KOTW – Hand Spanking – (A First Time)

Leslie grinned at Tim over her shoulder, wiggling her ass daringly as she walked by him. His hand came across with a well placed “smack!” that landed dead center of her rear end and she yelped a little and shook her head as she kept walking. The process repeated every time she walked by him and they both laughed as she cried out every time even though he wasn’t hitting her hard at all.

Later that night as the couple prepared for bed Tim grabbed Leslie close for a hug, stroked down her back, to her her ass, and swatted her again before planting a kiss on her gorgeous lips. She grinned at him when they pulled apart, “I want you to do it for real tonight.” “Are you sure?” She nodded and slipped her nightgown off as she stood there before him. He smiled, kissed hr again and sat down on the side of the bed. He guided her carefully across his lap his hands stroking along her skin.”So why tonight?” “I just think I’m finally ready to try it. Earlier was a lot of fun.” “You know this won’t be like earlier, right?,” came his voice calmly. “Yes.” Her voice had gone soft with anticipation, mixed with a slight tinge of fear.

Tim nodded to himself, hearing that she was still a little afraid. “We’ll go slow and you can stop me at anytime. What’s your safeword?” “Lobster,” and she giggled. He joined in with her laughter, replying, “I’ll show you lobster…” and placed a first gentle swat across her ass. Leslie squirmed, settling against his body and did her best to relax. She wanted to enjoy her first real over the knee spanking. She knew this would not be the love taps she’d received before, no this would be an actual spanking and she expected it to hurt at least a little. She also expected to enjoy it based on what she’d learned from Tim and about herself since they started even discussing the idea of him spanking her. Another gentle, warming hit came down on her skin, followed by several more in quick succession and she shivered a little. “Do you like that?” Leslie nodded, not quite trusting her own voice and the response was a slightly harder spank. “I asked you a question, Leslie.” She swore to herself and opened her mouth to try and speak when another slap crossed her ass. Finally, she found her voice, “Yes, I like that.”

“Good.” Tim stopped for a moment, letting his large hand rest on her ass, just enjoying the view he had of the gorgeous woman naked across his lap. “I’m going to start hitting you significantly harder soon. If it is too much, don’t forget ‘lobster’ and don’t try to just tough it out. I want you to enjoy yourself, not torture yourself because you think I’m enjoying myself. “Got it?” “Got it,” and she smiled, even though he couldn’t see her face. The hardest hit she’d taken at his hands yet came crashing down and she jumped a bit at the sudden impact. He waited a fraction of a second before descending with another hit like the previous one and soon, as he began to pick up his rhythm, Leslie’s pretty ass was turning a lovely shade of pinkish red.

Leslie began to really allow her body to relax into the sensations and began to lift her hips meeting each slap and swat as they grew harder and more insistent against her skin. She could feel her body responding to the spanking and wondered if Tim knew just how turned on she was. She felt simultaneously naughty and delighted at finally getting a spanking. A particularly hard hit called her attention back to her ass and she signed softly, letting the warm pain suffuse her body and further relax her. She was nearly limp across Tim’s lap and just soaking up every single hit he gave her.

By now her ass was turning a brighter red and she imagined that his hand was probably stinging as much as her ass was and it felt so good to her to just give in to the spanking and the catharsis she felt it would bring. Tim’s hand stroked her ass in between these much harder hits and he checked in with her. She reassured him that she was good and he spoke again, “I’m going to give you five last hits and they’re going to be hard. I want you to relax and enjoy them and then we’ll be done. You’ve done very well for me tonight.” Leslie smiled at the praise and nodded her head. She wiggled her ass teasingly just before the last five hits rained down in a quick flurry of blows that left her whimpering. Tim rested his hand across her well reddened ass and smiled as she laid there. He traced lines along her skin and pinched gently at what looked to be the most sensitive parts and he heard her moan softly.

