Erica was both nervous and excited. She was camera shy, but wanted to take these photos, just for herself if nothing else. Mostly to see if she could see what so many other people, including her husband, seemed to see that she could not. So without telling a soul she booked a boudoir session with a local photographer who was known for making people comfortable in front of the camera.

When she arrived at the studio Erica was unsure what to expect but the pretty blonde adjusting lights wasn’t quite it. For some reason she’d pictured someone very no nonsense, not this young looking woman with her hair in a pony tail. “Umm…hello?” The woman turned and she was stunning. Chocolate brown eyes, high cheek bones and that blonde hair all set off a stunning complexion. “Oh hi! You must be Erica. I’m Laurel and I’ll be shooting you today. You can change into your first outfit over there and make any hair or make up touches as you need. I’ll be ready to start here shortly.”

Erica ducked over to the screened off area where Laurel had pointed out she could changed and opted for a hot pink fishnet dress with matching bra and panties that set off her chocolate skin perfectly. She checked her make up in the mirror one last time and ran her hands through her hair even though it looked just fine the way it was. Shyly she peeked out from behind the screen and saw Laurel watching for her. “Come on, don’t be shy! You’re gorgeous and these pictures will show it.” Erica took a deep breath and stepped out from behind the screen in her lingerie and walked over to the shooting area. Laurel took a few test shots and adjusting the lighting a bit more before nodding approvingly. “You ready? Just relax and do whatever comes naturally. Let yourself feel confident and sexy and let that show.”

Eventually the photos became better and better as Erica relaxed. Laurel watched her subject through the lens of her camera and, unexpectedly, became very turned on. They broke for an outfit change which resulted in Erica calling out to Laurel for an extra pair of hands to lace her into a beautiful brocade corset and adjust her garters in the back. The touch of Laurel’s hands on the backs of Erica’s thighs got her attention in a way she’d never felt before, even with her husband and she wondered if Laurel had felt the spark as well.

They resumed shooting, this time on the bed in the studio, getting some close ups of Erica’s face and breasts. Nothing lewd or untasteful, just sexy, slightly revealing photos that Erica could choose to share…or not. Laurel began to reach out and touch her subject, moving her this way and that and each time she did, they both felt that spark of attraction and wondered if the other felt it too. Finally, Laurel stopped shooting and point blank asked Erica if she felt the same attraction to her that she felt to Erica. “The other woman nodded, “I do. And I don’t understand it. Do you?” “No, but I am curious…” And laurel captured the shot of Erica’s surprised face laughing softly. “Aren’t you?” “Well, yes, but…” “No buts.” And Laurel sat her camera aside and leaned forward and kissed Erica softly. The ignition was immediate and Erica pulled the petite woman onto the bed.

Their kisses became more frantic as they both struggled to free Erica from her corset and Laurel from her skin tight jeans. Their mouths and hands were everywhere fueling each others desire. Finally freed from her clothing Erica grabbed Laurel and pinned her to the bed, biting gently at her nipples for a moment before sliding down and burying her face between the other woman’s thighs. They both felt there was no time here to waste. Laurel wiggled and squirmed both at Erica’s ministrations and in order to get herself to a position where she could touch Erica. When she could reach her fingers circled Erica’s clit eliciting a moan from the other woman and Laurel began to touch and tease, barely sliding her fingers in and out of Erica’s wetness. The two women, for all their inexperience, dove wholeheartedly into the explorations of each others bodies. It took no time at all for them to become quite familiar and even less time for Laurel to be coming on Erica face. Erica held Laurel in place and sucked on her clit until she begged her to stop and then kissed the blonde’s inner thigh gently before resting her head there as Laurel continued to probe and finger her pussy. Finally Laurel found that oh so sweet spot she wanted and rubbed her fingers back and forth had and fast, wanting, no needing, to make Erica orgasm for her. The touch worked and Erica was suddenly writing on the bed as her orgasm hit. Before she could recover Laurel had grabbed the camera and clicked a few quick shots of this beautiful woman, sated and happy, before locking the studio door and returning to the bed with Erica.


Wicked Wednesday 275 – Eye Contact – (Look at Me)


Sunny threw her head back, eyes closed, riding out the amazing orgasm that she was having. Even when alone she kept her eyes closed as she came. It had bothered some previous partners that she couldn’t or wouldn’t look at them during sex, but she was just so self conscious and kind of subscribed to the silly notion that “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me.” That was how her sex life had always been and she didn’t see it changing anytime soon.

