Learning to Submit

Sir yanked her forward across his knees and hiked her skirt up and her panties down and began to spank her ass hard and fast. She was in trouble again for her smart mouth and he didn’t care whether she was sorry or not right this second. Her ass was quickly peppered with hand prints and she had begun to cry quietly to herself. Despite the tears, her cunt was soaking wet and he stroked it gently making her shudder, before sliding her off his lap and onto the floor.

Hastily she assumed a most submissive position on her knees with her body been towards him almost as if in worship. He nodded approvingly at this, although she could not see him. “That’s the third time today you decided to run your smart mouth. Next time you do it your punishment will be more than just a severe spanking. Do you understand?” She nodded her head and spoke just above a whisper, “Yes, Sir.” “Good. Now you’ve taken your spanking like a good girl, but we’re not done. I want you to go get your journal and you will write one hundred times, ‘I will not be smart with Sir’ and your handwriting had better be neat and legible.”

She stifled a groan at this as she hated writing lines, but right now she knew better than to say a word or he would double her lines and she’d miss any chance of getting back into his good graces. After some time had passed and her lines were written she presented the journal to Sir so that he may examine her work. “There, that’s what I wanted from you. Now come here Kitten and sit with me.” She cuddled up next to him, her ass still smarting and her still wishing for a good hard fuck that she knew she wasn’t getting. He idly petted her hair while half watching a program on TV and it would appear that they were the picture of domestic bliss.

“Kitten, would you like some cream?” She giggled and slid off the couch to kneel at his feet and he nodded at her. Happily she unbuckled his pants and pushed his boxers aside to get to his cock; she licked her lips and then licked his cock, treating it like a lollipop and getting it good and wet before taking him into her mouth. She sucked gently hollowing out her cheeks for the best suction and gradually worked her way down the length of his cock as close as she could to taking him into her throat. He watched her through dark eyes, a half smile on his lips and ran his fingers through her hair. “Good girl.”

Quickly his fingers clenched into her hair, holding her tightly as he began to fuck her face driving his cock deeper into her mouth with every stroke. Kitten did her best to relax for him and focused on keeping her breathing steady. Sir pulled his cock almost all the way out of her mouth and moving slowly, slid back inside, pushing further and further this time until he felt her submit completely as he pushed into her throat. “Swallow.” She did so twice and was trying to pull away so she could get some air. He allowed this; after all one did not wish to break their toys. His grip in her hair loosened, but he never let go continuing to fuck her gently, letting her lick and suck as he did so. He tried to maintain a steady paced even as his impending orgasm approached, but when Kitten moaned around his cock, all bets were off.

Sir began to thrust quickly, his rhythm faltering while Kitten plied her tongue and lips to get the cream she so desperately wanted. He was rapidly losing control and let his grip on her hair go completely, his hips rocking back and forth. Kitten made another noise that vibrated along the length of his hardness and he groaned softly. “That’s my girl. You swallow every drop, you understand?” His voice was slightly strained and Kitten nodded affirmatively never taking her eyes from his as she sucked and licked and played with his cock in her mouth. A quiet rushing sensation filled his head and he shoved his hips forward one final time as he began to shoot jets of his hot come into Kittens mouth. She almost couldn’t swallow fast enough to keep up, but she did and every drop went straight into her belly. She loved the taste of him, of his come, and slowly pulled her lips from his cock to tell him so. He laughed softly and sank back onto the couch while she knelt there at his feet, her head resting on his thigh. They enjoyed a long moment of companionable silence before she spoke, with a giggle in her voice. “Thank you for the cream, Sir.” He laughed and pulled her up against him for a kiss. “Anytime you like Kitten. You’re becoming such a good girl for Sir.”


Wicked Wednesday 274 -Celebrity – (In Her Own Little World)


I’d always wanted to know what it was like to be the center of attention. I’d wanted to be a celebrity when I was a child, but instead I became an accountant. I’m very boring by day and you’d never guess that by night I am Master’s kinky little Angel. But I am. And recently, he gave me a chance to be a celebrity if only for a night and only on his terms.

We were hosting a play party and Master very specifically told me I was to be naked, cuffed, and collared all night long. I figured he had plans for me, but what was in store was more than a little surprising. Once everyone had arrived he made me kneel in the center of the room and made his announcement. “Ladies and Gentlemen, my darling Angel has always wished to be a celebrity and enjoy being the center of attention. For this night and this night only I ask that you help me grant her wish. Touch her, tease her, spank her, fuck her, use her as you will and together we will see her shine in the spotlight.” And with that the lights went dark and I was spotlighted under a single halo. How Master pulled that off without my noticing I don’t know.

