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The Behavior and Belief of Young Women and Their Sexual Pleasure

This article is based off of a Ted Talk given by Peggy Orenstein regarding how young women see themselves and their sexual experiences and pleasure. The link can be found here. Understanding consent is a vital part of growing up … Continue reading

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Fat and Sexy – Moving Forward

In my first fat and sexy post I indicated that I could be fat and sexy at the same time. And I knew that was true, but what I hadn’t realized was how little I really believed in the idea … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday -250 – (2037 – 2050)

There were rumors everywhere that a resistance was coming. Politics mirrored the years of 2017 and later. Things existed on a much more uncertain scale. Since about 2025 women had become more and more marginalized. But there were more women … Continue reading

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Communicating Your Desires to Your Non-Kinky Partner

I’m a little kinky, my partner isn’t at all. And we knew this going into our relationship. At first I was afraid to talk to my partner because I’ve been shamed in the past for my sexual desires, kinky or … Continue reading

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Kink of the Week Jan. 16th-31st – Safewords

So when I first started exploring kink, safewords were one of the first things I learned about. I didn’t learn, though, that in the heat of a moment, you can forget your safeword and it resulted in a bad experience … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday 234 – Promote (Essays By a Libertine)

As a sex blogger I try to cover topics beyond sex toy reviews and writing erotica. So along this vein I’ve opted to write mini essays on various topics related to sex, sexuality, relationships, and anything else that seems appropriate … Continue reading

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Why do I sex blog?

I started sex blogging in the beginning because it sounded cool and fun and maybe I could score some free toys to review. And I actually did win some contests that give me review material that I never could’ve afforded … Continue reading

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Differing Desires

In many relationships one partner will have desires that the other partner doesn’t share, maybe because they don’t know about them or maybe just because it isn’t their thing. Both of these are valid reasons not to share a desire … Continue reading

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Insufficiently Queer

I can’t be the only person out there who feels as though they aren’t quite queer enough. In my case I feel like it is a matter of erasure because my partner is male and to look at the two … Continue reading

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Plus Size Sex

Plus size sex can face any number of challenges. Bellies get in the way, hips are wide, butts are big, and arms don’t always reach as far as we might like. And those are only the physical complications. Working around … Continue reading

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