Natasha’s Night In

Natasha grinned gleefully as she spotted the box waiting on the front porch. A new toy to try out sounded like the perfect way to start off her weekend. Once inside she unwrapped her package to find a very thick, very heavy, and very detailed fantasy cock. It was shades of marbled green and aptly named, The Orc. She left it sitting on her night stand while she undressed and relaxed in a steaming hot bath.

A glass of wine later and still damp from the bath, she was anxious to try her new toy. She wasn’t even sure if she could take the entire thing. It was a good seven inches long and thicker than her wrist. But that wasn’t going to stop her from trying. She climbed into bed with a bottle of lube, her favorite clit vibrator, and The Orc close at hand. Natasha giggled and settled herself so she could easily reach her toys and closed her eyes, letting her imagination take her away.

She was a young maiden walking in woods that she knew were dangerous to be in, but she’d always been adventurous and while she was old enough to know better to venture so far from town, she was young enough not to care. She’d never believed the stories that were told at night around the fire, bestial figures who roamed the woods and stealing people away from their homes should they travel too far in the wrong direction. Her steps were quiet and she heard a branch snap nearby. Frozen by the sound and suddenly very aware of just how helpless she was as the memories of all the old tales came rushing back to her. She heard nothing more after a moment and turned to be on her way home as night was falling.

The whole time Natasha was building up her fantasy in her head she was gently rubbing at her body, feeling the softness of her skin, her nipples puckered from the chill in the room, carefully avoiding her clit, but tracing around it. She could feel herself growing wetter, her arousal building slowly as it always did during this particular daydream.

With another flurry of snapping branches and heavy footfalls, she found herself staring face to…well chest of a large greenish creature who looked down at her like a prize. Only now, did she understand why these woods were feared. She looked up and gasped as she stared into a pair of gorgeous blue eyes that stood out against his (she assumed) skin. It took her a moment more to notice the small jutting tusks, bald tattooed head, and wickedly sharp looking teeth. She knew she was in a predicament and if she screamed no one would even hear her. An iron grip locked around her wrist and she instinctively pulled back from it as hard as she could, but nothing changed and the creature before her just laughed. “Don’t fight me and this will go easy for you,” came the rumbling voice. “Now, come.” And she half walked and was half dragged along back to a small camp where the only light came from the embers of a small fire. The orc sat down and drug her down to sit in his lap. Oh yes, definitely a him.

At this juncture Natasha smiled and touched her clit for the first time. The jolt was almost electric and she began to rub not necessarily gently, her fingers dancing against her slick skin. A single digit slipped into her pussy smearing her wetness and mixing it with the lube already there. The feeling turned her on further as she pictured the orc holding her hands behind her back. “Be a good girl and you’ll enjoy yourself as much as I will. Fight me and things will go badly.” Those blue eyes, so unusual to her went from playful to serious in a blink and she could do nothing but nod her head mutely, wondering what exactly was going to happen to her.

Then she was lifted up with ease and her dress pulled away from her body with little care. She cried out as she heard fabric tear and tried in vain to cover her now naked body from the prying eyes of this monster. He laughed and tossed the ruined clothing aside before undoing his own loincloth. Her eyes widened and she shook her head no, utterly terrified now as she realized she had just become a plaything for an orc. Natasha lifted the toy to her lips and kissed the tip of it, sucking it into her mouth slowly, working it in and out, taking it deeper until she was almost gagging and could take no more. Her orcish captor tossed her onto the pile of furs nearby and approached quickly, his thick fingers tracing her pussy. She moaned around the cock in her mouth as her own fingers delved inside, sliding in and out carefully, as the orc would be exploring his new toy.

Natasha imagined herself helpless at his hands and, for the moment, let the toy fall to the wayside as she used her fingers to get herself off, just as if the orc was there with her, fingering her pussy with his thick fingers. It made her wish she knew someone with hands so large as to fill her like that and get her off. But instead she would have the next best thing. And thinking of that big green cock she’d been sucking on made her come and come hard. She grabbed her vibe, drawing out the orgasm until she was panting and had to pull the toy away. Incredibly sensitive as she now was, she felt ready to try and take at least part of the toy.

She found the lube, using a generous amount on the gorgeous green cock and let her eyes drift closed again as she pictured herself trapped on her back with the large orc poised over her body. Slowly he entered her, carefully, not wanting to hurt her as she held her eyes tightly closed. Her hands clenched and he stopped his forward movement instead rocking back and forth gently as she got used to the size of him. When she relaxed again he pressed a bit further forward. And found that she was the best prize of them all, an untouched one. He wanted to fill her then and there, claiming her as his. Natasha moaned at the full feeling of the toy, not even half way inside of her yet as well as at her own fantasy of being a helpless virgin taken by the giant orc before her.

Further she pushed the toy, beginning to thrust her hips up to meet it. She was stretched and full and loved the feeling of it. She opened her eyes and looked down to see that she had quickly taken more than she thought and groaned as she wished for even more. Her fantasy counterpart felt a tearing sensation and cried out as the orc forced himself past her hymen and further into her tight pussy. His fingers covered her mouth and she could smell her self as he did so. She was surprised at just how good the smell was and wanted to be brave enough to lick his fingers, but not now. Not this time. He fucked her, gently again, as she opened up to him and finally as she could take all of the length and girth more roughly. As roughly as Natasha fucked herself, her thoughts far away.

