Wicked Wednesday 284: Telephone (Textual Context)



It was an unknown number that popped up with the text message.”Hello sweet girl.” She frowned at the message and replied, “Who is this?” It took a few moments for a reply to arrive, but when it did the picture was of a handsome man she recalled having met at a recent gathering. She had not, however, given him her number, nor given him any inclinations that she was interested. So how had he gotten her number (a friend) and why was he interested in her?

“Because, my dear, you intrigue me. And I like a good puzzle. You seem so tough on the outside, all brash and wild, but I think, on the inside, you want someone to hold you close and let you relax and perhaps even submit.”

“And I think you’re fucking crazy.”

“Maybe so, but maybe not. Are you willing to take that chance though? Or would you rather miss out?”

“I’m not missing out on anything, thank you.”

Every few days the pair shared a message exchange with him trying to cajole her into meeting with him, at least for coffee. He wanted to sit down with this woman and talk to her. He learned bits and pieces about her through text messages, like guessing her favorite color one day or finding out that she had a cat. Little, trivial things. Eventually he expected he’d wear her down or she’d block his number, but he never knew which. After several months of their back and forth she agreed to meet him for coffee, but only coffee. She pulled up to the shop and walked in glancing around to see if he had beat her there. She didn’t see him so she turned to leave as she figured her attempt had been made. Not her fault he wasn’t there at the agreed upon time. She spun on her heel only to bump right into him. And the picture he’d sent did not even come close to doing him justice. He was taller than her with dark, commanding eyes and short black hair. She wasn’t exactly short and her hair was blonde and punky with flashing hazel eyes. He grinned. “Leaving so soon?”

He took her arm and steered her to a table before going up to get coffee for them. He had learned she liked a good mocha with double whip cream. His choice was a more basic latte. When he returned he sat down and simply stared at her for a long moment. She arched an eyebrow and then very deliberately ran a finger through the whipped cream on her drink, sucking it off her finger, never breaking eye contact with him. He smiled. “See, brash indeed, your haircut says you’re a little wild, but that, that right there just calls for someone to bend you over their knee for a good spanking.” “I don’t think so,” her words were sharp and biting and made him chuckle. The rest of the date was full of such back and forth.

When her phone dinged shortly after she got home and she saw it was him she audibly groaned. Sure, she was attracted to the man, but she wasn’t the submissive type and she knew it. But she couldn’t help a smile when she saw it.

“Did you make it home OK sweet girl?”

“Of course I did. I’m not some shrinking violet who can’t handle herself alone.”

Again messages were exchanged and they learned more about one another as well as slowly becoming more intimate with him pushing and she finding herself wanting to answer. She didn’t think about what this might mean. She didn’t want to so she shoved it from her mind and pretended it was all a game. Little did she know how big the stakes were.

One day a multi-hued bouquet of carnations showed up at her job with a note. ‘Dinner. Tonight. 6:30 PM at the Landmark. The Landmark, she thought; he was really pulling out all the stops suddenly, but she wasn’t missing up a chance for a good order of Clams Casino so she freshened up after work and was waiting at the restaurant in her car by 6:20. At 6:25 he tapped on the window and she slid from the car. They enjoyed a nice dinner without quite so much sniping back and forth this time, just real conversation and at the end of the night he issued her a challenge. “So, I know you’re not submissive from what you keep telling me, but if I dared you to go to the ladies room, remove your panties, and bring them back to me at this table, what would you say?” She stared him down evenly and replied, “I’m not wearing any.” He threw his head back laughing for a minute. “Are you sure I can’t convince you to come home with me?” “I’m sure,” came the dry response. And then a quieter, “Thank you for the flowers, they were lovely.” “I’m glad you liked them,” he smiled and they left to go their separate ways.

Again he checked to see if she made it home OK and again she had a scathing response ready. At this point even she enjoyed their repartee, even if she occasionally found him infuriating. They began to see one another with more frequency and finally during a walk through a local hiking trail he pushed her against a tree and gave her a split second to say no before he kissed her. There was no thought to her actions, but her arms were around his neck almost instantly and holding onto him. They were both a little shocked when he pulled away from her. “And here I thought you didn’t like me.” She just shrugged and kept walking, a response he had expected. But as they came back through he pushed her against the same tree and kissed her again, refusing to let her just walk away from it this time. He traced his hands down the sides of her body. “Come home with me. Just say yes sweet girl.”

She smiled at the nickname he’d given her and finally after months of waiting, she said yes.


