Mutual Pleasure

Graham moaned and thrust his hips impatiently against David’s lips. David just glanced up at him and flicked his tongue out against he head of Graham’s cock, one, then twice before retreating again and playing with his own cock, further exciting Graham. Graham gave into his desires and reached to touch himself, but David swatted his hand away and shook his head. “Nope. Not yet. I want you ready to burst when I put my mouth on you. Are you ready yet? I don’t think you are.” “But I am. I need you. I need to feel your lips wrapped around me and sucking. Please David.” His voice was husky with need and want and David grinned at him suddenly. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Graham just nodded this time.

David never stopping touching himself, only leaned forward and took the other man into his mouth with a satisfied moan. All the teasing had been torture for him too. Licking and sucking, running his tongue along the sensitive spot on the underside of Graham’s cock made both of them moan and this time Graham, when Graham thrust his hips he felt his cock slid a bit further into David’s warm, wet mouth. David leaned into it, taking Graham even deeper and swallowing as the tip of Graham’s cock slid right down his throat. There was a moan from above him and he swallowed again, before pulling back to catch his breath. Then he began to suck in earnest, his masculine cheeks hollowed out and his eyes on the man above him. It made Graham swear softly at the sensation and buck his hips again, more gently this time, and they settled into a rhythm. Graham was just about to come from the feel of David’s mouth when David simply stopped moving and stared up at him. It was incredibly erotic and Graham never stopped moving, fucking his partner’s face gently. He put his hands on the back of David’s head and let out an audible groan when David’s tongue began to lash at the underside of his cock as he fucked him. Unable to hold back Graham yanked David towards him and began to orgasm shooting his semen directly into David’s waiting mouth.

He slowly pulled out and just kind of fell back on the bed satiated while David stood and leaned down to give him a kiss. Graham hugged him and returned the kiss hungrily. He could feel David’s still hard cock bumping against him and he reached for it, wrapping his fingers around it and stroking firmly. “Ohhh, that feels good. I wanna come for you.” Graham kissed David again and tugged gently at his cock to get him up onto the bed. David complied and position himself within easy reach of Graham’s hands which ceased their stroking and were now playing across David’s skin gently. They scooted closer together and kissed, tongues dueling with one another. David groaned as they kissed, his cock hard and aching. He looked at Graham, “Please.”

Once again Graham’s hands found their way to David’s cock and began to stroke and squeeze gently, the pressure and intensity varying at his whim. David twitched his hips with a growing sense of urgency.”Fuck yes. You’re gonna make me come. I want to see my come decorating your face. Can I do that? Shoot all over you?” The idea excited Graham further and hi put his mouth into play with his hands using his tongue liberally on David’s cock, enjoying the taste of the other man. David grunted and quickly Graham backed off and aimed David’s cock at his face, jacking him harder now. His eyes closed but his mouth was open in anticipation and then David erupted, hitting Graham in the face with jet after jet of his hot come. He watched Graham’s face the entire time and his whole body shook at what he was seeing. He felt like his orgasm would never end. When it finally did, David reached for Graham’s face and ran his finger through the sticky come on his cheek and fed it to him, one fingerful at a time, enjoying he appreciative noises Graham was making. It’s the little things in life.



Devon’s lips trailed hot across his lover’s skin before he bit down gently, just hard enough to leave a mark. They were tangled together in sweaty bodies and a pile of blankets and as they found one another’s lips, the room seemed to electrify itself with their desire. Soon the blankets had been kicked away and the press of their bodies together kept them warm.

He ran his hands down Andrew’s back, grabbing him at the hips and jerking him closer. They both moaned at the feeling of being so close together and Andrew’s hips thrust against Devon making him moan softly at the contact although they never broke the kisses they were sharing. Hands touched and roamed and skimmed across skin. Finally as their desire reaching a breaking point Andrew pulled away from Devon to grab the lube and coated both his hands and Devon’s cock.