Carefully he sat her up and held her steady. “You liked that didn’t you?” “Yes, quite a lot.” “Shall we do it again some time? “Oh yes.” “Alright, Dearest. Maybe next time I’ll take a paddle to that pretty ass of yours. What do you think about that?” Leslie thought for a moment and then shrugged unsure of what she thought about it. “I enjoyed your hand against my skin, I know that much.” Tim held her close, giving her a gentle kiss. “And I enjoyed it as well. How do you feel?” She smiled at him lazily. “Relaxed. Safe. Well spanked for no reason other than it was something we both wanted. I’m glad you brought it up.”

They kissed again and as they settled in for the night and Leslie snuggled herself against Tim’s shoulder. “Thank you for spanking me.” Her voice was soft and almost tiny sounding muffled into his skin as it was and he patted her ass gently. “My pleasure. My pleasure indeed.”



KOTW – Going Commando – (Distraction)

There was something freeing about not wearing any panties. Callie enjoyed having this as her own little secret. Despite being in a Domestic Discipline relationship she never gave thought to what her husband might have to say about the matter regarding the idea; in fact she assumed that he was aware of the fact that she didn’t wear panties on a regular basis. How could he not be, she reasoned, and gave it no more thought.

Evan got home early from work and decided that Callie deserved a treat for having done so good at controlling her tongue when she’d been angry at him the night before. He couldn’t even recall what she had been angry over and he doubted she could either. He set up some candles in the bedroom and gathered some of their favorite toys; when he knew she’d be almost home began to light the candles giving the room a soft glow. He heard her open the front door and called down to her, “Join me upstairs honey. I have a surprise for you.”

Callie wondered what her surprise was going to be and hoped it wasn’t anything too crazy since she’d had a long day at work. She hurried up to him and gasped with delight when she saw their candlelit bedroom. He pulled her into his arms for a soft kiss, “Welcome home dearest.” His hands roamed her body and reached down to squeeze her ass, but was puzzled at the lack of a panty line that he should’ve felt. “Girl, lift your skirt.” Callie figured he just wanted to tease her a bit and obeyed. Evan walked all the way around her and then came back to look at her. “Why, my darling wife, are you not wearing any panties?” Then it dawned on Callie that perhaps this was something she should’ve asked or cared about it a bit more. “I…umm…well, it feels so good to not wear them. I can feel the air sliding across my skin and don’t feel so constricted.” “But to work? Really?”

And he spun her around giving her five sharp slaps to her already bare behind. “How long have you been doing this?” “I don’t know. A long time. I thought you knew I did it. You know I never wear them here at home.” “How would I know that when I leave for work before you do and have expectations that my wife will go appropriately attired? This is not appropriate, except for around the house, just between us.” And he smacked her ass to punctuate his words. “And now, instead of the nice treat I had planned for you, I have to give to a spanking, don’t I? Because you’ve been a naughty girl and naughty girls get spanked. Over the bed.”

She leaned over the bed, her skirt still raised with tears forming in her eyes. The candle light became dim and wavy in her view and she lowered her head, letting tears drip onto the bed. She hated disappointing Evan. She heard him pick up an object and tap it against his palm and realized it was the hairbrush that he liked to use when she’d been bad. She should’ve known, but she’d been hoping for some mercy. He gave her ass several more swats to prepare her for the spanking to come and leaned into her. “Now then, be a good girl and take your punishment for what it is.” He brought his arm down landing a strike with the back of the heavy wooden brush, right across the middle of one cheek, then the other alternating places and sides so her ass would be covered before he was done.

Callie’s tears had turned into full out sobbing and he gave her just a few more hard hits to drive the point home before climbing onto the bed and gathering her to him. “There, that wasn’t any fun, but you know it was good for you. Now then,” he said as he got up and began to extinguish the still burning candles, “You’re going to stay here in this very room and think about what you’ve been doing and how inappropriate it is to go without panties at work. I will be back later.”

Evan made a quick trip to the lingerie store and bout all kinds of satin and silk and lace underthings, ones that he knew would feel good against his wife’s skin and be a bit distracting at the same time. Returning home, he carried the bag upstairs and found her face into the pillows still crying a bit. He rubbed her ass gently. “Alright, my love, time for a new rule. Sit up and pay attention.” Callie did as she was bid and arched an eyebrow upon seeing the shopping bag. Evan began to pull out pair after pair of underwear, showing them to her and explained that she would wear them every day from now on, she would put them on before he left for work, and he would be checking.