Melanie wandered into the bedroom just in time to see Sunny’s eyes close again as she fingered herself to orgasm and shook her head a little. She wanted to see the look in Sunny’s eyes as she orgasmed so much. She’d asked Sunny to try, but she really hadn’t made any progress. Melanie pondered how best to approach the subject again, but only for a moment for the scent of her girlfriend’s sweet pussy called out to her drifting through the room and Melanie began to kiss her way up Sunny’s thighs, startling the other woman into opening her green eyes for the moment. Sunny stared down at Melanie and watched her face as she inched closer and closer to what they both wanted.

Suddenly, watching her girlfriend get closer and closer, Sunny understood Melanie’s need for eye contact but she still wasn’t sure if she could do it. She’d always been so overly aware of her body and the way she looked and those things had always driven her to screw her eyes shut every time she’d ever had sex. There was something inside of her that wanted to let go, but the fear of it had a stranglehold on her.

Melanie dipped her head, still staring at Sunny and slowly licked her pussy, running her tongue from the bottom to the top and then did it again, a tiny bit faster. Sunny moaned and tried to keep watching her girlfriend, but after a short moment of eye contact while Melanie licked and sucked at her, it began to be too much, although it was the most Sunny had managed so far. Melanie was proud of her for trying so hard and to reward her, she stopped teasing and earnestly began to play with Sunny. Wrapping her lips around Sunny’s already swollen clit she sucked hard and fast while slipping two fingers into her already dripping cunt. Sunny moaned and let her head fall back on the bed, alternately opening and closing her eyes, trying to relax and just let Melanie have her way. Sunny wanted to look down her body at her girlfriend and she could feel Melanie’s eyes on her, watching, but just couldn’t seem to move as another orgasm burst through her body.

Sunny shivered as she came down from the rush of her orgasm and felt Melanie’s fingers keep moving inside of her. She felt a third finger slip inside and moaned softly, wanting Melanie to move faster and harder. Instead, Melanie just looked up at her. “I’m going to tease you until you look at me and then you can orgasm.” And she gave Sunny a devilish grin, curling her fingers only slightly, but not quite enough. Sunny groaned, partially in frustration and partially out of the fear that she wouldn’t be able to do as Melanie asked.

As Melanie fingered her girlfriend, almost casually, she planted kisses against Sunny’s dark skin, wherever she could reach and watched Sunny intently. Sunny, for her part, was enjoying the attention and trying to psych herself up about keeping her eyes open for a change. But her heart was going a mile a minute at the same time. She took a few deep breaths and then let out a tiny squeak when she felt Melanie’s thumb rubbing circles around her clit. Sunny could feel another orgasm building, very slowly, but it was there. She managed to peek down at Melanie, who was watching like a hawk and with that one little peek, Melanie’s fingers sped up ever so slightly. “That’s good babe. I know you can do this; you’re going to do this. I want to see the look in those beautiful eyes when you come for me.” And Melanie pressed her thumb against Sunny’s clit firmly, then gently, repeating this pattern as her fingers fluttered ever so gently inside of Sunny who was beginning to squirm a bit at all of the attention. Slowly, Melanie eased a fourth finger into her girlfriend’s pussy and Sunny’s hips bucked of their own according taking Melanie a little deeper. “Ooohhh, that feels good,” Sunny opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling for a long moment, willing herself to lift her head and look down at Melanie. She wanted to ask to be fisted and she knew if she wasn’t looking when she asked Melanie would just tease her with the idea of it. Melanie must have had the same thought, “Sunny, look at me. Tell me what you want. We both know you want my whole hand in your pussy. I can already feel you clenching around me.”

Sunny gasped and slowly began to lift her head before letting it fall back. She took a deep breath and then another before she was able to move again and her green eyes met Melanie’s brown ones. “Please…,” her voice was just a whispered breath. Melanie smiled at Sunny and folded her thumb inward before slowly moving forward, letting her fingers just naturally slip into Sunny’s wetness. Both of them groaned softly and Melanie watched Sunny. “Keep your eyes on me love. I want to see you.”

Sunny struggled to keep from closing her out of pure habit, but forced herself to focus intently on Melanie’s face as though she were memorizing every detail, while Melanie’s hand moved ever so slowly and gently inside of her. Sunny played with her nipples idly, pulling and tugging at them as she stared down at her girlfriend. Melanie smiled as she felt Sunny relax a little and moved her hand a bit faster; she reached up with her other hand and rubbed Sunny’s clit hard and fast. As Sunny’s orgasm threatened to overtake her, she fought the reflex to close her eyes and just come. Suddenly there was no thinking about it, no fighting it, she just came all over Melanie’s hand, hard, and moaned out loud as she watched Melanie. Melanie smiled and watched the emotions crossing Sunny’s face, that particular spark in her eyes, and fell more in love with her girlfriend in that moment. As her orgasm slowed and then came to a gentle end Sunny let her head fall back onto the bed, eyes still open and smiled. Melanie slowly slipped her hand from inside of Sunny and slip up the bed to cuddle. “That was amazing, Babe.”

