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Wicked Wednesday – 260 – 2517 (Bionica)

Beth was bent over the bed as Rafael fucked her. His hands held her hips hard enough to bruise and she relished the idea that his finger prints would be on her body the next day. Of course, when your … Continue reading

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KOTW – Jeans (Caught Staring)

She slid out of the cherry red convertible and turned back to reach for her purse. And that’s when I noticed her. Skin tight jeans, hugging curves in all the right places with dark hair falling around her. Her body … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday 258 – Long Lost Friends (Friends and Lovers)

Sarah moaned at the feeling of Geoff’s mouth on her pussy, licking and sucking and biting at her clit fiercely. Her hips arched and she orgasmed again, before falling back to the bed exhausted. She wiggled with delight, loving the … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday -250 – (2037 – 2050)

There were rumors everywhere that a resistance was coming. Politics mirrored the years of 2017 and later. Things existed on a much more uncertain scale. Since about 2025 women had become more and more marginalized. But there were more women … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday – 247 (2050)

June 18, 2050 So Mom and Mama have really been pressuring me to find myself a nice pretty girl and settle down. The problem is that I’m not sure if that’s what I want. I’ve not found much interest in … Continue reading

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Lovingly Forced

Kaitlyn giggled at the feeling of Damian’s fingers trailing along her body. They were both nude and she was stretched out on the bed, her hands bound by a silk scarf. Gradually those tickling fingers became a gentle massage and … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday 243 – Twelve (Before the Meeting)

It was 12:48 p.m. The meeting began at 1:00. Alice and Roger rushed into the conference room together and shut the door. He pulled her in for a kiss that left her breathless with desire. “We’ve got to be quick … Continue reading

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Hot and Bothered

Aaron gave an evil grin as he finished tying the knots that held Samantha to the bed. He loved seeing her tied up, squirming, and helpless just as much as she loved being that way. A quick double check ensured … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday 233 Fucket List – What Dreams May Come

Brendan looked down at the scrap of paper in from of him. A fucket list? Really? This wasn’t high school anymore and he wondered how he’d gotten himself into these shenanigans. With a shrug he began writing down his goals, … Continue reading

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Anna’s First Threesome

Anna waited with bated breath for her guests to arrive. This would be her first threesome and while she knew she wanted to do it, right now the thought of it made her into a bundle of nerves. So much … Continue reading

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