The first to approach me was a submissive young woman, Katie, that I’d known for sometime and she played with my nipples and kissed me for a long moment, making me want more. She teased me, taunted me, and generally started to really set the stage for the evening’s events. Katie’s Sir joined in soon as well and he wanted to fuck me while Katie sucked at my tits. Very shortly I found myself with a mouthful of pussy and two cocks, one for each hand and I was loving it. Everyone was focused on me and me alone. I worked hard to bring everyone I could to orgasm and as new bodies replaced others I found myself flipped over doggy styled and fucked, half choked by my collar, a mouth alternately sucking at my clit and licking the cock sliding in and out of my pussy, and this time a cock buried down my throat and fucking my face. Through it all I keep seeing bright flashes of light and I realized that Master must’ve gotten permission from everyone to take photos as that’s exactly what he was doing. He hadn’t joined in the fun yet, but with everyone else fucking, sucking, fisting, and coming in me and on me, I was a bit overwhelmed.

Finally people began to ease away from me as they were satiated by my mouth hands, pussy, and ass. I lay there basking in my glory as Master took several shots of me including some up close ones of my come covered face. Finally he put the camera down, helped me to my feet and draped me over a chair with my ass posed for all to see and began to spank me. His spanks came harder and faster and soon he was taunting me about how I was a celebrity slut and how everyone had enjoyed using me as a pleasure slave. Now that I had my time in the lime light I would thank everyone while he continued to spank me and I trembled for a moment, unable to find words.

Then I just took myself back to pretending I was on stage for winning as imaginary Oscar and the words came to me. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Sirs, Masters, subs, and slaves, I just want to thank you all for giving me such a wonderful evening of debauchery, pleasure, and for a time a bit of notoriety in the form of a celebrated slut just as Master wished me to be tonight. And Master, I can’t (ouch! That spanking was getting harder) forget to thank you for making this all possible and assembling everyone together for such a wonderful evening. I just want to say thank you again to each and everyone of you who was willing to come here and fuck, suck, and be served by this humble servant. Thank you.”

Master abruptly stopped spanking me as the applause began and suddenly someone asked from the back of the small crowd. “Can we have her for round two as well?” I smiled, hoping Master would say yes and let me continue my fantasy and indeed he did, leading to yet another round of being teased tortured, denied orgasms, given orgasms, and being used like a celebrity call girl. It was a hell of an evening and my exhibitionist, submissive self can’t wait to be in the spotlight another time, just for Master so I can be his Angel once more.

Wicked Wednesday – 267 – Venus in Fur (The Struggle)



“Tonight will be something different my dear.” He gave a tigerish smile as he tugged the laces of the PVC corset she was wearing just a tiny bit tighter, before zipping her into the matching pair of high heeled boots. “But you are going to be good for me and do as I say, even though I know you won’t like that task at hand. Isn’t that correct?” “Yes, Sir.” He kissed the back of her neck.” You will submit to me differently tonight my love. Because tonight, you will be in charge. No, not of me. Don’t look so horrified. But of a young submissive gentleman of my choosing whose Mistress has agreed to let you borrow him.”

“But…I don’t know how to be in charge, Sir. I don’t want to be in charge. It scares me. And what if I mess up and I break her toy? Then what?” He gave her that same tiger smile from earlier, “Why then you’ll be punished. I have faith in you though that you won’t mess up. You can and will do this, play this role for me.” Together, they headed down the long hallways to the dungeon where she hoped that she could pull this off. As the stepped into the open room she sighed when she realized there was a crowd gathered to watch the scene. Sir heard her sigh, “Oh my dear, did you really think that Mistress Allison and I would allow this to pass without some spectacle? Besides, her Sven is a bad boy and needs to be punished. You, my darling Venus, will give that to him.” “Sir, this must be a joke. Please say it is.” “Not in the slightest. Now go discipline that slave like the Goddess you are. There are all the things you should need set up already.”