A few days later Callie was sitting at work and squirming at the feel of the soft bite of lace against her skin. She was nearly as driven to distraction by her new panties as she had been when she didn’t wear any at all. A buzz from her cellphone got her attention and she picked it up. ‘Be a good girl and go take a picture of yourself in those lacy panties. I want to see them again.’ She did as Evan told her to do and giggled as she sent him the photo from the ladies room. Seems like wearing panties could be fun too.

Wicked Wednesday 268 – Vintage Art – (Amelia)

It was a small intimate gathering that Amelia had planned at her husband, Luke’s, request. There would be dinner and drinks and Luke had mentioned some form of entertainment, but Amelia was told not to book musicians or anything of that sort so she had no idea what sort of entertainment he was planning. When she asked him, he merely smiled and told her that he would handle it.

Dinner was a lively affair with everyone chattering about various topics from politics to the gossip of the week. Everyone had a bit too much wine and they were all feeling rather amiable. Finally they retired to the drawing room, then men with glasses of scotch in hand, while the ladies settled in a group to keep up their earlier chatter about gossip and fashion. Luke hated that his wife shared in the gossip; he felt it unbecoming, but he would let that one slide. Her uppity attitude towards both him and the servants as of late, however, was not going over well with him and he intended to do something about it.

He spoke quietly to the men, outlining his plan and they all heartily approved so he knew that he was doing the right thing to handle this particular matter. A moment later he called his wife to his side. “My dear, tonight you will be the entertainment. I want to go upstairs, remove your clothing and return to me.” “What?! Have you lost your mind Luke? I’ll do no such thing! Not now or ever!” He frowned at her deeply as she had attracted the attention of the other ladies all of whom he wished to shock. Luckily they hadn’t heard his command to his wife so there was still an element there. “Fine. We will do this the hard way.” Amelia moved to step away from her husband quickly, but he grabbed her by the arm roughly and spun her around to begin undoing to buttons at the back of her dress.

The men nodded at his approach to handling his apparently rather disobedient wife and the ladies were all tittering at the scene unfolding before them. “What the hell are you doing?,” Amelia cried trying to get away from her husband before he removed everything modest about her in front of all these people. He growled at her in a voice the room could hear, “Silent and still woman or this will go all the worse for you.” And he popped her backside to punctuate his statement. Amelia was fuming and horrified at the same time and as soon as she got the chance she was going to give Luke a lashing for embarrassing her like this, especially in front of their friends.

Luke’s impatience with the tiny buttons got the better of him and he simply ripped the dress the rest of the way down letting it fall to expose Amelia’s underthings as he tugged it from her hips. “You brute! You vile man!” Amelia made another attempt to escape Luke, this time with tears streaming down her face and this time made it a few steps before he was able to grab her again, pinioning her arms to her sides. “You’re not going anywhere Amelia. You’re going to take your punishment like a proper lady should and then you may be excused to freshen up.” And his hands again tore into her underthings leaving her nude but for her shoes and stockings. He grabbed her by the arms and led her across the room to an empty chaise where he promptly bent her over the back of it and held her there.

“Ladies and Gentleman, you see before you my nude wife and how she acted towards me just now. Because of her impertinence to both myself and our servants as of late, I’ve decided she needs a punishment and tonight is the perfect time. I trust that no word of this will leave the room. And, ladies, I know how you like your gossip, but if word of this gets round, rest assured that your husbands will punish you in quite the same way you are about to witness.” “Quite right,” commented one of the men and his wife visibly blanched at his words. “Amelia, my love, you are going to get a spanking across your bare bottom until I feel that you have been thoroughly punished. Do you understand me?” The woman nodded miserably, her tear stained face just as visible as her luscious rear end.

