Review: Satisfyer Pro 2

Ever since the Satisfyer Pro 2 hit the market I had been DYING to get my hands on one of these toys. I’d heard so many good things about the Womanizer (which I have not tried) that when a lower cost option came out I was practically drooling over it.

The outer packing on the box was simple and unassuming and there was no hint as to what was inside. Also, coming from Germany the package arrived very quickly (roughly 3 business days) to me in the U.S. One thing that my partner noticed that we both really liked about the packaging is that it was sealed with a “Hygiene Seal” sticker. Obviously if the seal has been broken then perhaps the toy has been compromised, but basically it seems to act simply as a protection measure against tampering. I still found it to be a very good idea. Inside the box the toy was nestled in a protective bit of plastic and included a USB capable magnetic charger (the magnets for the charger are on the bottom of the toy) and the instructions. The instructions go over the general usage of the toy and include all the pertinent warnings. They also state that 2.5 hours of charge time will give you 30 minutes of play time. I wasn’t initially impressed by this assessment, but in my estimation of the time I’ve spent playing with the Satisfyer Pro 2 I’ve gotten more than 30 minutes of play out of the toy on a single charge. Given how much fun I’ve been having with it I’m going to call that a huge plus.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is not a vibrator. Instead it works through steady pulsations and pressure waves that are supposed to mimic the feeling of having your clit sucked on. For me, that’s not really what it felt like, but it still felt fantastic in a deep rumbly kind of way. It has 11 different speeds starting from just barely there to almost buzzy at the top end. I prefer speeds 4 through 6 in order to get off, as they seem to be the most rumbly ones. And holy wow do I get off. The first time I tried it I ramped up the intensity pretty quickly and within probably 2 minutes I had soaked my bed, not once, but twice (Note: put a towel down next time)! The sensation was incredibly novel and very titillating at the same time. I was actually really surprised at my reaction because these weren’t my usual thrash across the bed orgasms, but very sudden and deep ones that rocked me to my core without making me feel utterly exhausted. I was sold. Every time I have played with it since that same sensation has come over me and the orgasms have been intense. I tried it with my partner while they fisted me and it was an interesting feeling to be full and have those pulsations, but not mind blowing. I think I almost prefer this one as a solo, just for me toy.

Satisfyer claims that this toy is waterproof and I had no trouble when I tried it in the bath (except for the contortions required to reach my clit in my tiny bath tub), but I’ve seen on Twitter where other bloggers, have had major issues with there being damage to their Satisyfers when using them in water (everything from turning themselves on at random, to getting into the entire unit and basically ruining the toy) so your mileage may vary on this one and caution is worth exercising. I’m not a big fan of sex play in the bath or shower so it hasn’t been a problem for me and I haven’t experienced these particular issues. But it may be a big deal for some of you. I found that the ABS plastic body is easy to clean with a good wipe down and the silicone head can be popped off to wash it. Again, I’ve never had a bit of trouble, but I only played with my Pro 2 in the bath once for a very short time.

The design of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is fairly ergonomic and because it has a bit of length in the handle it works well for me because my belly and breasts tend to get in the way otherwise (yes I’m a fat sex blogger ya’ll). I do have to hold the toy at a bit of an angle to get a good seal against my clit, but it doesn’t cause me any problems. The buttons are located on the back of the toy with the power button below and the control button up top.


One thing about the controls is that you have to cycle back down through all of the previous settings. Some people are driven nuts by this, but it doesn’t really bother me, probably because, like I said, I prefer settings 4 through 6 and rarely go any higher than that.

Overall, I feel like this is an excellent toy, one that will remain in my regular rotation for a long time. It is lightweight but feels well made and I’ve had zero issues with mine since I received it. You can find the Satisfyer Pro 2 at for $59.99 or at your favorite body safe sex toy retailer.


No affiliate links have been used in this post. This toy was provided to me by the Satisfyer company for a fair, honest, and unbiased review of their product. All opinions are my own.