Wicked Wednesday – 261 – Waves (Sounds of an Orgasm)

The bass thumped and beat in a steady rhythm, pounding in time to the dancers movements. The club was dark, lit with intermittent strobe lights and flashes of neon signs at the bar. In a writhing sea of bodies, one almost stood out, not really dancing, but scanning the floor with a drink in hand. They tossed back their drink and wove in and out of the gyrating crowd to find a table, laughing at the touches received on the way through, Nothing like being an attractive women to garner such attention in a club. But she didn’t want any of them. No, she was looking for something better, something different.

Her looks was predatory almost as she watched the dancing masses and picked through the crowd before finally spotting her prey. She danced her way over to the pretty young woman and smiled at her. They both shimmied to the music gradually getting closer to one another until they were dancing alone with no crowd between them. The dark haired woman leaned in so she could be heard, “I’m Leila. What’s your name?” “Kirsten,” came the reply. And Leila smiled at her, almost a naughty grin. “Well hello there, Kirsten.” Leila danced even closer to Kirsten putting her hands on her hips and slowly grinding against the pretty brunette. Both women had tan complexions and dark hair, but the similarities ended there as one was blue eyed, the other brown and their height difference would be a useful thing later in the night.

The pair danced and talked, but mostly danced and Kirsten was a little shocked when Leila pulled her closer to grind their bodies together As the initial shock wore off Kirsten decided it felt really good and began to move in time with Leila. They heard nothing but the sound waves that created the music and felt nothing but one another as the dance turned more sensual when the beat changed. Kirsten was feeling brave at this point, having been dancing with this gorgeous creature and leaned forward to give her a quick, teasing kiss on the lips. Leila grinned at her and leaned in for a kiss of her own, a press of lips against lips and a tiny nibble before pulling away. They traded kisses growing bolder and bolder as they knew they were just anonymous strangers to everyone else on the dance floor.

Slowly, Leila steered them towards a dark corner where the light and strobes never reached and slid her hands down Kirsten’s spandex clad body. It was no quieter here in the dark, but was more private than the crowded floor full of people. The music pulsed steadily and they kissed again their bodies rocking to the sounds around them. Leila grabbed Kirsten’s ass and jerked her closer and this time the look on her face was decidedly wicked. “I’m going to finger you right here, against this wall, in this club full of people until you can’t take anymore. Do you want that? Do you want to feel my fingers inside you, stroking and touching your most sensitive parts, brushing against your clit? Tell me that you do and I will but tell me to stop and it all ends here. Your call.”

Kirsten tilted her head and leaned in so Leila would hear her. “I’ve never done this before. I mean…I’ve always wanted to, but never thought I’d be with a woman when it happened. Will you show me?” Leila’s hands ran up Kirsten’s thighs taking the tight dress with her so it was sitting just above a gorgeous, trimmed pussy and rubbed a single finger along Kirsten’s clit. Leila and Kirsten both could feel the tension in the air, knowing that they might get caught was exhilarating. Leila kept stroking gently and soon Kirsten was leaned against the wall, her hips just beginning to twitch at Leila’s every touch. Leila worked with the sound of the music, using the pounding bass as her guide. Kirsten moaned at this and knowing the music would mask her sounds gradually grew a little more vocal, begging Leila to fuck her pussy, her hips bucking harder now, slightly off the beat. She grabbed Kirsten’s hip with one hand and slowly circled the opening of Kirsten’s soaked cunt, before sinking two fingers inside of her. Kirsten went wild and her hips bounced off the wall, riding Leila’s fingers as Leila hit her in all the right places, over and over. The waves of Kirsten’s orgasm washed over her, but Leila never stopped her ministrations, just fucking her through the orgasm, which only triggered another one immediately after the first.