Wicked Wednesday 270 – Bond – (In Concert)


Ethan smiled and shot his girl a text, “Symphony Hall. Tonight. 7:30. Wear that short black dress I like. No panties.” Megan smiled and took a break from her work as the phone buzzed on her desk. Her smile grew wider as she read the text. “Yes Sir.”

She rushed home after work to get ready and by 6:00 she was just zipping up the short lace covered black dress that hit mid-thigh and had a sweetheart neckline to really show off her ample cleavage. She darted out the door and headed for the concert venue. She had no idea who was playing or what Sir might have planned for her once she arrived. It only made the anticipation sweeter.

Megan arrived a bit early and looked around the lobby for Ethan. Not seeing him she waited patiently to see if he would find her or text her more instructions. Moments later she felt a warm hand on her shoulder and turned to see him in a black tuxedo and she smiled up at him. “You look dashing. “And you, my dear, look good enough to eat.” She blushed as he leaned down to give her a kiss on the cheek. “Come on, lets go find our seats.” And he led her through the crowd to a private box where they would be undisturbed. That’s when she knew he’d be up to something for sure.

As they settled into the plush seats and the music began to play, Ethan was trailing his fingers along Megan’s thigh, just barely touching the hem of her dress each time. Before long she was paying more attention to him than to the music and watched him from the corner of her eye to see what he would do next. Without any warning his hand was under her skirt and her legs spread of their own accord which won an approving smile from his lips. He caressed her inner thighs gently, never reaching quite as high as she was beginning to wish that he would. Megan began to squirm a little, pushing her hips outward, trying to get his hands to make contact with her wet pussy. Ethan calmly removed his hand and smiled over at her. “Need something my dear?” “Just you Sir.” He grinned naughtily at her. “Well, in that case…” And he unzipped his fly, pulling out his half hard cock.

“Get it good and hard and good and wet and I’ll fuck you in time to the music. If you’re lucky it will be a fast part so I can pound that pretty pussy of yours just the way you like.” Megan slipped to her knees, glancing around, but seeing nothing other than the box walls around her she wrapped her lips around his cock sucking gently on the head and using her other hand to fondle him. Soon she was taking him deeper into her mouth and quickly he was rock hard and she was simply working to get him as slick as possible. Without any warning he pushed her away from him, stood her up and spun her round to lean on the front of the box where she could see the crowd below. She felt him lift her dress and squeeze her ass gently.

Then she felt the tip of his cock pressed against her teasingly as he rocked back and forth. Her hips arched to meet his and he slid inside of her wetness slowly, so slowly that she had to stifle a moan. He leaned over her body and whispered, “Don’t be loud. The people in the other boxes might look over and see you.” Megan gasped at the thought and clamped her mouth shut hoping she could enjoy this fucking without making a sound.

And Ethan fucked her hard and fast just as the timpani roared a solo and the cellos wrung the sadness from their strings, slamming into her over and over, one hand holding her hip and the other toying with her clit a bit roughly, rougher than normal because he wanted her to come all over his cock hard and fast. Her head dropped down and her eyes closed as she began to tense and he knew she was close to an orgasm. He stopped his movements for a second, long enough to tell her they were being watched and her head shot straight up as she looked around to see if he was correct and then his cock pistoned into her again. The feeling of him, plus the idea of being watched sent her over the edge and she had to suppress a loud moan when she felt herself tighten and clench around his wonderful cock. Her orgasm shook her to the core and she went slightly limp before he pulled her back against him and gently lowered her to the floor then returned to his seat.. “Good girl. Now come here and suck me clean.” Megan immediately did as she was told, trying to wiggle her dress back down to cover herself at the same time. A hand on her shoulder stopped her as Ethan stared down as her succulent ass, thinking he might fuck her there after intermission. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock, further smearing what was left of her lipstick and she knew it, but just didn’t care. She could taste her come on his skin and it made her hungry for more. She wanted to taste him as well and she began to work in earnest to feel him come, to feel his cock pulsing in her mouth.

Ethan hips began to thrust in time to the music that was playing and Megan simply held still letting him fuck her mouth and took quick sharp inhalations every chance she could. Without warning, after a quick breath he pushed harder and slid his cock down her throat, holding it there. She rested her hands on his knees for as long as she could then began to tap frantically at them and he withdrew completely allowing her a few deep breaths before he resumed fucking her. She tightened her lips around him squeezing hard and his hips bucked once, twice, and a third time as he filled her mouth with his semen. She gave a small delighted moan and swallowed like a good slut should, then opened her mouth to show him as he withdrew his cock. As they resettled themselves in their chairs and Megan fixed up her makeup he whispered to her. “You’ve been good for me tonight, but you’re going to better later.” She turned to ask what he meant but he was already back to watching the concert and she knew he wouldn’t answer. She wondered what he meant.