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The Affair

She was wearing a black satin negligee when she answered the door. He stepped inside quickly and immediately pulled her into his arms for a kiss, his hands roaming her body already. They knew that they didn’t have much time together and they wanted to make it memorable. It was only moments before both of their clothing was discarded and his quiet “Wow.” when he saw her nude for the first time made her feel intensely wanted. They didn’t bother with the bed, but merely fucked right there on the living room floor. It was rough and hard and fast and just what they both needed after feeling ignored by their respective spouses. She moaned quietly at the feeling of a dick that wasn’t her husband’s filling her up and he grinned at her naughtily.

Few words were exchanged between them because of their need, that rush of heat and passion that sparked between them. She took him deep and rocked her hips in time to his thrusts. They both knew they were on a clock and that only intensified things. Her first orgasm hit in a wave of feeling that rushed over her and made him stop for a moment to savor the feeling of having her wrapped tightly around him. His dick throbbed and her body pulsed in response, squeezing harder still around him until for a moment he couldn’t move.

They felt like schoolkids playing a game they shouldn’t have been and suddenly her pussy clenched around him as she came again. Her hips bucked against his and with a few more strokes she could feel his come inside her. He kissed her again regretting that he couldn’t stay longer, but he had to get back to work. As he left, he shot her a look that was filled with a promise of things to come.

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Kink of The Week – Uniforms – Apr 16-30 (An Officer’s Touch)

Mandy rummaged through the closet searching for one of Jesse’s spare uniforms. There it was! He was out playing poker with the guys on his night off and she had plans of her own when he got home. She slipped on the over sized blue shirt, found his badge, and smiled when she spotted the new insignia from his recent promotion to sergeant not long ago. She was incredibly proud of her police officer husband and couldn’t wait to see him tonight.

She curled up with a book and his spare handcuffs waiting on him to get home. When she heard his car pull into the drive, shortly after midnight, she stood and took a position leaning sexily against the wall, handcuffs dangling from her fingers. She’d be the first thing Jesse saw when that door opened. As he stepped inside he spotted his wife standing there and a wickedly sexy grin crossed his face. He stepped over to her taking the dangling handcuffs. “Ma’am you are under arrest for impersonating a police offer. I’m going to have to search you and then take you in.”

Quickly she was cuffed and spun around, his feet kicked hers apart and she felt his warm hands on her body. This must be the most sensual search he’d ever performed as his hands roamed across her body, ostensibly looking for “contraband.” Jesse’s hands found her breasts and her pert nipples which he squeezed gently before moving lower to caress her belly through the shirt. Moving along his hands ran down the outside of her legs, then all the way up the insides, stopping just shy of her already wet pussy. He ran his hands along her body again in the same pattern just as maddeningly slow and smiled at a job well done. Mandy was smiling with delight and sneaked a glance at him and winked. He refused to break his stern face and shook his head at her. “I’m sorry Miss, but I have to haul you in for this. You could get in serious trouble.”

And with those words he picked her up bodily and quite literally hauled her across the room and to the bedroom where he dumped her on the bed before fairly pouncing to hold her still. “I think, that a strip search may be in order,” and he kissed his willing prisoner who was still cuffed and willing for him. Slowly began to unbutton the uniform she wore, stroking and kissing her body as he did so. Mandy struggled a little trying to wiggle her shoulders and Jesse knew the cuffs needed to be removed so she didn’t strain herself. He flipped her over, grabbed at her hips hard and then, finding the spare key conveniently on the nightstand uncuffed her, tossing the cuffs down on the table with a rather a loud clang. He started on her backside and kneaded at her tight ass for a moment and smirked when she arched her body towards him. He resumed petting and kissing her slowly.

