a way for the app to learn your desires and give you more information based on what it learns from how you rate the given tips. Another  interesting little bit of data that it provides is the amount of calories burned by using a certain tip for a specific amount of time. Presumably the number of calories burned ties into the aforementioned data regarding your gender, weight, etc. This appears to be the primary function of the “Discover” section and for anyone who is looking for ways to make things more interesting in the bedroom it might have some good things to try that you may not of thought of and it also offers a feature that allows you to complete a sentence that you can either save for yourself or send to you partner so they can see your desires as well, which might be nice is you have trouble communicating your desires out loud.

The”Remote” section is pretty straight forward in how it works. You hit play, can change the vibration intensity up and down from a minimum to a maximum (it starts right at the mid-range) and can scroll through the different patterns of the Lovely 2.0 with just a swipe of your thumb so it is good for one handed operation even on a larger phone like mine. The stop button is a tiny button tucked into the top right corner so it is out of the way and that makes it harder to hit in the middle of playing with it, which means less frustration if you’re just ohsoclose to that orgasm. I’ve had experiences with various toys and apps where bumping a button just shuts the toy off at the exact wrong time and it isn’t any fun so this was a design feature I was pleased to see. To the right of the stop button is an icon where you can sync your partner’s device (once you’ve added them via QR code) and allow them to control the Lovely 2.0 from their phone. Overall this part of the app is fairly straight forward and intuitive to use for me and I really liked that I could use it one handed because that frees up one hand to hold the toy if you or your partner aren’t wearing it or to do anything else your sexy little heart desires.

So while the toy itself has some shortcomings for me in the vibration department and isn’t ideal for me to use as a vibrator alone, it is a good warm up for rumblier toys and the teardrop shaped design makes it easy to hold. A single button on the toy is the on/off and vibration pattern control, but I don’t think you can change the intensity of the vibrations without using the app so that makes it also feel a little one dimensional alone and you really will get more out of the toy if you download the Your Lovely app which is available for both Android and Apple phones. I found it to be easy and intuitive to use once I played around with it a bit and simply got used to how it functioned. You can download the app from your respective app store or click on the link provided on the website. This toy retails for $139.00 and can be purchased online at and includes free shipping worldwide.


On Hiatus

Hey folks, I think the title mostly says it all. Due to some increasing demands on my real life time, I will be going on a break until mid-August at least. I will still be watching my email so if you want to hit me up with thoughts, story requests, or other things, like just saying hello that’s totally cool.

I hope that you guys come back and check out the new content that will return when I do to the blog.

Much love,

Livvy Libertine

Review: Utimi Powerful Magic Body Wand

Box slightly damaged upon arrival; did not affect toy.

This Utimi Powerful Magic Body Wand is my newest wand vibrator and it has been a fun toy to use and learn the ins and outs of. It is a red and black toy, which I enjoy because red and black just works for me, and a lot of fun to use. Obviously this toy is multi-use and can be used for things beyond sexual play, but I use mine exclusively during sex so that will be the focus of my review.

To operate the Utimi wand you use a long press on the center button to turn it off and on and short presses to operate the buttons to adjust the vibrations. Regarding settings, it has seven varied speeds that it can be used at, as well as six different vibration patterns. I love that the buttons light up, in blue and green respectively, as you move through the speeds and patterns, mostly because if I’m unable to see the buttons in the dark I can see it light up and that can tell me if I’m pushing the button that I want. The blue light signals if the vibrations themselves are getting more or less powerful and the green light is an indicator of the vibration patterns switching from one to another. When charging, with its proprietary charger, the lights are red, but go green when fully charged. So far I’ve gotten probably an hour of use from the toy on a single charge and it doesn’t appear to be in any danger of dying on me in the middle of sex.

The Utimi Magic Wand comes in at 13.8” total length, 2.4 inches of that is the head, and 10.6 inches of that is the handle. The head also has a diameter of 2.4 inches and is made of silicone while the handle itself is made of ABS plastic. This toy weighs in at a hefty 21 ounces probably largely due to battery pack placed near the head of the toy. My arm and hand can get tired pretty quickly from holding it at the angle I most enjoy. It makes me want to tie it to myself sometimes so I can just lay back, relax, and have orgasms.