Wicked Wednesday -250 – (2037 – 2050)

There were rumors everywhere that a resistance was coming. Politics mirrored the years of 2017 and later. Things existed on a much more uncertain scale. Since about 2025 women had become more and more marginalized. But there were more women than ever who were willing to rise up and fight. Plans were made and secrets were shared. The few women who were in power worked to lend aid to the movement that only wanted to be treated with decency and compassion, the way they wanted the world to be treated.

Eventually it all came to a head. Someone assassinated the president and a week the later as the former Vice President assumed his new role he was shot as well. There were searches for the killer(s), but no one was ever caught or convicted. This gave the Women’s Resistance something they could work with and immediately groups all over the country began pushing and protesting for more, amid the chaos of Washington. Men all over the country felt incredibly threatened by these protests and took to trying to shut them down with any means they could think of. The individual states themselves were trying to throw women in jail, but law enforcement wasn’t enough to cease the burgeoning crowds. The military, for reasons unknown, refused to get involved and shortly after that one of the few female politicians stood up in all of this craziness and simply told her fellow Americans that she was taking over the role of President so “this country would finally have the leadership it deserved.” And President Hailey Anderson did just that. She implemented basic laws for women’s reforms and healthcare, stuck down many which had been a large part of the marginalization of women and was determined to drive the country’s progress back in lime with the rest of the world’s.

Don’t think this all happened so quickly though it seemed it did, especially to the children, it was a process and one that the women of the U.S. spearheaded with single minded determination and grit. Suddenly it seemed, women were the majority rule and the men who fought back with violence were jailed. In the near future they would be termed breeder’s and certain women among the bunch would be paired with them as punishment for laws broken or abuse of their children or any other reason that the courts deemed reasonable to do so. Those men and women became outcasts and lived in their own isolated communities. Babies born of these couples were often given up for adoption because they couldn’t care for them properly or because they didn’t want them. Times passed and these small towns became less isolated, but no less shunned. The women got access to birth control and some even were able to leave the breeders (read: men) and become part of society again. Others choose to stay with their male partners. As all of this was happening there was a major cultural shift toward having female partners, sexual or not, and it suddenly became the normal thing. Some men who happened to be gay, dared to leave the small towns and come forward, typically with a partner. They were accepted slowly into the society of women because the women felt that these particular men posed no threat. Sure there were imposters, but it took little time to ferret them out and send them to prison since they were clearly unfit even to be a breeder.

Many of the children given up by those male/female pairs were adopted and they knew it and were raised in a normal, caring home as a general rule. Not everything was perfect, but the lack of men in the government, in official positions, and generally in polite society meant that women were more able to work together to get things with the countries politics sorted out. That’s when the MBI was finally approved, the social welfare systems were improved for the first time in about seventy years and, things began to look up. Many other heavily female populated countries were starting to look to the United States as a model and did their best to learn from what they had implemented.

Mischa had been a young child when all this happened, not quite old enough to understand all of the politics, but old enough to know that her father was considered to be unfit to be a larger part of society. Since she was closer to her mother (Nancy) she always felt like her father was a mere presence in and out of her life. She didn’t miss him much when he was sent away, although she knew Mom cried herself to sleep some nights.

Eventually most baby boys were sent out to the small breeder towns shortly after birth to be cared for and raised there. The ones that weren’t were expected to (somehow) find a male partner and settle down young and make a life for themselves, well before they could be considered a threat to the female-centric society. This meant that they often settled down well before a young women might and often worked menial jobs to try and put themselves through some kind of extra schooling and work something beyond a menial job. For most of them it failed and they lived on the outskirts, but were not shunned as the breeders were. The more money their parents had, the better their life was likely to be. It wasn’t exactly fair to any of the gay men in this current world, but it was still better than their alternative.

As things settled down and everyone assumed the routines that they were expected to have, the world continued to move along at its usual pace and the only that ever seemed to change was the time. Society became sleepy again and calm, like it was hundreds of years ago. The only constant underneath it all was the idea that one day men would try to retake the country and undo everything these women had worked so hard for. But after years of peace would they really want to give that up? There was even beginning to be talk about gradually giving men more rights and maybe integrating them into society in small ways. Only time would tell at that point.

And as Mischa comes of age we understand more about the history of the Women’s Party uprising that occurred before she was quite old enough to understand it all. She’s happily married now and living her best life with Lauren.