Mandy began to writhe on the bed, wanting more from him, to feel his mouth on her pussy or his cock inside her, anywhere he wanted to put it and she bluntly told him so. He flipped her over again to face him, took her face in his hands and kissed her, gently at first and then harder. “You’ll take what you’re given, you bad girl.” But he finished unbuttoning his shirt that looked so good on her and slipped it from her body. His lips found her nipples now and he sucked and bit gently at one while worrying and teasing and pinching the other with his fingers before switching sides. “Jesse, please!” Mandy cried out, needing him, wanting him and again he shot her a stern look followed by that wicked grin of his. “All in good time.” His lips and tongue traced a trail down her body, circling her belly button and moving lower to brush against the very top edge of her slit, not even touching her clit and she arched her back, her body pleading for his touch.

He kissed her thighs and teased her with his breath across her skin until finally, finally he lowered his mouth to her body to taste that most intimate part of her. She gasped and bucked her hips against his face. His strong arms came up and wrapped around her thighs to hold her still as he feasted on her pussy. She was going to come for him and he wanted everything she gave and then some. It didn’t take long before Mandy was shaking with an orgasm and trying to escape the exquisite torture of his tongue, but suddenly she was having another orgasm and lifted her hips to his face crying out this time, her words incoherent. Jesse released her and slide up the bed to kiss her, letting her taste her juices on his lips. She moaned softly and ran her fingers along Jesse’s skin. “Please, please fuck me.” “I should make you wait for being bad, but I can’t wait either. I love you.”

All pretenses were dropped and Jesse fucked his wife sometimes gently, sometimes harder, and always with the thought of her in his uniform shirt burning in his mind. He had a feeling it wouldn’t be the last time he saw her like that and that was just fine with him.

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Wicked Wednesday – 256 – The Wedding (A Surprise Gift for Michelle)

Michelle was calm and collected. Ben was nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Today was their wedding day. Before the ceremony the priest broke with the old tradition of the groom not seeing the bride before she walked down the aisle and called them both into his office together. Father James was a younger man and quite handsome. He looked both somber and excited at the same time to be able to join this couple in holy matrimony.

Michelle was expecting Father James to give them a small private speech and let them go so she was quite surprised when Ben wrapped his arms around her from the back and began caressing her breasts through her dress, planting tiny kisses along the back of her neck. “Wait…what the hell is going on here?” her voice was confused and slightly high pitched, ending on a little squeak as Ben pinched a nipple. Ben smiled and spoke softly, “Remember that fantasy you told me about last month?” Both men laughed as they saw the realization dawn in her eyes and then a furious blush cover Michelle’s face and neck. But she was immediately wet and Ben bent her over as Father James slipped off his vestments and undid his pants.

Before Ben could get her heavy skirt lifted and her panties removed she had the priest’s cock in her mouth, stopping only long enough to urge Ben to hurry. He laughed softly as he got her panties down and saw the wetness glistening between her legs. He watched his soon to be wife suck another man’s cock, a priest’s no less, and then buried himself in her pussy. Very quickly both men found a rhythm and Michelle relaxed letting them fuck her mouth and her pussy at the same time making soft pleasure noises that vibrated against James’ cock and made him fuck her just a little harder.

Michelle was trying her best to push herself back against Ben while she had a cock in her mouth. She wanted more and they all knew it and them men obliged her after a long moment. She moaned and bucked her hips, knowing her orgasm was close. She wished she could reach down to touch her clit but the layers off fabric made it impossible and she whined in frustration. Ben knew her reason and slipped his fingers under her skirt, teasing her gently. That was all it took though and an orgasm hit her hard. She stifled her cries with the cock that she was still sucking on and rode them both, feeling a second orgasm coming. This time she wanted both men to come too. Michelle wanted to be filled up. Her pussy clenched around Ben’s cock and he stifled his own cry as Michelle deep throated James who gasped at the sensation and immediately began to come, which triggered another orgasm for Michelle, with Ben following almost immediately. What a start to their wedding day!


If you missed last week’s Wicked Wednesday, it can be found here. Be sure to read parts 1 and 2 of that series as well!!

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Natalie shed her clothing, carelessly, and fell backwards onto the soft, fluffy bed that she had shared with many lovers at many different times. She thought of them, some of them at least, and settled herself comfortably into the nest that she had created. Her hands trailed along a lithe body, feeling the swell of her breasts and the curve of her hips. She loved her body.