Lovely black and red

So I’ve had great fun using this toy and it can definitely get me off. Repeatedly. I do have a corded wand and after some comparisons the vibrations in the Utimi wand don’t appear to be quite as strong, but there is more variation in speed and vibration patterns with the Utimi wand. I really enjoy the varying speeds more so than the vibration patterns because I can really dial the toy in to where I need it to be. The patterns just aren’t really my thing and while they feel nice, they are less likely to get me off. That said, they are nice to have as an option should I be craving something very different from my usual preferences.

If you’re interested in having your own Utimi Powerful Magic Body Wand you can find one at the Utimi website for a regular price of $79.99. They are advertised for sale on Amazon and eBay, but I will advise caution regarding purchasing sex toys from anywhere but reputable sex toy retailers due to the amount of counterfeit toys that make it to the market. You can also check out your favorite body safe sex toy retailer for their products.

Note: As of the publication of this review, the wand did not appear to be available on the Utimi website any longer.

#SOSS 10 Round Up Some Love

This edition of #SOSS brought to you by marzipan candy and a salad; never mind that’s lunch. Anyway, I hope that y’all find these post as entertaining or enlightening as I have. Happy reading!

We Are Shadows by the ever lovely Ella Scandal is a work that you need to read for yourself. The story is fantastic and, as always, well written with a fun twist that I never expected at the end.

Bare Essentials by Wicked Wednesday’s host, Marie Rebelle, made me squirm and laugh at the same time. I’m glad I got to read the story in its entirety and love how the events all went down. Nothing like a little fun between partners right?

The Yoga Sutra and D/s by Brigit of Brigit Writes stuck a chord within me as I’ve done just enough of both D/s and yoga to start to have a grasp on her words and how much sense they make to me. It inspires me to get back to my yoga that I’ve been neglecting and to work at being more present in my D/s life.

Your sex blogger voice matters by Isabelle Lauren really made me stop and think about how I feel about writing about topics  others have already covered. I feel like I’m not good enough to cover those topics as well and have something new enough or different enough that my voice will make a difference. Looks like I need to get out of my own head a bit and write what I want to write.


#SOSS # 8

No awesome title for this SOSS post because I’m too full of buckwheat pancake and homemade maple syrup to think straight. But here are some posts that caught my attention with their attention to various details and I hope y’all enjoy them!

Isabelle Lauren
This was super hot and made me a little damp myself as I read it. Granted I would prefer to be the one doing the teasing…

Molly’s Daily Kiss
Live porn is the best porn and this fantasy piece captures that perfectly. It made me feel like I was there too, watching.

This piece was incredibly touching and erotic at the same time. I loved it because I was lucky enough to find my one and only after many years of wondering if they felt the same way and thinking it could never be. Funny where life puts us sometimes.

Little Switch Bitch
I love this photo. Not only is it gorgeously composed and to me, a great photo of someone submitting, but it speaks to me on a visceral level. Or maybe I just have a thing for pretty women in pretty cuffs.

Wanton Wife

Evie tilted her head back enjoying the hot spray of water over her body. She lathered up, paying special attention to her perky tits and smooth vulva. She wanted to be fresh and clean when Pat got home. She was horny and just wanted him to fuck her senseless. Stepping out of the shower she dried off and wrapped her wet hair in a towel. She was impatient for Pat to get home. Her pussy was already dripping and she slipped a finger inside herself to taste her own juices. So sweet. She was combing out her damp hair when she heard the front door open and grinned wickedly at the thought of her husband coming upstairs to her. Hearing Pat’s tread on the stairs she stepped into the door way with a come hither stare and Pat drank her in, reveling in the voluptuous, nay Rubenesque, curves of her body. A beautiful sight indeed.

