A Little Secret

He laughed at her spunk as she teased and flirted with him and when the building had emptied he motioned for her to come around the counter. She sauntered around to him and he took her hand wordlessly leading her to the back office. She arched an eyebrow slightly at this; she’d never been back here before. And then a thought took hold in her mind.

The moment they reached the privacy of the office she knelt and reached for his pants, watching him for some affirmation. He wasn’t objecting in any way so she undid his jeans and pulled out his cock, immediately wrapping her lips around him. He was already hard for her, confirming what she had suspected for a while now; that he wanted her. She pulled back and wet her lips then plunged back down again sucking hard and then gently back and forth, alternating until she heard him release a strangled moan.

Calling that her cue she again pulled away from him and this time descended much slower taking every solid inch of him into her mouth and down her throat where she swallowed once, twice, then came back up gasping a little and licked the tip of his cock all around, flicking her tongue gently against him. He made a soft noise in the back of his throat and she looked up at him, smiling, “Are you gonna come for me? Let me taste you?”

And her lips wrapped back around him, sucking, teasing, nibbling lightly as she pushed him ever closer to an orgasm. His hips bucked against her face and she held her head still, encouraging him. His fingers wrapped up in her hair and he began fucking her face, gently at first, then faster and harder. The woman hummed around the cock in her mouth and swore, thrusting his hips once more as his orgasm overtook him. She could taste the slightly bitter saltiness of him and pressed closer, taking it all in. As his orgasm subsided and he pulled away, she opened her mouth to let him see his come there and closing her mouth she deliberately made a show of swallowing. “Mmmm…”, and she winked at him, knowing this would be their little secret.


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