Leila stopped what she was doing, removed her fingers, and looking directly at Kirsten deliberately sucked the juices from them one by one. It was one of the most erotic things Kirsten had ever seen and she could feel that third orgasm already building. “Please don’t stop Leila.” Leila was happy to oblige and this time teased Kirsten’s clit until she orgasmed again. The music was still a wall of sound for them and it vibrated through their bodies, washed over them as the ocean does the shore and Leila knelt, at the perfect height and licked Kirsten, who moaned loudly, her noises drowned out by the crowd and the music. Leila took that as an encouraging sign and simply buried her face against Kirsten’s pussy, eating her out, tasting her, and sucking the juices from her body as though a woman starving. Kirsten began to buck, riding Leila’s face with an intensity that surprised them both and her fourth orgasm of the night pounded through her body in a rhythm that matched the music as it poured over them in waves.

Leila stood, pulling Kirsten’s dress back down and kissed the other woman. “Shall we continue this somewhere more comfortable perhaps? Maybe in a bed; I don’t live far.” Kirsten nodded, “Only if I get to return the favor, but you’ll have to be patient with me. This is all quite new.” Leila shot her a look filled with desire. “Everyone is new at something. I think you’ll be a quick study though.” They shared another passionate kiss and Kirsten could taste herself on Leila’s lips. It was intoxicating and only made her want more. “Let’s go,” she breathed against Leila’s lips.


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KOTW – Jeans (Caught Staring)

She slid out of the cherry red convertible and turned back to reach for her purse. And that’s when I noticed her. Skin tight jeans, hugging curves in all the right places with dark hair falling around her. Her body was divine. When she turned back around I found that her face matched the rest of her and I was hopeful that I’d get the chance to say hello.

These meet-ups for the local queer community in my relatively small city usually yielded nothing but boredom and if you were unlucky heartache, but sometimes it was nice to get out and just reconnect with people who would understand what the discrimination is like. But this woman in her red convertible and tight jeans was new. I placed myself near the door and slipped in behind her, my gaze drawn to her ass. What a lovely sight. Unfortunately for me there was a mirror I had forgotten about and I got caught staring for once. “Like what you see?,” came a melodic voice and I blushed a little at having been caught before looking up at her taller frame and grinned wickedly. “Absolutely. I’m Jessica,” and I offered her my hand.

“Amy, and I do believe the pleasure is mine,” she replied with a wink. “Tell me about these events anyway.” I shrugged and briefly explained the format of the evening and she looked decidedly bored. “I have a better idea. Let’s go grab a drink and if you’re up for it, home home with me tonight.” I arched an eyebrow, “Me? Why me?” I asked incredulously. I’m petite and have no curves to speak of and don’t feel I’m very pretty, but the woman in front of me just laughed. “Because I think you’re pretty. And I want to get to know you more…intimately.” And her eyes ran the length of my body, undressing me with her eyes. I swallowed back my trepidation and nodded, “Let’s get out of here.”

As she drove Amy glanced at me, “So…you like my ass huh?” I shot her look of my own and smiled, “Indeed I do. And just about now I’m glad I got caught staring.” We were sitting at a stoplight when she leaned over and kissed me. I could taste her lipstick and feel how soft her lips were. A group of guys in the car next to us started cheering and we parted laughing, just before the light turned green and Amy pulled away. “You know what, “I said, feeling bold, “Let’s skip the drinks if you don’t mind.”

The only response I got was a sharp turn in the opposite direction from the bar and a few moments later we were upstairs in her apartment. Giving no warning I grabbed Amy and pulled her closer to me, my hands immediately finding her ass. I wasn’t sure what had gotten into me because normally I was quite shy, but this woman awakened my senses in a way I’d never felt before. She pushed herself closer to me and leaned in for a kiss for the ages. I desperately wanted more, but I loved her ass in those pants so much it was hard to want her to take them off.

I gave one last squeeze and met her lips for another kiss, this one just as searing as the last. “Ohhhh, between these kisses and your ass in those jeans I want you so bad.” “Come and get me, then.” Amy turned and walked away towards what I assumed was her bedroom and I followed staring happily at her denim clad ass the entire time. Reaching the bedroom Amy peeled off her t-shirt and bra motioning for me to strip as well, but I wanted to see all of her first. I was fixated on her perfection. Finally she slid off those pants and turned slowly in a circle. Her ass was just as good out of the jeans. “Your turn.”