As her hands and fingers explored her flesh as though it were new to her she let her mind drift. She’d been just 18 and ready to explore her sexuality for the first time. She found someone, older than she and dove head first into the heretofore unknown world of sex. She learned to suck dick and eat pussy and do all kinds of things, some that one might consider depraved, but as she had learned, her kinks were not always someone else’s kink. She thought of nights she’d been spanked and fucked and used like a toy. She thought of gentler times when she’d been held and loved and of times when she’d been with women and how their softness tended to contrast with her male lovers. She thought of all these things and gradually her hands slipped down to play with her pretty pink pussy. She kept it neatly trimmed and loved running her fingers against the soft hair, while rubbing at her clit gently, first in circles, then up and down and around, teasing herself.

She took her time, there was no rush to her pleasure. Gradually it built and she dipped he fingers inside of herself, smearing her wetness across her skin. There was a shiver at that feeling and she did it again, still lost in her reverie of lovers past. She pinched her clit, gently, reminded of the time it had been clamped for some light bondage game and sighed with pleasure. Soon, her fingers began to move faster and faster. Her hips arched from the bed and she slipped a single digit inside of herself reveling in the feel of her muscles squeezing around it. Another finger was added and she moaned softly, driving herself a little closer to that edge. But she made herself wait. Teasing her body further, she abandoned her clit for her nipples, rock hard as they were, she pinched and pulled and remembered how her first female lover had sucked at them so gently. Natalie’s breath came in short, soft gasps now as she waited, pushing herself to the brink and then backing off over and over.

Until finally she couldn’t hold herself back and began to earnestly fuck her pussy with two fingers, her other hand returning to her clit to rub furiously, building her orgasm hard and fast. She had driven herself so close to the breaking point, so many times and here she was. Her body began to shake gently and she gasped her pleasure, taking it all in and loving every moment of the time she had alone. Suddenly, her orgasm hit rolling over her like a thunderstorm across the sky. She bucked hard against her own hands and moaned and cried out her orgasm. Driven by her need she pushed her body harder, higher and a second orgasm followed on the heels of the first, her cries louder this time as she squirmed on the bed. After yet a third orgasm that she was able to draw from her body, she rested peacefully and settled. Again her hands gently trailed her body, this time simply because she could. And she reveled in her soft flesh, giving herself goosebumps that caused a shudder and the aftershock of an orgasm shivered across her skin. She was content.

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Rape and Violence: My Experience of The Mental and Emotional Side

((TW: This post refers to rape, sexual, mental, and emotional abuse. Please feel free to skip this post is it could be triggering or have an otherwise negative impact. Thanks. Livvy))

I have been sexually assaulted or raped so many times I choose not to count them all. You see, the man I married at 18 turned out to be mentally and emotionally abusive. He was three years older than me and seemed so sweet and harmless. I thought I loved him. I’ve already shared in a previous blog post ( so I don’t wish to recount it again, but I want to look at the idea of violence in my previous marriage.

Not once did my ex-husband hit me. That wasn’t the kind of violence he was into. Instead the violence he used to get me to comply came from manipulation of my undiagnosed mood disorders or by guilting me into things (coercive rape) that I didn’t want. I was 19 when everything began and I was 28 when I finally had the fortitude to end things. Even the as I tried to get away from him, he caused me mental anguish and tried to force me into sexual situations, again with manipulative tactics.

I was finally growing mentally strong enough (I thought) to avoid his traps, but there was one more just before he finally moved out for good that tripped me up. He held me down (the only sign of ever coming close to physical violence) and forced oral sex on me until I couldn’t help the orgasm because he wanted to see if he could make a queer come. That last event was the one that broke me a little inside. It was the way he phrased things, as if being queer was dirty or wrong, as if he was suddenly going to make me want him back because he was the man who forced an orgasm out of me. Instead I transported myself somewhere else in my head and thought of other things while he violated me, while I let him do it.

