Review: Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples

SatisfyerCouples2I wasn’t sure about this new couples toy from Satisfyer from the get go. It just didn’t look quite right to me as far as angles go and I had some misgivings about whether or not it would suit my body. But before we get into that, let me tell you more about the toy itself.

The silky while silicone of the toy (which is a hallmark of the newest line up of Satisfyer toys) is plush and lovely to the touch and is a perfect compliment to the ABS plastic rose gold buttons. The toy does have a certain elegance about it and I’m sure this plush feeling and muted color choice attribute to that. It is also relatively quiet, much quieter than some previous Satisfyer toys that use the pressure wave technology. And, as a wonderful touch, it happens to be waterproof and recharable. No messing about with batteries here, just clicking the included cable into place with a magnetic charger and plugging the other end into a USB port either on your computer or wall adapter. It can be used with a water or oil based lubricant.


The Pro 4 Couples has eleven different intensities of clitoral pressure wave stimulation ranging from barely there to holy crap it’s a jackhammer on my clit, albeit a buzzy jackhammer that is mildly uncomfortable. It also has an arm that vibrates to the tune of ten patterns of varying intensity and steadiness. The steady vibrations are always what seems to work best for me, but if you like a bit of variety the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples does offer that with the vibration patterns it produces.

Unfortunately the toy didn’t suit my anatomy at all. Either I had the pressure wave stimulator on my clit and the arm kind of just hanging out or I had the vibrating arm inside of me and the clitoral stimulator was nowhere near my clit. My partner tried bending the flexible arm to help me get it in place to no success. So it was basically a no go for me from the outset, although the steady vibrations were relatively rumbly compared to some other toys I’ve used and the patterns were OK, but again not my thing. So, sadly, my despite our best attempts, my partner and I couldn’t make this toy work for us no matter how hard we tried.


But, if couples toys are your thing and you want to try a quality product that is well made I would suggest the Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples. You can purchase it directly from the shop for $69.95 or check your favorite body safe sex toy retailer.

This toy was provided to me by the good folks at Satisfyer in exchange for a fair, honest, and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

Review: Svakom Billy

I’m always on the lookout for new toys to try and when I heard about Svakom I was interested in their toys, but wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Luckily I won my Svakom Billy in a contest (Thanks Emmeline Peaches!) and have been able to give him a try. The Billy is an averaged sized toy at approximately 1 and a quarter inches diameter, 7 inches long, and an approximate weight of 93 grams. Mine is a beautiful violet color that I absolutely adore; it also comes in plum red on the Svakom website. It is a solid, well made toy.

However, it didn’t work for me. I found it be adequate at best and really struggled to eke out an orgasm with it. The curve was too shallow to reach my g-spot without pressing the toy really hard and upward inside of me and even then I struggled to get enough pressure to find any pleasure from this toy internally. It just wasn’t gonna happen as I quickly found out. The curve and shape of the toy just do not work for me in the slightest and the buzzy, make my hand numb, vibrations also didn’t work for me. Also, the more pinpoint vibrations that this toy does very well aren’t really something that I’m into so that was another reason that it was a no go toy for me. Overall, this toy was a bit of a dud as far as I am concerned. It doesn’t suit my body size or shape wise and sadly isn’t what I need in a vibe. Even my ever helpful partner who seems to be able to work magic on toys couldn’t help me here. It’s not under powered or a bad toy. It just didn’t work for me The only orgasm I had with it was very weak and rather unsatisfying.