Before she could get a word out of her mouth he was kissing her roughly, then slowly, holding her tightly against him, wrinkling his suit. She pressed against his shoulders trying to get his suit jacket off so she could undress the rest of him, but he wasn’t having it. He walked her backwards until she was pinned between him and the edge of the bed. “No…I don’t have time to take my suit off. Instead, you’re going to suck my cock and then I want to fuck you, just like the good little slut you are for me.” Evie shuddered and gave him a once over, appreciating the sharp cut of his suit and gave a playful tug on his tie. “Yes, Mr. Fredricks, anything you say Sir,”

Immediately they had dropped themselves into a role play of slutty secretary getting fucked by her boss, no matter that the setting was wrong or that Evie was already naked. Mr. Fredricks pushed Evie down onto the bed so she was sitting almost at eye level with the bulge in his pants. “Well, what are you waiting for? Take it out and suck it,” he growled at her. Evie grinned and took her time undoing his belt, making him wait just a teeny bit longer before she freed his cock and wrapped her plump lips around the head of it and sucked it down hard right into her throat and swallowed for him. He groaned and pulled back a little before resting his hands on the sides of her face and began thrusting again, letting her swallow each time he slid down her throat. It only took a minute or so before he was ready to come, but he wanted to fuck her before he did. “Stand up and bend over.”

Evie hurried to comply with his request wanting his cock inside of her as badly as he needed to put it there. He pushed her further down than she had bent and slipped his cock into her wet, tight pussy gritting his teeth as she fluttered her muscles around him. Then he fucked her hard and furious. Evie knew if she didn’t catch up with his need he’d come without her so she reached down and began to rub her clit in not so gentle circles and moaned feeling him sliding in and out of her so close. Her hips began to buck in time with his as they both rushed to an orgasm that would leave them both breathless. It hit Evie out of the blue and she cried out her body frozen as Pat fucked her through the orgasm she was having and into the beginnings of a second one before he lost control and slammed his hips against hers as his own orgasm overtook him.

Wicked Wednesday 277 – Eavesdropping- (What Eric Overhears)


Eric rolled over and glanced at the clock as he heard the front door open and close. Nearly 2AM. Charlie must’ve closed down the bars again, he thought. Then he heard a feminine laugh. Now that got his attention. He wondered what she looked like, if her voice matched that sultry laugh he’d heard just moments ago. Eric was almost curious enough to get up for a drink and find out, but he knew if he stayed out then he’d hear a lot more than just her laugh.

It didn’t take long before he heard Charlie’s bedroom door open and then close and Eric knew he was in for a treat. Charlie was definitely a ladies’ man and Eric was, well, he was just Eric, unassuming and shy and the young women on campus never paid him much attention. So he had other ways of getting his kicks. He quietly climbed out of bed and moved closer to the wall separating the two rooms, his dick half hard already. He could hear Charlie’s deeper voice, but couldn’t make out what he was saying and then he heard the girl he’d brought home half squeal, half moan with delight. What a sexy little noise and Eric wanted her to do it again. From the sounds of silence from Charlie and the moans of his guest he could just picture his friend going down on the lovely girl he’d brought home and that only made him harder.

But he wanted to take his time and wait for them. Suddenly there was a flurry of moans and cries and a hushed “Shhh, you’ll wake my roommate.” as the unknown girl had her first orgasm of the evening. Eric wrapped a hand around his fully hard dick as this point and stroked himself slowly, just waiting and listening for more. The sounds became more muffled but Eric could just make out the soft murmurs and moans of them sharing a kiss. He could almost picture the young woman smiling at Charlie as he heard her say, “Mmm, I do taste good on your lips. Can I have another taste?” Eric gave a lewd grin as he heard the bed creak and then silence from Charlie once more as the moans from his partner began to escalate. Eric heard Charlie chuckle, which made the woman cry out and again he admonished her about waking his roommate. She gave that same laugh and responded, “I don’t care. Let him wake up and listen in. That might be hot.”

Eric bit back a noise at that point and could just imagine the couples eyes on him. He squirmed with delicious anticipation and slowed himself down, tense with anticipation. Finally he heard the girl begging for Charlie to just fuck her already and then heard the bang of Charlie’s headboard against the wall as he seemed to forget about his previous comments about not waking his roommate. Eric stepped even closer to the wall, stroking himself furiously at this point as he listened to the moans, groans, and whimpers of the couple on the other side of the wall. ‘Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!,” came the woman voice in a loud gasping voice and that was just too much for Eric. He grabbed for a tissue as he fought the urge to come so quickly, but hearing her begging to be fucked had pushed him to his limits. Moments later his orgasm as exploded as he heard the girl in the other room wailing out her second orgasm of the night at the same time.