Natasha’s eyes opened as she felt the cock bottom out against her and she began to work herself on the toy, writhing against it, fucking it. Her finger pinched at her clit and when that wasn’t enough she again grabbed the vibrator, turning it on low as she rode the orcish cock of her dreams. Pressing it against the base of the toy she shuddered at the faint vibrations and the moved it up to her clit, teasing herself with one toy while she fucked the other. Her feet were planted firmly on the bed and her body rose and fell in a rhythmic dance. A click of a button sped up the vibrations and her own movements as well. She was gasping for breath and she chased that orgasm and suddenly she pictured this orc, the giant not quite human figure throwing his head back and roaring into the night as his own orgasm overtook him. Natasha cried out too, her voice echoing in the empty room as she gushed fluid onto the bed, squirting for the first time as she was filled up with a giant, green cock. She kept moving wanting more and held the vibe against her clit turning it on high. She imagined she could feel the heat of the orc inside her and began to shake as the combination of the vibrator and the dildo did her in again with another breath taking orgasm. She lay there seeing in her mind’s eye as her counterpart came as well and felt deeply satisfied. She clicked off the vibe and rested there leaving the toy where it was for now and dozed in a twilight sleep where anything, even sex with orcs, was possible.


A Little Me Time

She was home alone and horny. So what’s a girl to do when her partner isn’t home to fuck her silly? She takes matters into her own hands of course. With her favorite dildo and clitoral vibe she settled into the bed. She started with her nipples, pinching and rolling and tugging at them none too gently until they were rock hard and then she placed the vibrator against them, one at a time. The sensations made her gasp out loud and squirm on the bed. Her free hand trailed down her body and back up several times as she lightly caressed her own skin, still alternating the vibrator from one nipple to the other. Quietly, she moaned.

Finally she took the little bullet vibe away from her nipples and pressed it ever so gently against her clit. That alone was enough and she ground herself into the toy as her first orgasm hit her. Catching her breath she grinned and reached for her dildo, added a little lube, and slowly slipped it into her hungry pussy. This…this was what she’d been waiting for. In and out, nice and slow, feeling the slickness of herself against the toy. She just enjoyed the slow, lazy motions and let her lust build, gently teasing her labia and clit with her fingers, just enough to keep things nice and interesting.

Gradually her thrusts grew quicker and she reached for her vibrator, turned it back on, and placed it right on the edge of her clit, very gently, and turned it on to its lowest setting. It was just a tiny rumble adding to the stimulation she was already providing herself and she sighed with pleasure. She closed her eyes, seeing a fantasy in her head while she fucked herself and rubbed the vibrator against her clit. Soon it was all just too much and she began to thrust in earnest as she clicked the vibe up to its highest setting.

There was much more rumble now and she could feel it vibrating deeper into her body, forcing the dildo in and out, nearly reaching her cervix. Her hips lifted off the bed involuntarily and she found a rhythm there as she lifted to meet her own thrusts as she would those of a lover. She was fucking the dildo hard and grinding that damn vibrator into her clit and it felt so good. Her legs began to tremble and shake and she could feel the ridges on the shaft of the dildo scraping against her g-spot, filling her up so full, and she was almost there. Her tiny sighs and moans turned her on more, knowing she was doing something that many people would still consider dirty. Well, I’ll be a dirty girl, she thought, and fucked her pussy harder, arching her hips into it and with no warning another orgasm rolled over her. She tried to keep the dildo moving and fuck herself as she came to prolong an excellent orgasm and a third tiny one ripped through her as well when she pressed that vibrator just so.

After that she lay sated on the bed, not bothering to remove the dildo, but just turning off the vibe and laying there to rest for a long moment. She felt much better and couldn’t think of a better way to spend part of her day.

All By Myself

I slid into the bed and lubed up my fingers. I wanted an orgasm and wanted it now. Screw the foreplay. My slick fingers found their way to my clit and pussy, covering them in lube, loving the extra slickness it created. I tried to take it slow and enjoy myself, teasing my clit, rubbing against my pussy lips, but soon it just wasn’t enough.

I rolled my clit between my fingers with my left hand while the right reached up to play with my pierced nipples. Sighing with pleasure I dipped two fingers into my pussy curling them up to reach my g-spot and flutter against it. I stifled a moan, not wanting to be heard and repeated the movement. My hips bucked involuntarily and I pulled away from my pussy, licking my juices from my fingers. Back to my clit rubbing and pinch and rolling back and forth. I could feel an orgasm building and I frantically reached for a toy.

The first one I encountered was a dildo and that was good enough for me. I shoved it into my pussy, fucking myself with it while I played with my clit. Closing my eyes, I could hear my breathing becoming harder and faster, my back arching against my own hand. And then it hit me like a freight trained and I bit my lip so as not to cry out. I was coming and coming hard. I fucked myself harder with the dildo and kept rubbing my clit, prolonging the orgasm as long as possible. Eventually I collapsed back on the bed sated, and relaxed.