The mental and emotional scars he left on my soul will forever remain there. I suffer from PTSD and still have nightmares about him coming anywhere near me. I’m healing, but the process is slow and the memories of the guilt, both from his tactics, which must have been my fault to my former line of thinking. Despite it having been five years since the last assault and despite my having moved on into a relationship that is much healthier and much happier I still struggle with my own guilt as well. Feel like I should have been stronger than I was. I feel like what he did to me made me worthless. Sadly, even today sometimes those feelings creep into my head and overflow into my current relationship. It makes me feel broken.

For me, living through years of mental and emotional abuse I feel that I’m coming out on the other side stronger than before. I’m lucky, I know that. I mourn for the men and women who weren’t so lucky, but I cannot mourn for their perpetrators. I can’t mourn for my ex-husband. Instead I can only try to find some sort of peace, some sort of mental gymnastics that lets me handle the really bad days. And I hope that others can find their peace too.

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Wicked Wednesday -255- Beleth Takes Nikki (Demon House Pt. 3)

She’d done it. The house was hers and she could begin remodeling. She could also, after about a dozen summonings get Beleth at will. Oftentimes he was not quite amused with her, but flashing her tits or ass, or sucking him off generally got him in a much better mood. It amused her more and more how much control she had over the demon.

But what she hadn’t yet learned was that every time she called Beleth to her she gave him more power in her world and eventually he could be able to turn that power against her. The question became, would he do that before she learned of the knowledge of his strength? And would she care? Or was she already in too deep with her sexual fiend at her beck and call? Only sweet time would tell. Nikki sat in the middle of the summoning circle the leather bound spell book in hand. She was reading through a new type of summoning spell, when the candles lit of their own accord once more. Nikki was startled as she wasn’t actually trying any spells, just reading a book in what felt like the safest place in the house to her. Out of nowhere she felt Beleth’s hand on the back of her neck. “Hello, my little summoner. What are you studying tonight? He peered over her shoulder and laughed. “Such an old-fashioned spell. And you’re not guaranteed that I will be the demon you summon. I’d strike that one from your list, my dear.” So Nikki, trusting Beleth, did exactly that and set the book aside.

“How did you get here without my summoning you?” Beleth gave her a wicked smile. “Darling girl, I am a King among demons if you recall. I can do as I wish. And right now I wish to do you.” He was on her tearing her clothes apart with his claws and Nikki squealed with excitement, never thinking to be afraid of the demon that had appeared from nowhere in her kitchen. He palmed her breasts in his large hands and squeezed gently before leaning down to suck and nibble at her nipples. For a demon he seemed to be quite a considerate lover. He was often quite gentle with her and she couldn’t decide which she loved more the gentleness or the roughness he still subjected her to quite frequently. She thought perhaps she might be falling in love with the demon himself.

The thought was both frightening and exhilarating all at once and she immediately had to resist the urge to say something about it. But Beleth knew all the same. He could see it in her eyes for a second. And he had once seen that same look on his beloved Leona’s face as well. Only he’d never been able to convince her to come home with him. He thought that this time he wasn’t going to leave anything to chance. The next time she summoned him, she was going to return with him to his world. He was not enamored of her, not yet, but he knew he would be given some time and some fantastic sex. Nikki caught a glimmer of malice behind the desire in Beleth’s eyes and she wondered why, but she hadn’t gotten far enough into the book to know that she could travel to him or that once she did so he could bind her there, but not here. She would be in for quite the surprise someday soon.