Eric grinned, satisfied with himself and his eavesdropping and stealthily climbed back into bed to settle down, still listening to the headboard banging against the wall. He listened less intently until he heard Charlie’s voice telling her to ride him and the shifting of their positions across the squeaky bed. Suddenly, he was rock hard again and the noises that the girl made as she impaled herself on Charlie’s dick were enough to make Eric ready to come again. He bit his tongue to suppress his own noise and stroked his dick silently, not bothering to get out of bed this time as the fucking couple had become loud enough to easily hear from across the room. “Yeah, that’s it baby, ride me good and hard and come on my cock.” Another wail from the unknown woman told her third orgasm of the night and a grunt from Charlie signaled his own impending orgasm. Eric began moving his hand up and down furiously and quickly felt himself spurting against his belly, still biting back the noises that he wanted to make so he wouldn’t get cause listening in. As the noise in Charlie’s room subsided, so did Eric’s lust and he dozed off to dreams of unknown women with sultry laughs.

Book Review: “Ask: Building Consent Culture” by Kitty Stryker

Consent is a vital point to leading a healthy life, not just sexually, but emotionally, physically, and mentally as well. In a world where rape culture is so prevalent, where young men get off with little to no punishment because it will ruin their future (see: Brock Turner, for example), we need to make these changes and start to learn and understand consent culture. Consent culture isn’t sex positive or sex negative, but instead it has become sex critical and is incredibly important to improving everyone’s lives in amazing ways.

Kitty Stryker is aiming to start a conversation we should already be having and to push the idea of consent forward with her book, “Ask: Building Consent Culture.” Covering the idea of consent everywhere from in the bedroom to out in the community and places in between, Ms. Stryker’s book is a striking anthology of consent and how it should ideally function throughout today’s society.

Everything from dealing with how to manage consent when you have a mental illness, to teaching children (and adults) consent in ways that engage them and empower them, to the idea that men need to be able to teach other men the concept of honor and how not to abuse any power they may feel that they have over people, and much more is covered in this book. I wish I could list every single instance and story that is told because in their own ways I found them all moving, learned something from them all, and deepened my own view of consent and consent culture.

“Ask: Building Consent Culture” teaches us that consent should start at home, within the family, and that children should be taught that they do have bodily autonomy and hugging a family member or friend is not required of them. And in chosen families rather than blood families that consent is equally important though perhaps infinitely more difficult to navigate even as adults. It goes on to demonstrate that consent culture should begin at a young age in order to help children understand that consent is necessary for asserting dominion over their own bodies or feelings. Akilah S. Richards’ article “Bodily Autonomy for Kids”, is a fantastic example of just how consent and intuition work together to keep a person safe and aware of their own personal boundaries which leads to a more well-adjusted view on consent culture as an adult.

Ms. Stryker’s book also touches on the idea of implied consent in sexual spaces and how that can lead to people mirroring those same behaviors in a society that is already heavily skewed towards implied consent. Getting an enthusiastic, informed consent is far better than assuming that “yes means yes.” To foster consent culture it must be brought out of those sexual situations and into our everyday lives and “Ask: Building Consent Culture” illustrates the point nicely. In order to have fully informed, enthusiastic consent, the sexual culture itself must change and that is something that “Ask” proposes to have happen. But in the year 2017, changing the culture around sex and sexuality is only the tip of the iceberg, because what really must change is the fabric of society itself. This book has done an excellent job of promoting this throughout the articles and stories written in these pages and is a must read for anyone who wishes to learn more about consent, to be more active in getting or giving consent, or just people who are interested in the modern sexual revolution.

You can pre-order “Ask: Building Consent Culture” on for $14.95.