Venus took a deep breath and strode through the room, never stopping at the crowd, but simply expecting them to part for her, which they did willingly. She smiled then, getting past her first hurdle of being in charge and her resolve strengthened. She could do this, would do this for Sir and Mistress Allison. Sven was simply an accessory for her to play with at this point. Venus took a deep breath and moved toward the kneeling man. She spotted Allison, currently her equal, and smiled at her, confidently she hoped. The other woman nodded to her, almost encouragingly and Venus took her place in the center of the room.

She looked down at Sven, summoning as much contempt as she could muster, which surprised her as she’d expected to feel solidarity with the collared creature at her feet. “So you’ve been bad and need punished. Is that correct?” Venus’ voice came from a position of authority and she was in awe of herself. She wondered if it showed. Sven nodded his head, “Yes…what may I call you Ma’am?” Venus tilted her head thoughtfully and flashed back to Sir’s words. “You may call me Goddess and tell me why you need to be punished.” “Yes, Goddess. I need to be punished because I challenged Mistress Allison’s authority too many times. She tires of punishing me for it and hopes that a punishment from someone else might settle my wayward tongue. Will you give me that punishment please Goddess?”

Venus did not deign to answer the slave, only moved to reach for a clothespin that was part of a pile nearby. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” Sven complied without looking up at her and she grabbed him by the jaw and tilted his head upward so she could clamp the pin to his outstretched tongue. “There. Now you can’t run your mouth at me and if I hear a word from you I’ll add another clothespin.” The pretty redhead gave a devilish smile and let Sven’s head drop back to its place. She felt herself begin to relax a bit and thought about what her Sir would to do to a mouthy submissive. She settled on a crop to start and began to tap him lightly with it on the shoulders and upper back, turning his skin pink. Her hits became harder as she gained confidence and soon she was using the crop to mark him and make fleeting patterns on his reddening skin. As she tired of that she reached for another implement and ordered Sven over the spanking bench, conveniently placed nearby. Automatically his hands reached down to cup his balls and Venus nodded, saluting Mistress Allison with the flogger she held. Allison laughed openly at this. She was enjoying this little show and thought that the clothespin to the tongue was the perfect thing. “I will flog you until I’m satisfied you’ve had enough. Then we’ll see how smart that mouth of yours is feeling.” And Venus brought the flogger down across Sven’s ass repeatedly. Over and over the blows fell and he never moved although from time to time an involuntary noise would escape him. Venus counted in her head; forty solid blows and stopped. She reached around Sven and removed the clothespin from his tongue. “Are you sorry that you were mouthy to your Mistress?” “Yes Goddess.” “Will you do it again?” “No Goddess.” Hmm, I’m not sure I believe you.” And Venus turned to the crowd. “Ladies and Gentleman, what do you say? Will this slave talk back to his Mistress again?” A chorus of yes’s gave answer and she smiled before stroking his hair. “Looks like you’ll get another go round, slave.”

This time Venus lifted a cane from the choice of implements and stroked it along Sven’s backside, knowing that she’d cane him til he cried out if she could. And she began, letting the cane dance across his skin. It seemed only moments later that Sven cried out and instantly the cane froze in mid-air. Venus dropped to kneel beside him. “Well then, slave, you’ve cried out for what?” “Please Goddess I will be a good obedient slave to my Mistress.” And he wiggled himself off the bench daring to kiss imploringly at Venus’ shiny thigh high boots to show his good intentions. Venus planted a boot in his chest and pushed lightly, forcing him away from her, before turning to address Allison, “Has your slave had enough?” Allison nodded and stepped into the center giving Venus a hug and a murmured, “Good girl. Back to your Sir now.”

Venus replaced the cane and quickly found Sir in the crowd striding to him with confidence that she had done well. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close. “You did well my girl. I knew that you would. How did it feel to be on the other side?” “Insurmountably terrifying at first. I’d rather not make a habit of it. I wanted to just kneel there beside Sven and wait for my punishment as well.” “No punishments for you tonight. You faced your fear and defeated it. You obeyed.”

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Kitten’s Struggles

Kitten slipped out of the comfy PJs that Master had agreed to her wearing because she was cold, adjusted her collar and wandered into the living room where Sir was channel surfing. She knelt quietly beside his chair, waiting to be spoken to or otherwise acknowledged, which he did, petting her gently. “Did you need or want something my Dearest?”

“Sir, will you come to bed and play with Kitten?”

