Disclosure Policies

Per the FTC guidelines on keeping all my ducks in a row regarding my reviews on this blog:

This is a personal blog, written by me, Livvy Libertine, for the express purpose of sharing my opinions, reviews, and testimonials about the products that I review, which are adult in nature. I am not compensated for these reviews. If a toy is given to me for review that will be noted in the review itself.

Whether I purchase the toys myself or if they are given to me will have no bearing on my review. I will not falsify information, I will not sugar coat my words and thoughts. Attempting to convince me to do so will result in my choosing not to review a product. I do not return reviews to a company for pre-approval before publication. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Additionally, I only review toys that are body safe (i.e. silicone, treated wood, glass, etc.) and I do not review any toys designed for men. I may or may not be open to reviewing couples toys depending on exactly what they are and how they work. Please contact me regarding this.

As this is blog is written under a pen name, please refrain from using or asking for my real name unless it is needed for the purposes of a shipment or other acceptable reasons. Also, concerning shipments, should there be any customs charges on a product, those will be paid by the company.

If you’d like to work with me on a review of your product, please feel free to contact me via email at livvy.libertine@gmail.com with any questions or concerns you may have.