Andrew’s fingers closed around his own cock as he grabbed Devon’s and began to stroke them both off watching his partner who stared back at him, his eyes dark with pleasure. They stayed here in this world they’d created for themselves both relishing the sensations that they felt. Finally Devon reached his breaking point and his own hands joined in as well. The men worked in tandem, their gazes never wavering as soft sighs and moans escaped them. Andrew leaned forward and Devon met him for a kiss. The two slid closer and Devon wrapped both hands around his and Andrew’s cocks, pulling them together. This made both men moan simultaneously.

They stayed like this, Devon sliding his hands along their cocks slowly for several minutes, leaning forward to share kisses, as Andrew’s hands roamed across Devon’s skin. Andrew pinched a nipple and Devon hissed with pleasure as Andrew reached out for the other one. Devon gave a squeeze as he felt both nipples being pinched at the same time and the pace of his hands increased. Andrew’s head fell back at this, as Devon’s name escaped his lips. “I need you.”

Andrew pulled free from Devon’s grasp, and leaned forward to kiss him once more before adjusting so he could wrap his plump lips around Devon’s cock. This made Devon moan as Andrew sucked at him hard at first and then became gentler, his head bobbing slowly up and down as he used his tongue to work across all the most sensitive spots. Devon stroked Andrew’s hair and pulled him carefully up and down along his cock for a moment before letting Andrew resume control of his motions. The hair pulling had made Andrew harder and he reached down for his own cock, trying to shift so he could suck Devon and let him watch the effect he was having on him. Devon smiled at Andrew’s squirming and watched him settle into position. He could watch his lover get himself off at the same time he was getting off and the sight only turned Devon on more. His hips thrust forward into Andrew’s mouth uncontrollably and Andrew reveled in the feeling rubbing himself faster. He wanted to taste Devon just as badly as he wanted his own orgasm.

It became a race to see who would get there first. Andrew sucking Devon’s cock or stroking his own and they both knew that, in the end, they both would win. Devon alternated his gaze between Andrew’s head between his legs and his hand on his cock and moaned again. “So good, Drew. Don’t stop.” The tone of Devon’s voice told Andrew he was close and he redoubled his effort licking and sucking and even nibbling at Devon’s cock. He loved the taste of him, the sheer maleness that belonged only to Devon. He moaned around Devon’s cock and the vibrations were almost too much to bear. Devon began to thrust against Andrew holding his head still with his hand pulling his hair, harder than he had before as he saw Andrew’s hand quicken its movements.

The two men moaned in concert and the vibrations from Andrew’s mouth to Devon’s cock were too much this time and Devon threw his head back with a sound of pleasure as he shot his come into Andrew’s waiting mouth. Andrew purred in delight making Devon twitch and suddenly Andrew was coming as well, covering his hand and even getting a bit on his chest. S he pulled away from Devon with a soft popping noise both men shared a smile before Devon leaned forward and ran his tongue along Andrew’s chest.

Wicked Wednesday 233 Fucket List – What Dreams May Come

Brendan looked down at the scrap of paper in from of him. A fucket list? Really? This wasn’t high school anymore and he wondered how he’d gotten himself into these shenanigans. With a shrug he began writing down his goals, but was determined not to share with the group since he wasn’t out to them yet. He figured he’d laugh over it with his roommate and crush later and maybe show him the list in hopes that David would get the hint.

The evening ended uneventfully with Brendan having successfully managed to avoid sharing his fucket list and he headed home to relax before bed. When he arrived he could hear David in his room, clearly watching porn. That guy seemed to be such a horndog despite never bringing anyone home. Brendan was surprised that he could hear the porn as usually David was more quiet about it, but he probably thought he was home alone still. Before Brendan could announce himself he heard clearly male voices from David’s room and shook his head.  He sighed to himself. “Wishful thinking,” he muttered and yelled out that he was home (the porn stopped instantly) while he walked into the kitchen to pitch his fucket list in the trash. Sharing it now seemed like a poor choice in hindsight.

David wandered out to say hello obviously still in the mood and Brendan used all his self control not to jump the other man, although he wondered if it would be a welcome thing. Dave wandered out to grab a couple beers and as he tossed the bottle caps into the trash he spotted the list Brendan had just tossed. “Dude, what’s a fucket list?,” came from the other room. “Nothing man. Just some stupid game the gang wanted to play at the bar.”