Michael didn’t move or make any motion to respond to the invitation from the naked woman kneeling beside him. He simply smiled and closed his eyes, picturing the things he could do to her. His hand idly stroked her hair as he pondered these things. Kitten’s Master urged her to her feet with a light tug on her hair and pulled her down to him for a kiss. “Not now Kitten, but later perhaps”, he finally answered her with a naughty smile. Kitten nodded quietly trying to accept his words. It was always hard for her to be told no, even if there was a chance of that no becoming a yes. “Now then, back to your studies.” “Yes, Sir.”

Kitten walked back to the study where she put her PJs back on and opened the book she was reading for her English Lit course. Having decided to go back to college in her early 30s had been hard, but Michael had encouraged his pet to do so and helped keep her on track with her studies. She tried to focus on her book, but couldn’t help feeling a sense of rejection from Sir. Soon her eyes were swimming with unshed tears. She struggled to blink them back and keep reading, but the effort seemed monumental. Kitten grabbed a tissue and wiped her eyes, blew her nose, and resolved to be a good girl and study until Sir came to (hopefully) play with her.

Michael heard his girl blow her nose and figured that she had been crying a bit because she felt rejected and he knew it was something she struggled with, but she had to learn that she couldn’t always have her way at the exact moment she wanted it. Later tonight though, he would certainly be happy to give his girl what she needed and craved. He even began to plan just what he would do to her.

Another hour passed and he hadn’t heard a peep from Kitten and figured she had to be intensely focused on her studies. So now came the dilemma for him, did he interrupt her or let her be, no matter how badly he wanted to cuff her up ad do wonderful things to her. After a bit, the idea of putting her in cuffs became to much of a distraction and he got up to check on her. He found her mid-stretch and taking a brief break from things. Perfect timing. “Kitten, come with me.”

He turned and left the room without waiting for a response and Kitten stood, hurriedly discarding her pajamas, and followed immediately, up the stairway that led to their bedroom. She stepped into the room and dropped lightly to her knees. “What can  do for you Sir?” He smiled at her approvingly and leaned down to kiss her cheek. “You’ve been a good girl tonight, no fussing when I told you ‘No’ earlier and spending the time studying like you were supposed to be doing, so now it’s time for a treat.” Michael reached for the soft suede lined leather cuffs and quickly had her wrists cuffed at the small of her back, then he helped her to stand and cuffed her ankles as well. He kissed her, none too gently, and felt her lean into him, lean into his power and control; he felt her submission.

Using the wrist cuffs he propelled her over to the bed, where he sat on the edge and then hauled her bodily over his knee. She squealed with delight at being manhandled so and then took a deep breath as she felt her ankles suddenly clipped together; this was going to be a very intense spanking and this would keep her from accidentally kicking her feet.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The first five hits were gentle, a warm up if you will, but she wouldn’t be getting off so lightly, not Sir’s Kitten. He hit her again harder this time for another series of five. Her ass was already starting to turn a nice shade of pink, but he wanted to see it bright red and perhaps make her cry from the intensity of it all, to let her release some of the tension she had been holding all night, waiting to see if he would, in fact, come play with her. The solid blows came faster and harder and Kitten mewled and cried out and wiggled against him. Between the spanking and her struggling against him, his cock grew hard and she could feel it through his jeans. It only made her squirm all the more and grind herself against his leg as he spanked her.

A final good solid ‘THWACK!’ and he could feel his girl shudder violently underneath him, not just in tears, but in an orgasm that left her shaking. Before she had quite recovered, he slid two fingers into her wet pussy and began fingering her slowly, keeping her on the edge of that second orgasm for a long moment then drew away completely with a small laugh at her soft cry of apparent despair. “Good girl,” her murmured and pulled her to a standing position then walked around behind her, admiring the deep red hand prints that covered her pretty ass. He traced the outline of the most prominent of the hand prints and watched her shudder from the sensation. “What shall I do to you next, Kitten?” She gasped, still trying to recover from her spanking and dared to look at him. “Anything you wish Sir.” Michael laughed softly, loving how pliant his girl was when he treated her properly. “Anything she tells me…hmm.” And he smiled deviously.

“On the bed Kitten,” as he busied himself for a moment rummaging through the toy box and came back with their favorite lube, the magic wand, and her favorite plug. Seeing that made Kitten wiggle in anticipation of his plans and she quietly adjusted so he could fill her ass. He laughed and swatted her again savoring the squeak of surprise when his hand connected with her reddened skin. She wiggled again, almost like she was daring him to keep spanking her. So he sat down the lube and the toys, grabbed the wooden paddle and took it to his Kitten with another half dozen loud pops. She whimpered and danced under the steady rain of blows. Michael set the paddle aside and caressed her ass again, this time pinching gently at the marks she wore. “Behave,” he growled and picked up the lube and plug.