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Wicked Wednesday -248- One Man (Him)

He was hers and only hers. She took him, she owned him, she was his everything. And she was his. He owned her just as much as she owned him. He asked and she obeyed. She asked and he gave. It was a blissful utopia that only they shared. No one else would or could even compare.

She was far from perfect and sometimes her flaws impacted how they interacted, but he loved her still. He loved that soft smile she had when she was sated from orgasm after orgasm, He loved her sarcastic attitude, he loved everything in her that she herself could not love. Plain and simple he loved her.

He could not seem to show her or tell her this enough. Doubts and fears from previous relationships had left her blind to her own capability to let herself be loved; still he persisted.

And one day, many years later, he said something to her that simply resonated in her soul. “I love you and you’re beautiful.” and for a moment without hesitation or fear she believed every word he said. She wished she could bottle that feeling and keep it forever where her own fear couldn’t take it away from her. So she tucked away into her heart as best she could, treasured it, and tried hard to remember it. All because of him.


Wicked Wednesday 226 – Friend (Two Best Friends)

Codi waited at the bus depot for her best friend, Alicia to arrive. Ever since Alicia’s parents were killed in an accident Codi and the military had become her family. She had gone so far as to buzz her hair short and was often stereotyped as being gay. Codi wished she were; she’d been half in love with her best friend for ages. But Alicia,  while accepting of Codi and her sexuality, had never even seemed curious.

Alicia stepped off the bus and scanned the crowd searching for her dark-haired friend but even in her boots she only stood about 5’3″ and was too short to see much. Codi watched Alicia looking around for a moment and smiled to herself at the look of annoyance that crossed her friend’s face when she couldn’t spot the nearly 6′ tall Codi in the crowd. The taller woman raised a hand, “Alicia, over here!” The soldier grinned and ducked through the crowd (one advantage of being short, she thought) and exuberantly flung herself into Codi’s arms just like always. Codi easily caught the petite woman and spun her around laughing breathlessly. “Hi LeeLee. Missed you.”

“I missed you too Codi, a lot. The last one was rough.” Codi hugged Alicia again and they headed to Codi’s beat up sedan, always in need of repair. “You wanna grab some beer and talk about it? Or would you rather let things go for now?” Alicia sighed, “I don’t even want to think about it right now. But I’m still up for a beer.” The women both laughed and after a quick stop, they were on their way to Codi’s place for a night of drinking and talking and catching up. Alicia grew pensive after a beer and wondered if she should bring up something that she’d realized while she was on tour. Nearly getting killed in the line of duty wasn’t something she wanted to tell Codi about, but she did want to tell her about what she’d learned. She was scared though. What if she fumbled what she was trying to say or if Codi didn’t want to hear it? Her overwhelming thoughts consumed her. “Hello. Earth to Alicia. You OK?” “What? Oh, yeah, I’m OK. My mind just wandered a bit that’s all.” She took another swig of her beer, screwed up her courage, and decided that this had to be said.

“Codi, I have to tell you at least one thing about my tour. And I don’t think you’ll like it, but you need to know; I want you to know. We were pinned by unfriendly fire and waiting for a rescue when I peeked around a corner to do a safety check and one of the shots grazed so close I heard it scrape my helmet. If I had been just a little further out I wouldn’t be here today. And that really, really scared me. It made re-evaluate a lot of things in my life. Like leaving the Army, like settling down and having a family, and I want you to be part of that family. I can’t imagine my life without you.”

“LeeLee, you know I’ll always be here for you. You’re my best friend and have been for years.” Codi took a deep breath before continuing. “And…well, I love you. I have for a long time and never said a word because I figured I wasn’t quite your type.” Codi dropped her head waiting for tears or a display of the temper that had so often gotten her diminutive friend in trouble in school. Instead she got neither and what happened left her stunned and speechless. Alicia leaned over, took Codi’s face in her hands and kissed her gently, tentatively hoping she wasn’t making the wrong move. “I love you too, Codi. I realized  when I came so close to getting shot in the head that I didn’t want to be without you. Ever.”

Codi crushed Alicia against her in a fierce hug and kissed her, hungrily, but gently at the same time. Alicia wiggled until she managed to be sitting in Codi’s lap and held onto her as though this was her only safe port in a storm. And maybe it was. The two women slowly undressed one another taking brief breaks from kissing only as they had to, hands exploring bodies, learning touches. Alicia trailed her kisses down Codi’s neck and the two both shivered together. “LeeLee, are you sure? This can always come later.” Alicia giggled and looked at Codi, “So can we.” Codi grinned, kissed her LeeLee once more and flipped her onto her back and buried her face into her best friend’s snatch licking and teasing and sucking over and over and over until Alicia cried out her name and bucked her hips against Codi’s face,unable to stay still. “Hmmm, you’re right”, Codi mumbled, “We can come later.” The taller woman scooped up her lover and carried her to bed. Fate finds a way when all else fails. And they found what they were looking for. Lovers and best friends.