It does have its plus sides however, and my favorite of them is the very plush, almost velvety finish that the silicone has to it. At one point I was just playing with the toy in my hands because I found the texture to be so interesting; and it is a smooth toy so the idea of texture might seem a bit odd, but there’s no other word for it. It also comes with a nice, branded storage pouch and charges via an included USB cable. Mine came charged and because the toy has a polymer lithium battery, it holds a charge quite well even when not in use. The total charging time is about one hour and according to the Svakom website it will give you two hours of play time on a single charge. It is also waterproof which is nice if you’re a fan of shower-gasms and makes it easier to clean as well. The toy itself is also very quiet. When I tested it with my partner they indicated that they might be able to hear it if the house was completely silent. Otherwise, this one seems like you could close the bedroom door grab some lube (water based only folks!) and have some fun with no one knowing a thing about what you’re up to.


Overall, while the Billy didn’t work well for me, it is a well constructed toy that has some solid features that make it a nice toy and if you’re looking for a high quality vibrator with a slight curve to it this certainly might be an option to consider. You can purchase it directly from the Svakom website or at your favorite body safe sex toy retailer.

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Review: NMC Toys Red Vibrator

I bought this toy off a random site on the Internet some time ago now (before I knew about reputable websites like SheVibe) and only used it enough to decide that I definitely did not like it. It is tiny coming in at about 3 inches insertable and 5 inches total and even though it has a nice curved tip that could be used to stimulate one’s g-spot, the toy didn’t even come close to reaching mine.

So I tried it as a clitoral vibrator and that was just a distraction to anything else I or my partner were doing. The vibrations are very buzzy and buzzy just does nothing for me. It quickly became relegated to the never use again pile, until I decided to post a review here. Nothing has changed from my first assessment of awful and buzzy and generally useless for the way I am built and what I prefer, which happens to be much rumblier vibrations than this toy could ever be.

I’d never seen anything as to whether or not this was a silicone toy so I opted to do a flame test on the toy, but because there was no way for me to verify what the company had to say about the matter and my knowledge is limited, I cannot be conclusive in my findings as to what exactly the toy is made from. To the best of my understanding it did react as thought it were silicone, but without shelling out money for an expensive lab report I can’t be sure and therefore deem my findings as pure speculation. If you want to learn more about flame testing check out Dangerous Lilly’s blog. I will say when I used it there were no adverse effects from it, other than the fact that I simply did not care for it as a toy.

I also won’t be searching out or purchasing anything from this brand again simply because I don’t like the toy and because I’m unsure on the quality of the materials. If you’re looking for a good g-spot or clitoral vibe you could take a look at the B Swish Bcute Classic Curve which is similar in size to this particular toy lengthwise (so it may be too short, find your G-spot!) or the Aria Hue by Blush Novelties. It is a bit longer and might be more suited for some people. So there are a couple of G-spot vibrators you might like. If you’re more interested in clitoral stimulation either of the vibrators above might be right up your alley with that rounded tip for a a pinpoint stimulation or you might prefer a more classically shaped vibrator like the We-Vibe Tango. At any rate, if there is one thing I learned about buying my sex toys, it is that I should buy them from reputable shops and companies so I know what my toys are made of and not buy something simply because of the price. I hope you enjoyed this review and will come back for more reviews, erotic stories, and other sex and relationship related topics!

Review: Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Butt Plug

The Doc Johnson Naughty Anal Plug was my first butt toy. I knew I was interested in furthering my knowledge of anal play, but I was also concerned with going too big too soon and I found this toy in its largest size to be perfect at 4.5 inches in length. It comes in black and pink and has a nicely curved flared base that just fits my anatomy. The neck is narrow enough that I can hold onto it with no trouble and just rock back and forth for a bit of stimulation. When used in conjunction with a vibrator or receiving oral sex it is absolutely fantastic.

Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Butt Plug

When I first saw the toy (it was a gift by the way) I was taken aback by the size of it because it seemed like it could be too small. A fair amount of lube later (water based only please since this is a silicone toy!) and it slid right in. It was gentle, but definitely gave me a feeling of fullness that was just enough to be noticeable. The plug is small enough that I’ve worn it for an extended period of time with no trouble and found it quite comfortable to do so.