Luke’s hand came down on her bottom with a sharp noise that made the ladies gasp and jump in their seats while the men looked on silently their eyes glued to Amelia’s rear, hoping to get a tiny glance of her nether lips as well. Some of the more curious ladies moved over by the men after the third or fourth smack had rained down upon Amelia. There were more small gasps from the ladies as Luke continued to redden his wife’s buttocks. Soon Amelia was crying again and trying to use her hands to fend off Luke’s assault. He just grabbed them and pinned her still with her hands behind her back. “Another ten for that, my dear.” And the blows came down, one after the other. Slowly Amelia let her body relax a bit and hung her head dejectedly. “She’d never be able to face these people again”, she thought.

After one particularly hard spank, Luke stopped and nodded his approval at her reddened behind. He lifted her upright and pulled her against him, exposing her front to the room. “Now then, I’ll remind you not to be quite so uppity to me or to our staff or you’ll get the same again. I want you to be a model of decorum my dear and you will learn to behave as I wish. Now go upstairs and dress.” Amelia fairly ran for the stairs still crying in humiliation after what her husband had done to her.

Luke turned to the room at large and smiled. “So, my friends, how was this evening’s entertainment?” The men laughed as one and all agreed that it had been a good time even the ladies who were now slightly afraid of having that done to them as well. Amelia returned downstairs shortly, her hair smoothed into place and a fresh dress on and smiled weakly at the room, but didn’t know what to say. Luke came to her rescue this time, pulling her close to him and kissing her cheek. “Shall we have another drink everyone?”

Wicked Wednesday 251 – Necessary – (Punished Princess)

“What. Did. I. Say. Was. Necessary. Princess?” Said “Princess” hung her head shamefully. “That I be dressed and ready to go the moment you got home,” came a small voice. “Instead I arrived to a dilly dallying girl who can’t make up her pretty little mind and therefore we will now be late. That will make it necessary for punishment later.” Master quickly rummaged through Princess’ clothing and tossed garments on the bed or in her general direction depending on the garment. “Get dressed. Now. If you’re not ready in ten minutes I will leave you here and you’ll miss the fun. And you’ll be punished later for two infractions instead of just the one.”

The brunette he addressed quickly became a flurry of motion and started with the thigh high stockings and garter belt that had been tossed her way. She hastily completed her dressing and gave a quick check to her makeup that had been so carefully applied earlier before she lost track of the time. Her wild mane of curls suited the dress that she’d been instructed so recently to wear so she let them be, gave a spritz of her perfume and headed to find him, hoping she had made his time limit. Princess caught up to Master just as he was opening the front door to leave. He stopped and looked her over from head to toe and when his eyes met hers once again she saw the pleasure there. “Good girl. You look lovely, but don’t forget later.” The last half of his sentence was delivered as a warning that she would still be punished and punishment it would be, because although she enjoyed a good fun spanking, this was not going to be fun.

Later that night, after the events of the evening had come to a close, Master drove his Princess home occasionally shooting her wicked little grins that made her spine tingle. They arrived and he looked at her. “Inside. Strip to your stockings, leave the garter belt and shoes on, then meet me downstairs. And be quick.” Princess nearly stumbled in her high heels in her rush to complete her task, but he caught her gently in his arms. “Not so fast love. No injuring yourself now. That’s my job,” he said teasingly. And then he watched her go admiring the way she looked from behind and imagined just how that ass of hers would look later.

When she got downstairs to the basement turned playroom, Master immediately fitted her least favorite collar, a wide posture style that forced her head straight and left her unable to turn and look around. Then she was lead to the spanking bench (her favorite!) where Master got her settled, cuffing her hands together in front before catching up her feet in locking cuffs as well. Princess was getting excited until she felt him place a hand on her ass and lean in to speak very quietly to her, “Remember Princess, this isn’t going to be fun, you had that at the party earlier. Now your pretty little ass is mine.” And his hand came down with a gentle slap, making her gasp.

The gentle slaps gradually became harder strikes as her body warmed under his hand, to the feel of the hits he gave her. Soon enough he moved to a paddle, reddening her flesh further and driving her need higher. He laughed at her squirming and thwacked her harder with the paddle. Princess stilled immediately at that hit and it suddenly sunk into her head that this was not going to be fun, just like his earlier words had implied. She gasped trying to hold as still as possible and take the punishment that she knew her laziness had earned for her.

