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KOTW 5/16-5/31 – Crawling

Crawling. A baby’s first method of movement towards the process of walking upright. Something done by young children who just don’t want to walk or are playing pretend. How is crawling sexy when that is all that comes to mind … Continue reading

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KOTW – Jeans (Caught Staring)

She slid out of the cherry red convertible and turned back to reach for her purse. And that’s when I noticed her. Skin tight jeans, hugging curves in all the right places with dark hair falling around her. Her body … Continue reading

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Kink of The Week – Uniforms – Apr 16-30 (An Officer’s Touch)

Mandy rummaged through the closet searching for one of Jesse’s spare uniforms. There it was! He was out playing poker with the guys on his night off and she had plans of her own when he got home. She slipped … Continue reading

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Kink of the Week – February 1st-15th Threesomes (My First)

So, some of you might have noticed that this post has gone missing. WordPress/the Internet/something appears to have eaten the post and I can’t figure out why, nor can I retrieve the post. With that said, while I can’t rewrite … Continue reading

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Kink of the Week Jan. 16th-31st – Safewords

So when I first started exploring kink, safewords were one of the first things I learned about. I didn’t learn, though, that in the heat of a moment, you can forget your safeword and it resulted in a bad experience … Continue reading

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