Sliding my hands under my shirt I removed it slowly; I was almost shy about my leaner body compared to her curves, but I figured that she must have seen something she liked in me. I stripped the rst of my clothing off and like her turned in a slow circle. Amy was grinning at me when I turned back around and stepped back into the circle of my arms. “You are gorgeous,” she claimed and I couldn’t help but let out a nervous giggle. No one had ever called me that before. Her head tilted and her dark brown eyes looked inquisitive. “I don’t mean to laugh, but no one has ever told me that before. I’m flattered, but it feels unusual to hear it too.” “Then I’ll say it again. You are gorgeous.” And she skimmed her hands down my body, stopping to tease and touch in all the right places. I sighed and snaked my arms around her waist, feeling her satin skin and realized I couldn’t wait any longer to have this woman. I maneuvered her back against the bed and gently shoved her over. She gave a soft laugh at it and squirmed up onto the bed for me. Eagerly I followed and began kissing up her body, my hands following the path of my lips. I kissed her gently, just below her belly button and she let out a giggle, so I did it again just to hear that laughter. My hands held her hips gently and I looked up at her. “Please.” was all she said to me so I lowered my mouth to her mound and began to kiss her there, working my way down swirling my tongue across her clit, nibbling here and there, enjoying the feel and taste of her. Amy lifted her hips and I quickly slid my hands beneath her, grabbed her ass and began to tongue her pussy in earnest. A moan escaped her and her hands found my hair, guiding me into just the right spots that left her writhing on the bed. In short order I heard her breathing begin to hitch and as her body twitched beneath my mouth I knew her orgasm was close. Wrapping my lips around her clit I began to suck gently for a moment, then harder and harder still. I wanted to feel her orgasm. Amy let out a cry of delight and lifted her hips higher as she came for me. I dipped my head, tasting her juices and wanted to lick her until she couldn’t handle anymore.

Instead I got yanked up the bed, kissed fiercely and our dance began again as she flipped to my back. She started at the top, stopping to tease my sensitive nipples in a way that left me utterly breathless and caused my hips to arch against hers. I almost came then and there and she knew it. So my lovely Amy continued her sucking and biting and kissing and I began to gasp and squirm. She was going to make me orgasm before she ever touched my pussy. As I got closer and closer she was my only focus and without warning at the same moment the orgasm hit me Amy slid two fingers into my twitching pussy and fingered me hard and fast. I never stopped orgasming from her touch and lay there whimpering and moaning and squirming at her touch. It was the hottest thing I’d experienced to date. And I never wanted it to stop, but gradually I was just orgasmed out and Amy removed her fingers, licking at them like a cat and smiled at me. She joined me and we simply wrapped up in one another, kissing gently our hands touching and tracing each others skin. All because a pretty girl with a denim covered ass caught me staring.


Wicked Wednesday -249- Meeting (Surprise Encounter)

Liz was wandering the record store, looking at what they had to offer and anything new she could add to her collection. She found one that reminded her of a girlfriend she had in high school. She picked it up and headed for the register with it. As Liz waited in line she listened to the chatter of the cashier with the people in front of her and idly reminisced about how much she and Michaela had enjoyed listening to this album together. Liz wondered where her original copy had ended up; probably loaned out and never returned she figured as she paid for the record and left the store.

Exiting into the bright sunlight blinded Liz for a moment and she squinted, digging her sunglasses out of her bag. Now where she thought and the answer was a small coffee shop down the street; she turned to walk down the block and promptly bumped into someone walking towards her. “Oh I’m so sorry!” “No harm done,” came an all too familiar voice. Liz wondered if the face would match the voice and tiled her head upward and smiled. It did. She didn’t think Michaela quite recognized her from high school, but then that was ten years ago. “Hey, listen there’s a great little coffee shop down the street; can I buy you cup?” There was that familiar smile. “Sure.” The two women moseyed down the street and Liz grabbed the door ushering her companion into the space. “Grab a table would you? I’ll go order. What would you like?”

Liz knew exactly what Michaela would drink and sure enough in this heat it was an iced chai latte. She preferred a cold matcha latte for herself and upon getting the drinks, carried them back to the table. She sat down and ran her fingers through her short hair before sliding her sunglasses from her face. Michaela looked at her closely and the remarkable blue violet of Liz’s eyes finally gave her away. “Lizzy? What are you doing in Austin? I thought you lived out West.” Liz laughed; no one but Michaela had ever called her Lizzy and gotten away with it, “I was in San Diego for a while and it wasn’t bad, but I missed home. So I moved back, just far enough from Mom and Dad to keep them from driving me nuts. So here I am. What about you?” “Oh you know me. I’ve always been weird enough for Austin.”

They shared a laugh and idly chatted enjoying being out of the heat that shimmered across the pavement. When Michaela noticed the bag at Liz’s feet she was immediately interested as they had always shared a love of vinyl. “So what did you find good at the record store?” Liz laughed as she pulled it out of the bag and showed it to Michaela, who just laughed. “Of all the things to find today…what happened to your first copy though?” “I dunno, but I think we should go back to my place and listen to this, just for old times sake. Would your girlfriend mind? “Honey I haven’t had a girlfriend in three years believe it not. A one nighter here and there, but no one I really clicked with in such a big city. No I’ve ever clicked with since you and I really. Come on, I wanna hear it again.”