Princess heard the paddle being put away and then came the soft clink of metal on metal and the whisper of cloth as Master slid his belt from its loops. He gripped just enough of it in his hand to keep the buckle well clear and laid pretty stripes across her ass and the back of her thighs. She was trying not to cry out and failing as she realized the noise she heard was her own voice, wordless and vulnerably raw. This, this was the crux of her punishment and she began to openly cry now, hoping it would end soon. She was certainly feeling repentant from her earlier actions and she knew that the sight of her raw, reddened ass would only inflame Master further. She was a pain slut for him when he wanted to punish her and tonight he did. Princess wondered if he might fuck her, but then she remembered she was being punished. No orgasms would come her way tonight.

And like that the belt stopped and was laid down on a nearby table. Master picked up some lotion and slowly began working it into her skin, his fingers kneading and pinching a bit as he let it soak in and cool her skin a bit. Princess began to visibly relax as he did so and he smiled to himself. He knew she’d be wet and ready if he wanted her, but tonight wasn’t for her. So when he was done with her gorgeous ass, he snapped a few pictures of the view and moved around in front of her releasing his cock from his pants. He wrapped a hand around it and began jerking his cock. “You, Princess, were a naughty girl this afternoon and normally I’d only leave your pretty ass striped, but tonight I think you need a bit more humility to remind you of your place.”

He started into her eyes as he pumped his cock, watching her face, seeing how she tried to lean close enough that she could take him in her mouth, although she knew he was just out of reach. He remembered how she’d looked, all dressed up and all for him, he thought of her so recently spanked ass and looked at the vulnerable face before him, knowing she was his to do with as he please and groaned as her felt his orgasm rise. Princess strained to look down and away from his cock, knowing he would splatter her face and hair with his jizz. Finally just before he came she gave up, closed her eyes and resigned herself to the idea that she would be his come covered and spanked Princess whether she willed it or not. Master called her name and she opened her eyes momentarily to look at him, to see how close he was. As the first hot stream of come erupted from his cock she quickly closed her eyes again feeling it hit her cheeks and then her forehead as he spurted, covering her face with his come.

“Stay there and think about your indiscretion. I’ll be back shortly.” And he walked away to let Princess muse. Within moments he heard her small sobs and gasps and knew she was sorry. He gave her time to cry it all out and returned to her, wiping her face clean and putting his punished Princess to bed.


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Kitten’s Struggles

Kitten slipped out of the comfy PJs that Master had agreed to her wearing because she was cold, adjusted her collar and wandered into the living room where Sir was channel surfing. She knelt quietly beside his chair, waiting to be spoken to or otherwise acknowledged, which he did, petting her gently. “Did you need or want something my Dearest?”

“Sir, will you come to bed and play with Kitten?”

Michael didn’t move or make any motion to respond to the invitation from the naked woman kneeling beside him. He simply smiled and closed his eyes, picturing the things he could do to her. His hand idly stroked her hair as he pondered these things. Kitten’s Master urged her to her feet with a light tug on her hair and pulled her down to him for a kiss. “Not now Kitten, but later perhaps”, he finally answered her with a naughty smile. Kitten nodded quietly trying to accept his words. It was always hard for her to be told no, even if there was a chance of that no becoming a yes. “Now then, back to your studies.” “Yes, Sir.”

Kitten walked back to the study where she put her PJs back on and opened the book she was reading for her English Lit course. Having decided to go back to college in her early 30s had been hard, but Michael had encouraged his pet to do so and helped keep her on track with her studies. She tried to focus on her book, but couldn’t help feeling a sense of rejection from Sir. Soon her eyes were swimming with unshed tears. She struggled to blink them back and keep reading, but the effort seemed monumental. Kitten grabbed a tissue and wiped her eyes, blew her nose, and resolved to be a good girl and study until Sir came to (hopefully) play with her.

Michael heard his girl blow her nose and figured that she had been crying a bit because she felt rejected and he knew it was something she struggled with, but she had to learn that she couldn’t always have her way at the exact moment she wanted it. Later tonight though, he would certainly be happy to give his girl what she needed and craved. He even began to plan just what he would do to her.