But now, Beleth was sliding his purplish cock into her pussy and suddenly nothing but their pleasure seemed important. His hands were still at her breasts, squeezing gently, his palms sliding across her nipples and she gasped a little. Beleth’s grip shifted to hold her hips and lifted her body up, encouraging her to wrap her legs around his body. He bounced her effortlessly up and down on his cock and whispered dirty things in her ear. Soon she was at the brink of an orgasm and threw her head back as it burst through her. Nikki’s hips never quit moving through the orgasm and she quickly feel into a second one, her eyes closed and unaware of the devilish gleam in Beleth’s eyes. He had decided that tonight would be that “someday” soon after all. He let her ride him hard as she liked and muttered the summoner’s spell that would take him, and her, home. She was so caught up that she never noticed her surroundings change to a bleak world full of stunted trees and a deep orange sky; it was as dangerous as it looked especially for her. But Beleth would keep his prize safely ensconced in a lavish prison. His next words were those of binding and there was a loud boom in the distance as the spell finished. Nikki was his. He pumped his cock into her a few more times and then roared his own orgasm as she came again, milking his cock. He held her against him for a long moment until she finally opened her eyes. “Where are we?” “Home,” he answered with a sinister chuckle. “Finally home.” Nikki just stared at him, horror dawning in her eyes as he moved below the ground and into his rather comfortably appointed apartments. He sat on a love seat still cradling her in his arms, waiting for her to come back to…well…Earth for lack of a better term. He’d explain everything then. Maybe.


In case you missed it, last week’s Wicked Wednesday can be found here.

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“Mmmmphhh…”, was the only sound she could make before yet another cock filled her mouth. She’d lost count by now, crawling around under the table in the large conference room blowing every man there. Her skirt was wrinkled, her blouse half open and she had a belly full and a face full of semen. Her lips and tongue moved energetically against the cocks of all the men that she knew and worked with, one at a time as she reached them.

Some looked down to watch her, others ignored her completely and a few grabbed her hair forcing her to take their cock into her throat, leaving her gasping and half choking when they pulled away. And Kelly loved every minute of it. The board members had ceased even the appearance that they would get anything done with her under the table and simply enjoyed the sounds of pleasure that she made for them and for each other. There was no shame among these men and when it was all over Kelly would become their equal again, but right now she was a good little cock slut who was taking everything that she was given.

Currently she was sucking at Jamal’s cock, taking as much of the length of it as she could into her mouth and using her hand to work the rest of him, occasionally stopping her motions to squeeze and play with his balls, which she could hear left him panting every time she did it. She wanted him to come for her and come hard; she was learning just what made him, and the other members of the board, explode for her and her alone. Kelly opened her mouth around Jamal’s cock, took a deep breath and plunged her head down taking more of him than she normally could in her mouth and hummed softly knowing just what she was after; the feeling of having yet another of her men come in her mouth, shooting down her throat. And Jamal was happy to oblige her, peeking under the table at her with a wicked smile that promised something more later. She couldn’t wait to find out what.

Meanwhile, she was moving on to her favorite cock today and she smiled inwardly when she heard the soft chuckle followed by a curse muttered in Spanish when she ran her tongue along the length of Cal’s cock. She traced the veins along the length of him, almost giggling as he muttered again. She thoroughly enjoyed being a tease and Cal liked her kind of teasing just fine. She licked and nibbled and sucked at him, lowering her head to mouth his balls, sucking them gently just to hear him moan for her. He stared at her under the table, watching her, his eyes dark with lust. She looked up at him naughtily as she devoured his cock and he simply couldn’t help it; he jerked his cock back out of her mouth and wrapped one hand around it jacking himself until he shot a load of come on her face. She swallowed what little she could and when he was done she run her finger along her cheek and sucked the taste of him off her finger. “Yummy.”

