My toy chest isn’t exactly full to bursting (unlike my bra that holds my chest) and there are always new toys to see and try. I’ll be keeping a running list of things that I want here, both for my own edification and to give you some ideas on what you might like too. I may or may not have links to all of them as this page is a work in progress, but if you check out SheVibeEarly to Bed, or LoveHoney you should be able to find anything you desire. If you have questions or can’t find something you can contact me.

Liberator Wedge
This isn’t a toy exactly, but the fun I could have with it makes this a top of the need list for me. And because I don’t want my partner to have a sore neck. 😉

Liberator Throe
Again, not a toy, but I really need a good way to not have to change the sheets after every single time I have sex or masturbate.

Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable
I have heard this referred to as the “Cadillac” of vibrators and I am looking for rumbly and intense and this just might do it, especially coupled with the Gee Whizzard Hitachi Magic Wand Attachment. (Dizzy from Toy Meets Girl has an awesome review of the Gee Whizzard by the way).

Doxy Die Cast
So this is another wand style vibrator and I’m always on the look out for more rumbly toys. I hear mixed reviews between this and the Hitachi Magic Wand, but I figure the only wany to know is to try it for myself.

 Jopen Key- Comet II
The shape of this toy reminds me of my njoy Pure Wand except it is going to be lighter AND it vibrates. Yes. Please.

VixSkin Mustang Dildo
This dildo really just calls to me, specifically that curve and it is the first lifelike (minus the color) dildo I’ve seen that I really wanted to try.

Picobong Moka 2
I like G-spot vibes and this is one that I can try without it breaking the bank which is ALWAYS a plus

We Vibe Nova
I don’t normally like rabbits, but this is one I’m making an exception for because of the way it is supposed to be somewhat adjustable.

Tantus Ripple
The bubbly texture of this plug seems like it would feel so damn good. So, being the hedonist that I am, I want it.

We Vibe Tango Pleasure Mate Collection
I’ve wanted a Tango for a while now, but when I saw the added g-spot and butt plug accessories I just had to say yes to those too!

Sex and Mischief Blindfold
Because fun sensory experiences and better quality of sleep are both important things in my life.

Fucking Sculptures G-Spot Dildo
Glass, curved, pretty, and G-spot simulation? YES, PLEASE!

Gentle Persuasions Paddle
I like a good spanking, what can I say?

Blue Devil
I like being flogged and this seems like a good step up from the one I have now at a decent price point. Gimme!

Basic Riding Crop
Along with my desire for impact play, this basic crop is something I’ve been hoping to get my hands on for ages so I can see if I like as much as I think I might.

Collar and Cuffs
I’m deliberately not linking these to anywhere specific because I and my partner would like them to made in a very specific fashion, which my involve trolling Etsy or otherwise finding a reputable leather crafter.

Stronic Zwei
This toy just really caught my eye and I’m curious enough about it to want to check it out.

Nobessence Wooden Dildo
Yep, another G-Spot toy! I want to try as many of them as I can because I love the stimulation they give me

Bad Dragon
I literally cannot make up my mind about choosing a toy from here because they all seem so delightfully textured and different. Currently the Flint in Medium or Small is my front runner.

Standard Glass S Curve
Glass, g-spot, and purple? Those are the only reasons I need!!

Tantus Tsunami
I tried the Tantus Echo Handle and those rather delicate ridges drove me crazy so I just have to try a more pronounced texture and this looks perfect!

Godemiche Ambit
Yes, this is ANOTHER g-spot toy and I’ve heard incredible things about it. From what I know it is relatively firm so it should be able to be used with a fair bit of pressure and that pressure is what sets me off every time! BIG GIANT IMPORTANT EDIT(July 2017): Apparently the owner of this company is grossed out by “hairy vaginas” and is an incredibly sex-negative human being who chose to share his views on the Instagram of the company he represents. The next day an apology was issued (it can be seen here) and they appear to have been genuinely apologetic to their customers and supporters on social media. I’m not entirely sold yet on whether or not I want to believe the apology and purchase or review their products, but this was a step in the right direction and hopefully Godemiche will continue to improve their public relations.