Another hour passed and he hadn’t heard a peep from Kitten and figured she had to be intensely focused on her studies. So now came the dilemma for him, did he interrupt her or let her be, no matter how badly he wanted to cuff her up ad do wonderful things to her. After a bit, the idea of putting her in cuffs became to much of a distraction and he got up to check on her. He found her mid-stretch and taking a brief break from things. Perfect timing. “Kitten, come with me.”

He turned and left the room without waiting for a response and Kitten stood, hurriedly discarding her pajamas, and followed immediately, up the stairway that led to their bedroom. She stepped into the room and dropped lightly to her knees. “What can  do for you Sir?” He smiled at her approvingly and leaned down to kiss her cheek. “You’ve been a good girl tonight, no fussing when I told you ‘No’ earlier and spending the time studying like you were supposed to be doing, so now it’s time for a treat.” Michael reached for the soft suede lined leather cuffs and quickly had her wrists cuffed at the small of her back, then he helped her to stand and cuffed her ankles as well. He kissed her, none too gently, and felt her lean into him, lean into his power and control; he felt her submission.

Using the wrist cuffs he propelled her over to the bed, where he sat on the edge and then hauled her bodily over his knee. She squealed with delight at being manhandled so and then took a deep breath as she felt her ankles suddenly clipped together; this was going to be a very intense spanking and this would keep her from accidentally kicking her feet.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The first five hits were gentle, a warm up if you will, but she wouldn’t be getting off so lightly, not Sir’s Kitten. He hit her again harder this time for another series of five. Her ass was already starting to turn a nice shade of pink, but he wanted to see it bright red and perhaps make her cry from the intensity of it all, to let her release some of the tension she had been holding all night, waiting to see if he would, in fact, come play with her. The solid blows came faster and harder and Kitten mewled and cried out and wiggled against him. Between the spanking and her struggling against him, his cock grew hard and she could feel it through his jeans. It only made her squirm all the more and grind herself against his leg as he spanked her.

A final good solid ‘THWACK!’ and he could feel his girl shudder violently underneath him, not just in tears, but in an orgasm that left her shaking. Before she had quite recovered, he slid two fingers into her wet pussy and began fingering her slowly, keeping her on the edge of that second orgasm for a long moment then drew away completely with a small laugh at her soft cry of apparent despair. “Good girl,” her murmured and pulled her to a standing position then walked around behind her, admiring the deep red hand prints that covered her pretty ass. He traced the outline of the most prominent of the hand prints and watched her shudder from the sensation. “What shall I do to you next, Kitten?” She gasped, still trying to recover from her spanking and dared to look at him. “Anything you wish Sir.” Michael laughed softly, loving how pliant his girl was when he treated her properly. “Anything she tells me…hmm.” And he smiled deviously.

“On the bed Kitten,” as he busied himself for a moment rummaging through the toy box and came back with their favorite lube, the magic wand, and her favorite plug. Seeing that made Kitten wiggle in anticipation of his plans and she quietly adjusted so he could fill her ass. He laughed and swatted her again savoring the squeak of surprise when his hand connected with her reddened skin. She wiggled again, almost like she was daring him to keep spanking her. So he sat down the lube and the toys, grabbed the wooden paddle and took it to his Kitten with another half dozen loud pops. She whimpered and danced under the steady rain of blows. Michael set the paddle aside and caressed her ass again, this time pinching gently at the marks she wore. “Behave,” he growled and picked up the lube and plug.

Kitten felt the cool touch of his lube covered fingers against her asshole, took a deep breath, and let herself relax as he slipped his fingers inside of her. She arched her back, pressing her ass against his fingers and shivered when she felt them withdraw, only to be replaced by the plug. Gently Michael worked it inside of her, fucking her slowly; he grabbed the magic wand, turned it on low, and pressed it against her. She bit her lip, her entire body beginning to rock back and forth in time with his motions. A soft moan escaped her throat and she wanted to come for him; they both knew it, and they both knew she wouldn’t until he said yes. He let the plug slip all the way into Kitten’s ass so the base was nestled against her and wiped the excess lube on a nearby towel. “On your back Kitten.”