The two women headed back to Liz’s apartment and as soon as they arrived while Liz was unwrapping the record and queuing it up to play, Michaela immediately stripped down laughing softly to herself, knowing Liz would stare when she turned around. And stare she did; they had both been soft and sweet during high school, but the way Michaela looked now, sharp and lean with her narrow hips and peach shaped breasts blew Liz away. “Damn…you were always gorgeous, but somehow you’ve become more than perfection.” Michaela blushed then grinned naughtily at Liz. “Your turn.”

The never shy Liz laughed and peeled her clothes off. She’d always been the curvier of the two and had put on some weight in all the right places with ample breasts, rounded hips, and what look to be lush and kissable thighs. As the music played in the background the two began to dance together giggling and chatting, waiting to see who would make the first move. Turns out it was Liz who leaned in and kissed Michaela gently, tasting her lips. She pulled Liz close to her so they were pressed together from breasts to hips and ground against Liz’s curves. Pulling away Michaela smiled at her former lover. “Did you ever learn how beautiful you are?” Liz just blushed and rested her chin on Michaela’s shoulder. “I’ll take that as a no.” Michaela ran her fingers through Liz’s short hair and gently pulled her back to look at her face and they kissed again, harder this time using tongues and teeth, and lips, tasting one another as they never did all those years ago.

Very quickly the dancing and grinding turned into the two women on the living room floor. There was nothing gentle about their coupling as they fiercely clung to one another, fingers finding pussies and clits, both working hard to see who could make the other one come first. Liz willingly and happily lost that battle, her hips arching off the carpet. Then she rolled over pinning Michaela to the ground and buried her face in the other woman’s pussy, licking everywhere she could, enjoying the taste and smell of her. Before long Michaela was rolling her hips to meet Liz’s face as she got closer and closer to orgasm. Finally Liz switched exclusively to sucking gently and nibbling on Michaela’s clit and slid two fingers inside her in that lovely come hither motion that would hit her g-spot just so. It took only moments more before Michaela cried out and shoved her pussy into Liz’s face covering with her come. Michaela caught her breathe and immediately dove for Liz making short work of returning the favor of another orgasm licking and sucking and fingering Liz all at once. It was almost but not quite overwhelming and Liz had to fight the urge to scream at the feel of her friend’s ever so talented mouth on her skin.

The women curled up together still sharing kisses and touching one another gently. They stayed like this for the remainder of the day and into the night, listening to records and fucking one another senseless between cuddle sessions where they couldn’t keep their hands from each other. In high school they’d only thought they were in love. Now they would find out for sure.






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Wicked Wednesday – 247 (2050)

June 18, 2050

So Mom and Mama have really been pressuring me to find myself a nice pretty girl and settle down. The problem is that I’m not sure if that’s what I want. I’ve not found much interest in girls and I don’t know why. Mom keeps telling me it is because I’m too picky and haven’t really given them a chance. In a society where men are second class citizens it is considered taboo to be with one and I’ve never been around men much (just my dad a handful of times) and that doesn’t really count. Supposedly all they want is sex and babies and women were tired of the status quo so it changed in the late 2030s. It wasn’t a slow burning kind of cultural change from what I understand, but happened seemingly over night when the women of the US rose up and the rest of the world followed suit soon after as they saw the new successes that we had here.

Peace was achieved for the first time in decades, the entire structure of the working class changed, the Minimum basic income was finally brought into effect and so much more.

And for some reason I don’t seem to fit the cultural norm. I certainly don’t want to end up with a man and termed a “breeder.” That seems like a terrible concept and I’d probably never see my parents again because I’m nearly certain they would disown me. I’ve got to find a way through this. I need a girlfriend.


So Mischa began her search in bookstores and bars, cafes and clubs. She saw a lot of women, talked to some, but no one quite caught her attention. After what seemed like weeks of searching she finally installed the most popular dating app she could find on her phone and started scrolling through local ladies in her area. A lot of them were older women and she wanted someone closer to her own age, that she would have more in common with so that was a bust. She deleted it and went to find Mom. “What next?” she asked after explaining the situation to her mother. “Next, sweetheart, you keep trying. Go back out to all those places you’ve been before, find new ones you haven’t, find a group hobby where you might meet someone, and just make friends. But it isn’t easy. It took your Mama and I a long time to meet and finally click. And keep in mind that we didn’t click right away. We were friends first.”