Kink of The Week – Porn

So I first discovered porn when I was about ten or eleven years old thanks to my Dad’s collection of Penthouse that he didn’t quite hide well enough from a nosy young girl. I’d check out the pictures and read the stories when I was home alone always very cognizant to be aware of the car pulling in. Penthouse taught me the meaning of words I probably shouldn’t have known at that age. I remember that cock was an easy one to figure out. Cunt and jizz took a little more work, but what I recall most was a picture of a busty blonde in tight black patent leather. Her tits were pushed up almost to overflowing and between a pair of thigh high boots, her pretty little pussy was shaved bare. The pictures of this woman entranced me (that should’ve been my first clue that I wasn’t straight.) As I grew older and we got an internet connection and a computer in the house I became more aware of porn and was able to piggyback off of whatever my dad was searching for. I’m sure he took the fall for me more than once, with or without realizing it. I do know that if he was aware of it, he never spoke to me about it, saving both of us what would have been a very embarrassing conversation.

And now, I’m an adult who reads and writes erotica for fun, reviews sex toys, and, if given the chance, would be interested in being part of a queer porn shoot. I think that last one will remain an unrealized dream, but that’s OK. I’ve spent years learning to become comfortable with myself and with my sexuality and I feel like pornography was a big part of that. It let me explore things vicariously that I could never have done in real life and it showed me that the things I wanted and happen to enjoy weren’t as bad or perverted as I was told by my ex. And I’m sure that in some way, my earliest experiences with those Penthouse magazines probably affected me. It might only be subconsciously, but being exposed to that at a young age may be part of why I’m so open minded today. Who knows?

I will say that, overall, my experiences with porn/erotica have been positive ones. We’re always growing and learning about ourselves and, to me, pornography is a large part of that for anyone who is constantly wanting to explore their sex life and find more ways to express their sexuality. Of course, one doesn’t need porn to do so, but I still feel there is an opening here for people to have free and honest conversation regarding sex, sexuality, and how porn either completes or competes with the ideas regarding any given sexual ideal or more. Being able to speak freely about such things can only further the human experience in my opinion and I’m glad that I’ve had such positive pornographic experiences in my life.

Rape and Violence: My Experience of The Mental and Emotional Side

((TW: This post refers to rape, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse. Please feel free to skip this post is it could be triggering or have an otherwise negative impact. Thanks. Livvy))

I have been sexually assaulted or raped so many times I choose not to count them all. You see, the man I married at 18 turned out to be mentally and emotionally abusive. He was three years older than me and seemed so sweet and harmless. I thought I loved him. I’ve already shared in a previous blog post ( so I don’t wish to recount it again, but I want to look at the idea of violence in my previous marriage.

Not once did my ex-husband hit me. That wasn’t the kind of violence he was into. Instead the violence he used to get me to comply came from manipulation of my undiagnosed mood disorders or by guilting me into things (coercive rape) that I didn’t want. I was 19 when everything began and I was 28 when I finally had the fortitude to end things. Even the as I tried to get away from him, he caused me mental anguish and tried to force me into sexual situations, again with manipulative tactics.

I was finally growing mentally strong enough (I thought) to avoid his traps, but there was one more just before he finally moved out for good that tripped me up. He held me down (the only sign of ever coming close to physical violence) and forced oral sex on me until I couldn’t help the orgasm because he wanted to see if he could make a queer come. That last event was the one that broke me a little inside. It was the way he phrased things, as if being queer was dirty or wrong, as if he was suddenly going to make me want him back because he was the man who forced an orgasm out of me. Instead I transported myself somewhere else in my head and thought of other things while he violated me, while I let him do it.

The mental and emotional scars he left on my soul will forever remain there. I suffer from PTSD and still have nightmares about him coming anywhere near me. I’m healing, but the process is slow and the memories of the guilt, both from his tactics, which must have been my fault to my former line of thinking. Despite it having been five years since the last assault and despite my having moved on into a relationship that is much healthier and much happier I still struggle with my own guilt as well. Feel like I should have been stronger than I was. I feel like what he did to me made me worthless. Sadly, even today sometimes those feelings creep into my head and overflow into my current relationship. It makes me feel broken.

For me, living through years of mental and emotional abuse I feel that I’m coming out on the other side stronger than before. I’m lucky, I know that. I mourn for the men and women who weren’t so lucky, but I cannot mourn for their perpetrators. I can’t mourn for my ex-husband. Instead I can only try to find some sort of peace, some sort of mental gymnastics that lets me handle the really bad days. And I hope that others can find their peace too.