As a starter plug I have found it to be a nice addition to my arsenal of toys, but if you’re already pretty well versed in anal play I would skip this unless you want something small for a purpose.

US bill for scale

Again, because it is made of silicone you don’t want to use silicone lube with it.  (Go here for more information.) You also want to keep it clean; not just because keeping your sex toys clean is good practice, but because things like to stick to the silicone. Cat hair, for instance, and fuzz, and dust, and…well everything it seems. It can take a bit of spontaneity out of playing with the plug because obviously you don’t want fuzz up the bum, but since I prefer to plan my anal play, that’s fine with me. YMMV.

Overall, I feel like this isn’t a bad toy and while I don’t play with it often, it isn’t through any fault of the toy itself. As I said, it seems like a good starter toy to me, but it does come in smaller sizes at 3 and 3.5 inches in length. Reasonably priced at just under $30 on the Doc Johnson website (click the Buy Now button) it is of higher quality than some other comparably priced toys I have seen out there and one I’m keeping around for sure.


Livvy rants about…Rabbits

Hey everyone! I know I basically vanished a few weeks ago and it sucked, but real life got in the way and kicked me in the face a couple times. But I’m back now as I try to wrap up the insanity that came my way and hope to return to a normal posting schedule again.

Speaking of posts I’m going to start a series that will be done (probably) at random called “Livvy Rants…” Since I’m back now and I just tried a rabbit for the very first time the other day and was INCREDIBLY underwhelmed and unimpressed by it, I decided I would rant about it. And yes, I know that everyone is different and toys are not a one size fits all kind of thing. I fully expected that.

What I didn’t expect was the awful smell when I pulled it out of the plastic packaging it came in. I had to really do some looking, although the website I got it from (won in a contest mind you) said it was body safe TPE. Once I let it air out and washed it really well the smell was gone, but initially I was kinda grossed out. Annoying, but easy enough to deal with if you know a little bit about your toys. It was still enough to make me mildly cranky.

I also didn’t anticipate having to push the little beads back up into their section because several of them had gravitated downward towards the motor in shipment. My partner also pushed them back up after we used it the first time. Is this a common thing? It feels like it would be  a safety issue if they managed to get down into the motor.

Also, that motor…ish. Under powered and incredibly loud to the point of being distracting. It was the single largest turnoff to using the toy. I got one OK orgasm out of it before the noise got to be entirely too much for me to deal with.

So yeah..rabbits don’t seem to be my thing and after a disappointing experience with my first one, I think this is one train that I’ll just hop right off of and let pass me by. For those of you that love them and swear by them, good for you, enjoy them. I’m going to cannibalize the bullet out of mine (the good part!) and find other toys that I love. Which means more reviews!! Hooray! Check back to see what I think about the DIY Figure 8 Cuffs from KinkCraft just as soon as I recover from a minor wrist injury that will let me photograph these beauties like they deserve.

Until my next rant…



Review: Njoy Pure Wand

I’ve had my njoy Pure Wand for roughly three years now and I haven’t stopped enjoying it. It is what I like to call my first real sex toy because everything else to date had been stuff from Spencer’s or other sketchy shops and they were all made of potentially non-body safe materials. Oops! And then my partner gifted me with one and half pounds of solid, medical grade stainless steel that is ten inches long with a one inch diameter ball on the small end and a one and a half inch ball on the other. I was a bit intimidated when I first opened the bright pink satin lined black box.
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Original Magic Wand Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share that Beck from the blog Beck and Her Kinks is giving a lucky reader a chance to win one of the Original Hitachi Magic Wands. This giveaway ends on the 30th of this month so if you’re interested head on over and enter now.

I’m excited for the chance to get my hands on one of these because I’ve actually never used one before and I would love to know what all the hype is about. With a little luck, I’ll be the winner of a toy I’ve always wanted to try and then I’ll have to play with it a lot so I can write an accurate review. What a hardship…*laughs*

Good luck to everyone who enters!