She rolled over and her hips bucked as she felt the plug press deeper into her ass. Her eyes were silently pleading with him as she squirmed on the bed both from the plug and the wand vibrator. “Oh, not yet little girl. I’m gonna fuck you with that plug in and you’re gonna hold this vibrator against you while I fuck you. Then maybe you can come for me.” Michael undressed and climbed into the bed with her, leaning down and kissing her hard and deep; as he did so he guided his cock into her wet pussy and buried himself balls deep. They both moaned, the sounds muffled by their kiss, and he moved his hips against hers. She rose to meet him, still holding the magic wand, her ass still full, and her body still waiting for that perfect moment. She wanted him, wanted to feel him, wanted to be his. He fucked her slowly, teasing her, then he’d give a small series of harder thrusts before returning to that slow taunting gentleness that tortured them both. He wanted to just let go and fuck her til she screamed for him and soon he would.

Michael reached between them and turned the vibrator up to its higher setting and leaned in to kiss his Kitten again. “In just a moment, when I tell you to, I want to feel you come all over my cock while I fuck you. Understand?” Kitten’s eyes widened slightly and she nodded while answering “Yes.” at the same time. She moved beneath him almost helpless to do anything else at this point in time. She just wanted to be a good girl and followed by that was her need to come. Her writhing increased and another moan escaped her lips. “Please…” her voice trailed off and she closed her eyes waiting, hoping to hear that order. Michael gave a fierce grin, drew his cock nearly all the way out of his submissive wife’s pussy and slammed it back inside of her. “Now, Kitten, now!” and she came for him, her hips rocking, body twitching, her voice a high pitching wail of pleasure. She stared up at him transfixed as her orgasm rolled through her and he never stopped fucking her, driving her as high as he could, forcing the orgasm to prolong itself.

He took the wand from her limp fingers and tossed it aside, slid himself out of her body and helped her turn over. Kitten murmured something semi-intelligible that sounded like a thank you as she moved the way he made her and he smiled. “Up Kitten. Come on.” She obeyed slowly, her body still relaxed from the massive orgasm that Michael had forced from her.and jumped when he slapped her ass again. That got her attention back on him where he wanted it and he pulled her down to his cock, moaning as she engulfed him with her mouth. “Mmmmm, good. You’re gonna blow me while you have that plug in your ass until I come and you’re gonna take it all like the good girl you are. Isn’t that right, Kitten.” She rolled her green eyes up to look at him, her pretty mouth still wrapped around his dick and she nodded best she could as she sucked him slowly, enjoying the taste of them together. He fisted his fingers into her hair and moved her head a bit faster and moaned as she followed his guidance. “It won’t take long Kitten. You’re a good cocksucker for Sir.” She purred with delight at the praise and redoubled her effort, using her tongue to swirl the tip of him and then sucking hard on the way down, the way she knew he liked.

Kitten was in control now, because he allowed it, and she worked his cock slowly, gently then faster and harder before falling back to a slower rhythm. Her tongue traced the veiny texture, tasting him and worshiping him, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked harder and then released him with a slight popping sound. She licked her way from his balls all the way along the length of his dick, treating it like an ice cream cone that only she got to enjoy. Michael’s hips bucked against her face hard and she using that opportunity to relax and let his cock slide deep as it would go into her mouth, almost but not quite deep throating him and as she relaxed her took over fucking her face, slowly, steadily, going deeper until she was taking him into her throat. He watched the muscles move and groaned at the sight before he slowly eased off so she could breathe and resume sucking and licking and nibbling at his cock in her mouth. He watched her through narrowed eyes, his breathing growing harder as he fought not to come, not yet. But when she sucked down hard twice more, a third time, he was crying out her name and pouring a hot load of come into her mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she could, bu it was dripping from the corner of her mouth just a little as she pulled herself off his dick, slowly, trying to catch every last bit.

Michael looked down at her as she swallowed and smiled. “I love you.”