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Wicked Wednesday 222: Dear Diary (A Day in The Life…)


Nathan’s crisp strides took him into his office suite,as he headed in to work. “Good morning Alicia.”

“Mornin’ Boss,” she replied typing away. Nathan moved to his office and shut the door to begin his day. He sat down in his chair and shifted around for a moment trying to get comfortable. He needed to finish off these reports before the next board meeting. After half an hour Nathan’s cellphone buzzed. He picked it up, noting the calendar alert for his 1:30. Dismissing the notification brought up the tail end of the text conversation he’d had last night.

“Can’t wait to see you tonight.”

“Was hoping that you’d call for another date, I’ve never done those things with someone on the first date before & it’s been distracting me at work.”

“Work shouldn’t be too challenging, then we can be together.”

“See you at 8?”

“Be ready by 7:30, I have plans for you tonight.”

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Wicked Wednesday 221: Reading (Secret in the Stacks)

“…Clayton ripped at Lacey’s bodice, tearing it free from her breasts and bent his head lavish the tops of them with kisses before seeking lower for her pert nipples, sucking and biting at them with such fervor that Lacey couldn’t help her soft cries. He raised his head and put a finger to her lips, shushing her before they could get caught. Ruining the Lady’s reputation was not on his list of things to do. She darted her tongue out and flicked it against the tip of his finger, her eyes sparkling in the moonlight. He gave the pretty girl a wicked grin and slid his fingers under her voluminous skirts; Clay wanted this woman badly, propriety be damned. His fingers found her little nub and began to rub and stroke gently. Lacey gasped softly trying to keep quiet as she raced to a climax just from the Duke’s touch…”

A soft noise from below caught Angela’s attention and she set her book, “The Duke’s Lady” aside and peered across the way, scanning for the source of the noise. There, she spotted a couple in the lower stacks and watched as the man trailed a line of kisses down his partner’s throat. She watched the two men curiously at first as they traded kisses and gentle caresses; she wondered if they knew they were being watched. She wondered if they cared. Angela crept forward to watch closer and the two men before her got hotter.

James bit his lip to stifle a moan when Nick ground his body against him, feeling their cocks pressing into each other through their jeans. The two men ran their hands along each others bodies, occasionally glancing around to make sure they were still alone They never even thought to look up. Nick knelt and rubbed his face along James’ cock and slowly, quietly undid his pants watching his lover’s cock spring free, dripping pre-cum, and ready for sucking. Nick’s tongue flickered across the head of cock in front of him before engulfing it in his warm mouth.

Angela smiled and watched silently able to see the one man’s throat muscles working as he sucked his lover’s cock as her own arousal grew. She wanted to touch herself, but didn’t want to take her eyes off the scene unfolding in front of her, slightly awed at the bravery of the two men being so brazen in the library of all places. Watching these men, sucking cock and touching and kissing really turned her on, far more than she would have ever expected. She wondered if it was the voyeuristic  element or watching two men or maybe both. Then she decided she didn’t care right now why it turned her on to see this as she rain her hands down her body, tweaking at her nipples through her shirt and bra. The pretty brunette almost moaned as she watched Nick deep throat the cock in front of him and James throw his head back, biting his lip to keep from crying out. Suddenly his hips bucked hard thrusting into Nick’s mouth and Angela could tell that the one man was cumming and cumming hard.

She squeezed her thighs together looking for some friction of her own and slipped back into the chair before the two men happened to look up and spot her. She glanced around the upper stacks not seeing or hearing anyone and quickly plunged her fingers down the front of her skirt. Her fingers found her clit and she rubbed hard and fast biting her own lips to avoid making any noise. Her other hand pulled at her nipples through her shirt and she squirmed in her seat her hips moving gently against her hand. Angela gasped and glanced around again and suddenly her own orgasm hit and it took all she could do not to moan at the feelings rushing through her body. The woman withdrew her fingers from her underwear and licked the cum from her fingers delicately and took a deep breath. A few moments later she glanced back to the lower stacks to see that the two men were gone and had left no trace of ever having been there. She smiled a secret smile and picked her book back up and continued reading about all the dirty things the Duke of Heverwood was doing to his lovely companion. What an exciting afternoon at the library.