Armed with that advice Mischa tried again, looking for new hangouts and trying to find something fun to do as a group with some of the new friends she’d made. One day there was a group of them at the park having a picnic and generally being silly when Mischa looked up and spotted a girl sitting on a bench not far away, her nose buried in a book. When the she looked up and caught Mischa starting she blushed to the roots of her deep red hair but got up and headed towards Mischa who met her halfway. They chatted for the rest of the afternoon and exchanged numbers. Mischa was almost giddy when she left the park at sunset.

July 27, 2050

I met the most gorgeous girl today! Her name is Lauren and she likes to read and cook and is really funny too. That long red hair is amazing with her blue eyes and I really want to get to know her better. I think I’ll ask her out for dinner.

August 6, 2050

Had a great time with Lauren at dinner. Wish I lived alone so I could’ve invited her home. I know I’m being silly, but could I haven gotten so lucky as to have the first woman I meet be the One? I’m so giddy like a schoolgirl I can barely contain my own feelings.

Lauren often found that she couldn’t concentrate either as she keep thinking of the spiky haired brunette who had been staring at her in the park. She was head over heels and felt like it was more than just a crush. She’d learned a lot about Mischa in a short time and was contemplating inviting her over for dinner and a movie at her apartment.

The ladies spent wonderful evenings together just being with one another and finally one night Mischa looked at Lauren and took a deep breath, “I think I might be falling in love with you.” And she kissed the other woman who gently rested her hands on Mischa’s shoulders. Gradually the kisses deepened into more and they found themselves tangled on the couch half undressed. They looked at one another and grinned before they quickly just finished stripping down to nothing and came back into one each others arms.

Lauren and Mischa had slow, lazy sex, exploring bodies, sharing kisses, and taking their time. Mischa smiled triumphantly the first time Lauren orgasmed under her touch and couldn’t wait to taste her juices. So she teased and stroked and rubbed Lauren’s pussy just so and before long Lauren’s hips were bucking up into the air as she begged Mischa for more. When Lauren begged so prettily she acquiesced and lowered her mouth to kiss and nibble her way down Lauren’s belly, across both thighs, and finally agonizingly slowly, drug her tongue along Lauren’s wetness and against her clit where she sucked hard for a moment before returning to nice long slow licks of her lover’s wet cunt. Damn she tasted good; a sweet nectar to Mischa and she wondered if she could just love this girl forever.

Later that evening Lauren got sweet revenge teasing Mischa as well and forced orgasm after orgasm from her, delighting in the feeling of her cunt tightening around her fingers every time Mischa came for her. Eventually the two women lay sated on the living room having long since abandoned the couch and curled up together. Mischa played with Lauren’s long hair and smiled idly at the thought of everything going on in her life all of a sudden. She dropped another kiss on Lauren’s lips and gave her a wicked grin, “Up for round two?” Lauren pulled Mischa to her and kissed her neck, biting down gently. “I am if you are.”

January 15, 2051

Lauren and I are getting married! She asked me last night and there was no way in hell I was going to say no. Mom and Mama are thrilled as are Lauren’s parents. They all want to have this big to do of a wedding, but we’re really thinking about just running away and eloping to save ourselves the sheer insanity having two gay men and two lesbians planning a wedding just sounds like a damn nightmare. I think Mom would be the calmest of the bunch, but that’s not saying much. After spending high school not dating and then in my 20s being lucky enough to find the one in a million love of my life, well, even tough as nails Mom cried happy tears. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with this beautiful blue eyed redhead.




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Wicked Wednesday 227- The New Guy (A Comedy of Eros)

Ali was getting ready for her date with this guy her best friend had sworn was perfect for her. Dustin James. Personally, she thought that his name sounded like it belonged to a porn star. But she had promised Laura that she would at least go on one date with the man. How bad could it be?

She pulled into the restaurant they had agreed to meet at, a local steak and burger kind of place, and looked around for a car matching the description of the one Laura had given her. Bright blue late model sedan, nothing outstanding about it except for the color. It was there at the far end of the parking lot and appeared to be empty. Dustin must have beaten her here and was presumably already inside, maybe having a drink at the bar. A soft sigh escaped her lips and she checked her reflection in the rear view mirror one more time, smoothing her short burgundy hair into place; whoever said short hair was easier than long hair lied she thought and climbed out of the car.