Kitten felt the cool touch of his lube covered fingers against her asshole, took a deep breath, and let herself relax as he slipped his fingers inside of her. She arched her back, pressing her ass against his fingers and shivered when she felt them withdraw, only to be replaced by the plug. Gently Michael worked it inside of her, fucking her slowly; he grabbed the magic wand, turned it on low, and pressed it against her. She bit her lip, her entire body beginning to rock back and forth in time with his motions. A soft moan escaped her throat and she wanted to come for him; they both knew it, and they both knew she wouldn’t until he said yes. He let the plug slip all the way into Kitten’s ass so the base was nestled against her and wiped the excess lube on a nearby towel. “On your back Kitten.”

She rolled over and her hips bucked as she felt the plug press deeper into her ass. Her eyes were silently pleading with him as she squirmed on the bed both from the plug and the wand vibrator. “Oh, not yet little girl. I’m gonna fuck you with that plug in and you’re gonna hold this vibrator against you while I fuck you. Then maybe you can come for me.” Michael undressed and climbed into the bed with her, leaning down and kissing her hard and deep; as he did so he guided his cock into her wet pussy and buried himself balls deep. They both moaned, the sounds muffled by their kiss, and he moved his hips against hers. She rose to meet him, still holding the magic wand, her ass still full, and her body still waiting for that perfect moment. She wanted him, wanted to feel him, wanted to be his. He fucked her slowly, teasing her, then he’d give a small series of harder thrusts before returning to that slow taunting gentleness that tortured them both. He wanted to just let go and fuck her til she screamed for him and soon he would.

Michael reached between them and turned the vibrator up to its higher setting and leaned in to kiss his Kitten again. “In just a moment, when I tell you to, I want to feel you come all over my cock while I fuck you. Understand?” Kitten’s eyes widened slightly and she nodded while answering “Yes.” at the same time. She moved beneath him almost helpless to do anything else at this point in time. She just wanted to be a good girl and followed by that was her need to come. Her writhing increased and another moan escaped her lips. “Please…” her voice trailed off and she closed her eyes waiting, hoping to hear that order. Michael gave a fierce grin, drew his cock nearly all the way out of his submissive wife’s pussy and slammed it back inside of her. “Now, Kitten, now!” and she came for him, her hips rocking, body twitching, her voice a high pitching wail of pleasure. She stared up at him transfixed as her orgasm rolled through her and he never stopped fucking her, driving her as high as he could, forcing the orgasm to prolong itself.

He took the wand from her limp fingers and tossed it aside, slid himself out of her body and helped her turn over. Kitten murmured something semi-intelligible that sounded like a thank you as she moved the way he made her and he smiled. “Up Kitten. Come on.” She obeyed slowly, her body still relaxed from the massive orgasm that Michael had forced from her.and jumped when he slapped her ass again. That got her attention back on him where he wanted it and he pulled her down to his cock, moaning as she engulfed him with her mouth. “Mmmmm, good. You’re gonna blow me while you have that plug in your ass until I come and you’re gonna take it all like the good girl you are. Isn’t that right, Kitten.” She rolled her green eyes up to look at him, her pretty mouth still wrapped around his dick and she nodded best she could as she sucked him slowly, enjoying the taste of them together. He fisted his fingers into her hair and moved her head a bit faster and moaned as she followed his guidance. “It won’t take long Kitten. You’re a good cocksucker for Sir.” She purred with delight at the praise and redoubled her effort, using her tongue to swirl the tip of him and then sucking hard on the way down, the way she knew he liked.

Kitten was in control now, because he allowed it, and she worked his cock slowly, gently then faster and harder before falling back to a slower rhythm. Her tongue traced the veiny texture, tasting him and worshiping him, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked harder and then released him with a slight popping sound. She licked her way from his balls all the way along the length of his dick, treating it like an ice cream cone that only she got to enjoy. Michael’s hips bucked against her face hard and she using that opportunity to relax and let his cock slide deep as it would go into her mouth, almost but not quite deep throating him and as she relaxed her took over fucking her face, slowly, steadily, going deeper until she was taking him into her throat. He watched the muscles move and groaned at the sight before he slowly eased off so she could breathe and resume sucking and licking and nibbling at his cock in her mouth. He watched her through narrowed eyes, his breathing growing harder as he fought not to come, not yet. But when she sucked down hard twice more, a third time, he was crying out her name and pouring a hot load of come into her mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she could, bu it was dripping from the corner of her mouth just a little as she pulled herself off his dick, slowly, trying to catch every last bit.