She moved to her final cock of the day and peered up at Ricky from under the table, showing off her pretty, slutty face and just a hint of her cleavage. Her hands loosened his belt and pants, allowing his cock to spring free for her. Finally Ricky looked down at her, took her chin in his hands and smiled, “You’d better do a good job little girl or what you’ll be getting from me later might be a spanking.” Kelly giggled delightedly, hoping for the spanking no matter what and wet her lips before she slid her warm, wet mouth around his thick cock. He nodded approvingly and went back to discussing something with the other men at the table. Her head bobbed up and down, sucking and slurping at the cock in front of her. She loved it. Ricky shifted in his chair above her and she knew she was going to take his cock in her throat as she always did. He loved watching the tears leak from the corners of her eyes as she held so very still, waiting, wanting to breathe again. Then he would pull back and she could take a desperate gulp of air, before he shoved himself back as deep as she could take him. He never lasted very long this way, but that just meant more of his delicious jizz for her. The third time he pulled back though, so did she and before he had a chance to force his cock back into her mouth she had taken it, gently, her teeth giving a bare hint of warning and began sucking and licking and slurping again. Kelly’s hands rested against his knees and she was savoring the taste and feel of him. She moved her head back so she held just the head of his cock in her mouth and used her hand to to jack him off as she sucked at the tip of him. He groaned at the sensation and arched his hips trying to get more of his cock into her mouth. She obliged him a tiny bit, but just kept her hand moving as she licked and teased him to an orgasm. Ricky’s body tensed and he growled, thrusting his hips harder, more insistently, but the pretty brunette never lost her grip on his shaft. It was a brief battle of wills, but when Kelly sucked hard on his cock suddenly devouring him he lost the battle and filled her mouth with his hot come. She swallowed every last drop of it.

Finally done with her task she crawled gracefully out from under the table, straightened her clothing and walked to the door where she blew the men a kiss and sashayed from the room, quite satisfied with herself and them.

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Kink of the Week – Analingus – April 1-16

Andi showered, scrubbing herself nice and clean, paying special attention to her ass. Her boyfriend, Mike, had said he wanted to try giving her a rim job and she figured it might be something worth trying even though she had been a little squicked out by it at first. After some thought she decided it couldn’t be too different from having her pussy eaten and she really enjoyed that so why not give it a go?

She stepped into the bedroom to find Mike waiting with candles and some massage oil. “I figured this would help you relax babe. Come lay down.” She smiled at him and stretched out across the bed, pleased by the fact that he was looking after her and making sure she was relaxed and (hopefully) ready as she was still a bit nervous. Gradually Mike felt her body relax as he gave her a thorough massage, back and front. He gave her a deep kiss and looked at her. “You ready for this? I don’t want to push you too far.” Andi smiled up at him. “I think I’m as ready as I’m going to get. The massage was wonderful.” And she rolled back onto her stomach to give him access to her gorgeous ass.

He started slowly, rubbing his hands in circles and kissing the round globes working ever closer to her pretty little puckered hole. Slowly he spread her cheeks and gave a small tentative lick directly to her asshole. She giggled a little, “That tickles. Do it again though.” So Mike obliged and she giggled again. He decided that since she wasn’t telling him no he wanted more and swirled his tongue, then licked again harder. This time it didn’t tickle and Andi wiggled her ass a bit in encouragement. At that he dove in, burying his face against her and worked her anus, gently at first then slightly more forcefully dipping his tongue a tiny bit inside, only to pull out a flutter it against her anus. Andi moaned and reached underneath her, to touch herself. “Don’t stop Mike. That feels really good.”

So he didn’t stop and soon his fingers joined his mouth and tongue to push her higher. He wanted her come for him while he played with her ass. Soon she was arching her ass up into him and he used his hands to spread her cheeks as far as he could and licked and kissed and probed at her anus incessantly. He felt her body slowly start to tense up and just kept on with what he was doing, knowing she would come for him soon. Moments later she did just that, crying out and shaking, practically shoving her ass against his face. Mike never stopped his oral assault on her ass and she almost immediately had a second orgasm for him. Finally she pulled away and whispered, “Enough. Enough.” He stopped his ministrations and kissed each cheek gently before resting his head upon them. “So…wanna do this again sometime?” Andi just laughed softly. “Maybe I’ll have to return the favor.”


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Wicked Wednesday – 254 – Demon’s House Part 2

Nikki screamed another orgasm as Beleth fucked her harder still, demanding even more than he had previously. This was her third trip out to the old Andersen house and by this point she was seriously considering buying the house just so she could fuck her demonic lover whenever she wanted. Having learned how to summon him properly, she did so after every opportunity, looking to sate her increasing desires. Of course, Beleth thought she found him irresistible, but truthfully, she found the power she felt when she fucked him more irresistible. It was like a wave of put unadulterated lust that made her feel like she could have anyone she wanted coupled with the idea that she was the one that the demon had initially chose after years of being alone.