David fished the piece of paper from the trash and took a quick glance at it. His jaw dropped and now it made sense why his roommate was such a loner. They had more in common than he thought and he wondered how best to broach the subject of perhaps becoming lovers. A fucket list….hmm….Dave was gonna show Brendan what a fucket list meant he decided. Walking back into the room with the beers he sat one down in front of Brendan and grinned at him. “Sooo, about that list…” Brendan’s eyebrows launched so high on his  face they nearly met his hair line. “Please tell me you didn’t look.” “Fine I won’t tell you that I looked. But you could’ve told me dude. You know I’d keep my mouth shut.”

“Yeah, but you know it isn’t an easy thing to do. I’ve been trying to come to grips with myself for a while.” David nodded and took a swig of beer, wondering how best to proceed. “Alright look man, I’m gonna lay it out for you. Right now. You knew I was gay when we moved in together. But the reason I wanted to be your roommate is because I think you are amazingly hot and living with you and getting to know has only made you more attractive to me. That said, I can drop this subject now or…you can let me kiss you.” He stared levelly at Brendan waiting for a reply. Brendan took a drink and stared right back at his roommate, unsure what to say or do. After a moment and another sip of beer, “Yes.” It was just barely a whisper, but it was enough.

David slid across the couch and took Brendan’s beer from him, setting it down on the coffee table. He touched Brendan’s face gently and then pulled him closer and gave him a soft gentle kiss. Nice and slow. When he pulled away, Brendan looked almost shell shocked, except for the desire clearly visible in his eyes. “That was number one on your list I believe. Shall we do it again?” Brendan nodded and leaned towards David this time and the electricity between them was almost palpable at this point. The kiss deepened this time and both men toppled onto the sofa with Brendan on top. He moaned softly and ran his hands along David’s shoulders and ground his hips into David’s still hard cock. This was amazing and wonderful and scary all at once. He didn’t care if they went further tonight, he just knew that kissing the man underneath him was the most important thing in the world right now.

They came up for air and David laughed, “So is that fucket list still just a stupid game?” Brendan blushed slightly and shook his head laughing as well, “Maybe not. I don’t think this would be happening otherwise.” “And what else do you want to happen tonight?,” Dave queried. Brendan wasn’t sure if he was ready for more so he responded simply by kissing David again, this time nipping gently at his bottom lip and encouraging David to open his mouth for him. Brendan’s tongue darted in swirling around, tasting the beer and David both and he moaned again in delight. He felt his own cock harden through his jeans and pushed himself against David so they both knew the effect their make out session was having. David leaned up and whispered into Brendan’s ear, “I want to suck you off and taste your come.” Brendan shuddered at the thought and David pushed back him up and stood. “Get up and strip,” came the soft request and Brendan was helpless to do anything but comply. God, he wanted this.

As soon as he was completely nude David pushed him back onto the couch and knelt shoving the coffee table out of the way and tipping over the beers in the process. He teased Brendan, his mouth blowing warm air across his cock, but not quite touching him. Brendan stared down intently at the scene unfolding before him and waiting as patiently as he could for that glorious moment when David would take him. Licking along his shaft David simply enjoyed the taste of his new lover and kissed and nibbled at the insides of Brendan’s thighs. Brendan growled softly with impatience now and squirmed, lifting his hips, wanting to feel David’s mouth around him, engulfing him.

David finally gave Brendan exactly what he wanted and sucked his cock deeply into his mouth with a low moan that made Brendan twitch and spasm against David’s tongue. David worked the cock in his mouth hard and fast before switching to more gentle, slower movements. Brendan was writhing on the couch by this point, gasping for air and just lost in the sensations of what was happening. David moaned again and Brendan moaned aloud as well. He was getting closer and closer to what was going to be an incredible orgasm. David could feel how close Brendan was and he buried his face against Brendan’s groin taking him as deep as he could and sucking hard. That was all it took and Brendan’s hip rose and fell, bucking wildly as he shot a load of come into David’s waiting mouth.

David savored the taste and slowly slid his mouth off his friend’s dick. “Two goals down…”




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