Wicked Wednesday 235 – Victorian (Excerpts from the Journal of Lady E. Gregory)

Lady Elizabeth Gregory dismounted her horse and swept inside imperiously. She strode to her office and immediately found her journal and wrote thusly –

3rd, October, 1868

What a trying day! While James whiles away his time gambling and whoring around I handle his affairs and am treated like little more than nothing. He will not find me to be such a mealy mouthed thing as that girl I spotted him with last week as well he should know. Yes, I am on to his games. And he will pay for them. –

Approaching footsteps made her tuck the journal away and just in time as she stood to meet one Miss Lucinda Robbins, who was shown in by one of the day maids. “Miss Robbins. I understand you have some business with my husband.” “N…no M’Lady I’d never…” “Do not contradict me you little tart! Now, this is how things will go. James may continue to see you at his discretion, but in turn you will report to me anything you hear that may be of use, no matter how inconsequential it may seem. If not both of you will face my consequences. Now get out.”

Miss Robbins scurried from the room almost in tears at the tone the icy blonde woman had taken with her and quite puzzled at the idea that Lady Gregory appeared to be allowing James to do as he wished with her. And said lady resumed her writing –

Well, that nasty business is done. I’ll see James at table later and can tell him all about how I met a delightful young lady today. I wonder how he’s doing at cards today; presumably terribly as always. I’ll be cutting his allowance before too long. Men…they need such firm guidance. And now that I have Miss Lucinda I believe he will come to heel nicely. –

In the following weeks James appeared to be a model husband, solicitous of his wife, tending to her needs and always a gentleman. It seemed her chat with Miss Robbins had found its way back to his ears after all. He gambled less, drank less, and generally acted his part as a member of the peerage. Until the night he didn’t which of course was shared by Lucinda Robbins.

13th, November, 1868

Sending a servant to fetch James was the best part. He was shocked sober when he arrived home to find myself and Miss Robbins in the drawing room, even moreso to see that his paramour was nude before me and kneeling on the carpet like he used to do. I tapped my quirt against my skirts gently to call both of their attention to it. He had been bad and I had called his bluff. I would be punishing his darling Lucinda instead of him and that would happen every time his indiscretion got the best of him. Miss Robbins silently knelt down exposing her derriere to both of us, but her eyes were all for James as his were for her. And I whipped my dear husband’s mistress til she cried all while he pleaded with me to let her be in such plaintive tones that I only whipped her harder. Beating him hadn’t worked since he enjoyed it so, but beating her….ah beating Miss Lucinda seemed a charm to bind him with. I find myself hoping he fails me again.-

15th, November, 1868

James came to me earlier today, begging forgiveness for not having been better. He was still terribly distressed about my having beaten Lucinda Robbins in his place. He implored me to leave her be and to resume striking him instead. I laughed and merely shook my head. He knew he’d lost and now we would play exclusively by my rules. I told him if he was very good I might be willing to cane him as a reward, but any unseemly behavior from him would earn his little trollop a whipping. She would be his whipping girl and he would act his part as my wonderfully loving husband and do as I said. Unlike most women raised in this age I am not some tepid, simpering fool, willing to stand idly by and wait for my husband to give me permission to live. No, I will give (and take from him) such permission. Because he is mine and he loves every moment of it when he’s good. Now that I’ve devised the best way to punish him I think he will toe the mark quite nicely. –

21st, December, 1868

I’ve chastised that dreadful woman twice more now since mid-November. It really is a shame, I think in another time she and I might have been friends. I must devise something new though as both she and James appear to have become inured to the beatings. Perhaps some face sitting next or a good round driven about the room by my boots. And if he drops her (or she drops him perhaps), well then, I’ll find the next one and make her his whipping girl too. Perhaps I should consider finding a cage for him. Would that help him be better for me? –

4th, January, 1869

James came to me before things reached a critical point this time. I believe my errant darling is learning that if he wants a proper allowance, to keep his little dove safe, and to not be forced into chastity, then he has no choice but to confess himself before me and beg forgiveness. I admit, I am surprised by that Robbins girl though. Still around and still hangs on to his every word from the gossip about town. We’ve no children yet, so maybe I will devise a way to get Miss Robbins gone for good using that as leverage. Then I can find delightful new ways to torture the dear man and perhaps fulfill my wifely duties as well. –