Michael looked down at her as she swallowed and smiled. “I love you.”

Hot and Bothered

Aaron gave an evil grin as he finished tying the knots that held Samantha to the bed. He loved seeing her tied up, squirming, and helpless just as much as she loved being that way. A quick double check ensured her bonds were secure at each ankle and wrist and he leaned down to kiss the petite redheaded woman. “Ready, love?”

Sammi nodded her head without saying a word, knowing to be silent until he wanted her to speak. “Good girl, you remembered the rule.” For that another kiss was awarded to her and his fingers tiptoed along her body caressing and teasing the entire way. She arched her body against his touch wanting more than just the teasing but was fully aware that she was going to be teased and teased and teased some more. Apiece of ice appeared, seemingly from nowhere and circled around her already hard nipples. Samantha gasped at the cold and shivered in her bonds. The ice was quickly followed by warm lips which only made her writhe harder. It wove a trail down her body and was followed everywhere by those same lips. Samantha remained obediently silent except for the gasps and other small noises that were allowed.

Slowly the ice melted away and new torments came about. A soft mini suede flogger taken to her breasts. Sharp tiny stings all across the tops of them, along her belly, against her pussy and back up her body leaving just the barest hint of pink on her skin. Sometimes the tips of the flogger just brushed against her, almost tickling and she had to bite her lip to keep from giggling at the sensation.

Aaron ran his hands along her warm skin gently and stroked her clit, just once, dipping his fingers lower and holding them up so she could she just how wet she was. “Lovely, my dear. Just lovely. And what should I do with you next…” He stared down at her intently, just watching the movements of her body, the squirming, the straining against her bonds, the way her breath hitched as she once again realized she was at his mercy.

He groaned and knew all he wanted to do was fuck the woman tied to his bed, but first, he grabbed the nipple clamps and gently put them on before tightening the pressure on them to just a hair more than normal. Samantha nodded at him and he smiled, kissing her again, deeply. Then he grabbed her favorite vibrator, placed it against her clit and turned it on before walking out of the room with the admonition, “Don’t you dare come.” He really just needed a moment, or two or three, to gather himself before he just fucked the woman silly. He wasn’t done with her yet.

Aaron walked back into the room, grabbed a dildo and slid it into Samantha’s already soaked pussy. “Remember, no noise and no coming.” He fucked her slowly, with the vibe still buzzing away at her clit as she bucked her hips, arching her body off the bed, trying to take in all the pleasure he was giving her. She begged with her eyes, her body, the shape of her lips and the grind of her hips for him to fuck her. And finally he took the dildo away, moved the vibe from her clit and slipped his cock inside her heated body. They both moaned at the feeling and Sammi’s hips bucked up hard and fast doing her best to fuck him while she was still tied up. Aaron leaned down over her body, pressing against her and whispered, “You may.”

Samantha arched her entire body as hard as she could when the orgasm hit a  high, keening wail escaping from her formerly silent mouth. Her orgasm seemed to go on and on as Aaron fucked her feeling her pussy grab and clench at his dick. He ground into her and with a sudden moan of ecstasy, he came with her, their bodies still pressed together, the ropes still reminding her that she wasn’t going anywhere. He smiled at her, kissed her cheek and slid his body down hers before stand up and starting to loosen the ties that bound her. She relaxed as he massaged her wrists and ankles and touched her so gently. Aaron climbed into bed and simply held her. “I love you.”, he murmured into her hair and pulled her closer as she faded into sleep.

Domination Dreams

This is a dream that I had years ago and never shared because it was pretty out of character for me as I have always been more interested in submitting to men and dominating women. It is also my first Wicked Wednesday post and I do hope you enjoy it.

Livvy rounded the corner at a brisk jog and instantly spotted Drew’s car in her drive. She frowned slightly and slowed to a walk letting her normal cool down routine buy her a moment of thought. He wasn’t supposed to be up this weekend and after his behavior last weekend she was definitely surprised to see him.

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