Inside the wooden framed, down home style restaurant Ali looked around for a man matching the tall, blonde, slightly muscled description that Laura had given her. She didn’t see anyone that matched, although there was a very pretty women at the bar who fit the bill nicely. Maybe that hadn’t been his car outside and maybe she could get lucky after all. She wandered over at sat at the bar, ordering a neat whiskey and scanning the room every so often. If this guy blew her off, she was never letting Laura set her up again. She typically hated blind dates and didn’t know why she had agreed to this one. At least it wasn’t as bad as the one who took her out for Valentine’s day and drank eight gin and tonics in the span of a half hour. A waiter found him passed out and covered in his own vomit in the men’s room and Ali had booked it real quick at that point, glad she’d always been wise enough to meet them somewhere first. Then there was the bumbling coffee shop guy that bumped into everything, including her and an expensive vase that crashed to the floor. He’d also been a boring hedge fund manager or something. Not her type at all. Even some of the women she had seen on blind dates had been awful. Lexi had been an air-headed chatterbox with a penchant for the word “like”, Maria was gorgeous and catty and just generally insufferable, but her favorite of the bunch was Sena, an Aussie expat with a motorcycle who had been really sweet, but overbearingly loud and fun and aggressively macho. They had actually remained friends, which was a rare occurrence from any of her dates.

Ali sighed, glanced at clock, finished her drink, and was about to order another one when a second drink slid down the bar her way. She looked up thinking perhaps her errant date had arrived but it was from Gorgeous Babe at the bar. “You got stood up too, huh?”

“Looks that way. I’m never letting someone set me up again, even if it is my best friend doing the matchmaking.”

“One of my co-workers set me up with a friend of hers, Alex I guess. Dark hair, slender, grey eyed and supposed to be gorgeous. We were set to meet at 6:30, but I got here at about quarter of. This is ridiculous. People have no care for others anymore.” Gorgeous shook her head slightly annoyed and took a sip of the beer she was drinking. “By the way, I’m Dusti.”

“I was supposed to meet a guy named Dustin here tonight. At least that’s what my friend told me. I’m Ali. Damn men, damn women, damn them all. I hate blind dates,” and Ali laughed softly, almost bitterly thinking of all the miserable and failed dates over the years, not more than two of them had led o relationships and those had both been brief flings with women who really weren’t her type. There wasn’t a man in the bunch worth mentioning as far as she was concerned. Dusti let out a small laugh as well, perhaps thinking the same thing Ali was as she finished her beer and signaled the bartender for another. The two women chattered amiably nursing their drinks, Dusti buying several rounds and Ali buying several more. As it got late and the ladies realized it was time to leave, it became clear that neither of them was any good for driving. Ali texted Laura to see if she could come get her and Dusti was doing the same unbeknownst to either of them.

Laura got the two messages in rapid succession and frowned in confusion as both of her friends claimed that their dates never showed, yet they had sat chatting with a new friend at the bar all night and over did the booze. Could she come get them? Sure, she replied and left her house a few minutes later still puzzled that both women had been stood up. Surely there had to have been some mistake, Ali and Dusti were both pretty prompt, on track kind of people, which is part of why Laura figured they would hit it off.

Laura arrived about 15 minutes later to the restaurant and spotted the two laughing outside and really wondered what was going on. She parked and hopped out, walking over to the pair. “Well it seems like you ladies had a pleasant evening.” Ali and Dusti both turned and looked at Laura before they both started fussing about being stood up by stupid men. And Laura just started laughing. She laughed so hard that tears ran down her plump cheeks. “OK, you two are funny. Now let’s get you home.” “Uhhh, Laura what is so damned funny about being stood up?” Ali fumed and glowered at her best friend. “wait. You mean you’re not joking. Ooooh boy.” Dusti chimed in, “What is going on here? Why would we joke about this BS.” Laura was unable to contain another chuckle and took a deep breath. “Ali, didn’t I say you’d be meeting Dusti tonight. I’m certain that I did. And Dusti, what did you think I said when I mentioned Ali, who by the way decided to dye her hair and not let me know so I could tell you to watch for her.”

“What?!” Both of the other two women were genuinely puzzled. “Laura, I thought you said I was meeting Alex and just kind of assumed…” “Yeah, I heard Dusty and thought the same thing.” Ali and Dusti laughed now too, finally having figured it all out and shared a hug. “So, not bad for a first date after all. Wanna do it again sometime Ali?” “Love to!”

“Alright, lovebirds, you both need to get home and get some sleep. Take some asprin and leave some water by your bed. You know the hangover drill girls. I’ll pick you up tomorrow and we can get your cars. I’m glad everything worked out. Sounds like quite a story to tell.”



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