As she learned the secrets of the book she had found, she learned that she could, if she chose, summon other demons, ones that would do her bidding.Right now she hoped to bend Beleth to her will using the power of her sex. But at this moment, she didn’t care about those things. She cared only about the roar the demon let loose as he pumped her body full of his come. She came with him, nearly sobbing at the pleasure, her muscles still twitching around his cock. He purred softly at the feeling and then looked at her, quite seriously, and spoke, “Nikki, in just a moment I’m going to turn you around, bend you over, and fuck your ass. Would you like that?” The hint of a growl in his voice turned her on more and she gave him a wicked grin in response. “What will you do if I tell you no?” “Why then we stop,” he replied seeming offended that she even had to ask. “Surely by now you’ve realized that I am not a complete boor, unlike many of the other demons you could summon,” he spoke confirming what she’d been studying earlier.

Nikki grew thoughtful at this, wondering if she could summon multiple demons at a time for an orgy; that might be fun she thought. But dangerous as well. She knew that right now that was beyond her control, but maybe soon. She stated at Beleth, his pupils an amber color that she loved and slowly turned away from him and bent forward, wiggling her ass in invitation. He slapped her then, the loud noise echoing through the empty house. Then he repeated the process on the other ass cheek, this time digging his claws into her skin just a bit, drawing the tiniest amount of blood. Nikki gasped as she felt a trickle of blood run down her hip and then moaned as he leaned down and licked it away. Beleth’s cock rested against her asshole, just waiting for a moment, before he began to push into her, his large cock stretching and filling her ass. He wanted to go slow so as not to hurt her and wondered at his own patience. Was he growing too attached to her as he had to Leona? Would he watch her grow old and wither and die? Or would she agree to come with him back to his world someday?

Nikki gave a soft moan at the feeling of him trying to push his way into her ass and held as still as she could. She knew he didn’t want to hurt her; he saw her as his after all. But soon enough she would find just the right way to bind him to her instead. Slowly he seated his cock deep inside her and began to move in and out an inch at a time, gradually becoming more and more forceful as he could feel her relax. Nikki reached down and ran her fingers across her clit and moaned again at the combination of feels. “Yeeeessss, touch yourself for me,” came the rumbly voice and Nikki’s fingers rubbed harder providing more pressure like she needed. Beleth held Nikki’s hips being as careful as he could not to draw blood again. The first time had only been a bit of teasing, just a taste of wanting to devour her and make her his. Nikki began to buck her hips against him rocking back and forth on his cock as he stilled and just let her fuck him. “Look at you, riding a demon cock with your pretty little ass,” he laughed as he felt her tight around him and stroked her ass gently. “That’s a good girl.” And she clenched again at he sound of his voice. Briefly she wondered if she was losing too much of herself to him, but her arrogance told her otherwise. She could handle a horny demon. And she fucked him harder to prove it. Beleth groaned and reached down, to feel her fingers on her clit then slid two fingers into her pussy and curled them against her g-spot just barely touching her. “More.” she gasped and he obliged suddenly moving very quickly to force his fingers a smidge deeper and a little harder against her. Nikki swore softly and then cried out before she could stop herself an orgasm rolling through her body. Her ass gripped Beleth’s cock, her pussy his fingers, and she rubbed furiously at her clit not wanting the orgasm to end. Beleth resumed fucking her as she stilled and pumped hard, helping draw things out further. Suddenly with no warning his orgasm hit and he growled low in throat with pure pleasure in his voice as he shot his come his her ass. He pulled out and the last bit of it splatter across her ass and he nodded approvingly. Nikki dropped to her knees, exhausted from the force of her orgasms. When she woke sometime later Beleth was gone and she resumed her study, just as he resumed his in the demonic plane.


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