In honor of May being National Masturbation Month. 🙂


Natalie shed her clothing, carelessly, and fell backwards onto the soft, fluffy bed that she had shared with many lovers at many different times. She thought of them, some of them at least, and settled herself comfortably into the nest that she had created. Her hands trailed along a lithe body, feeling the swell of her breasts and the curve of her hips. She loved her body.

As her hands and fingers explored her flesh as though it were new to her she let her mind drift. She’d been just 18 and ready to explore her sexuality for the first time. She found someone, older than she and dove head first into the heretofore unknown world of sex. She learned to suck dick and eat pussy and do all kinds of things, some that one might consider depraved, but as she had learned, her kinks were not always someone else’s kink. She thought of nights she’d been spanked and fucked and used like a toy. She thought of gentler times when she’d been held and loved and of times when she’d been with women and how their softness tended to contrast with her male lovers. She thought of all these things and gradually her hands slipped down to play with her pretty pink pussy. She kept it neatly trimmed and loved running her fingers against the soft hair, while rubbing at her clit gently, first in circles, then up and down and around, teasing herself.

She took her time, there was no rush to her pleasure. Gradually it built and she dipped he fingers inside of herself, smearing her wetness across her skin. There was a shiver at that feeling and she did it again, still lost in her reverie of lovers past. She pinched her clit, gently, reminded of the time it had been clamped for some light bondage game and sighed with pleasure. Soon, her fingers began to move faster and faster. Her hips arched from the bed and she slipped a single digit inside of herself reveling in the feel of her muscles squeezing around it. Another finger was added and she moaned softly, driving herself a little closer to that edge. But she made herself wait. Teasing her body further, she abandoned her clit for her nipples, rock hard as they were, she pinched and pulled and remembered how her first female lover had sucked at them so gently. Natalie’s breath came in short, soft gasps now as she waited, pushing herself to the brink and then backing off over and over.

Until finally she couldn’t hold herself back and began to earnestly fuck her pussy with two fingers, her other hand returning to her clit to rub furiously, building her orgasm hard and fast. She had driven herself so close to the breaking point, so many times and here she was. Her body began to shake gently and she gasped her pleasure, taking it all in and loving every moment of the time she had alone. Suddenly, her orgasm hit rolling over her like a thunderstorm across the sky. She bucked hard against her own hands and moaned and cried out her orgasm. Driven by her need she pushed her body harder, higher and a second orgasm followed on the heels of the first, her cries louder this time as she squirmed on the bed. After yet a third orgasm that she was able to draw from her body, she rested peacefully and settled. Again her hands gently trailed her body, this time simply because she could. And she reveled in her soft flesh, giving herself goosebumps that caused a shudder and the aftershock of an orgasm shivered across her skin. She was content.

Le Petit Mort

Lisa sighed to herself after a really long day at work and stripped out of her clothes letting them fall to the floor in a heap. She flopped down onto her bed and stretched out her hands tracing along her curves. She sighed again, this time more content, and knew just what would make her feel better after a stressful day.

Her hands found her breasts kneading them gently, thumbs brushing across her nipples and her blue eyes closed gently as she lost herself in the sensations. A pinch here and there, rougher caresses, back to a feather light touch. Lisa shuddered at that last one and wanted more. One hand still pinching and pulling at a pretty pink nipple she slid her other hand down between her legs. She stroked her skin, tracing her pussy lips slowly, avoiding her clit and just going around and around gently, waiting for the right moment, her other hand still tugging and worrying at her nipples. A soft moan escaped her lips and her hips twitched slightly.

She opened her eyes, this time looking down the length of her body and smiled at the sight before her. a finger dipped down, around, and into her wet pussy and finally she touched her clit, rubbing it softly. It caused her hips to twitch again this time almost of their own accord and she whimpered softly. Every motion from the tugs of her nipples to the strokes on her clit felt connected and intertwined, like all her nerve endings were tangled together. She wanted to chase her orgasm so badly, but knew how much better it could be if she could force herself to wait. And she did.

Lisa’s movements became slower, more sensual and the little gasps and moans were soon involuntary noises that she couldn’t control. Her fingers still circled and rubbed at her clit as gently as she could manage. Her hips arched and her legs twitched and she could hear the imaginary voice of her lover in her head urging her on. She dipped her fingers down into her pussy and began to slowly move in and out, her body moving in a rhythm as old as time itself. Her free hand left her breasts and she licked a finger, then touched it to her clit and resumed that soft petting that always felt so good. A little more speed and pressure and there would be no stopping it. Still she waiting, fingering herself slowly, almost lazily, her fingers slick and sliding against her skin.

Without warning her body jerked and Lisa knew she was going to come and come hard. Her fingers moved faster across her clit rubbing from side to side now and she drove her half curled fingers deep and hard against her g-spot. Her entire body jerked, spasmed, and arched off the bed as she cried out with her orgasm. She fell back on the bed to catch her breath and slowly eased her fingers from her pussy licking them and relishing the taste of herself. Much better she thought to herself and smiled.